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Well here are some things that we’ve been up to:

  • I made the girls carrot shirts and hair clips for Easter and all the kids got fleece carrots. Oh and before that I made the girls a bunch of clover hair clips for St Patrick’s Day. Oh AND I surprised the kids with a hamster the day before St Patrick’s Day so she is named Lucky Clover (Clover for short)!
  • On April 1st (which was a Sunday this year!) we convinced the kids it was a school day and had them get ready and drove them to school. When it was closed we took them to Chuck E Cheese for some fun. They are very trusting/gullible. We have to keep the April Fools going every year!
  • Bennett isn’t shy and has a loud voice so he won for best boy in his class for poem reciting (of course he is probably the least organized and never brought me the notice so I could go watch it). Luckily the winners of each class will read them again this week so I can go in like a good mom! Ben also came in second place in the Boy Scouts pinewood derby.
  • Gee this isn’t in any real order, just my thoughts of what we’ve been up to! In March we had a preview of spring and opened our pool EARLY, the kids had a week of swimming in 50-60 degree water! They are nuts but we encouraged it. I guess with the warm weather and then the return to seasonable weather, the mini ants have moved back into our house early this year. We will get them gone ASAP!
  • We just had a trip to Maryland to visit family and go to the Baltimore Aquarium and then to a little Robot Fest yesterday. Ethan really LOVED taking picture at the aquarium and making cardboard robots. Jillian confirmed that she is really a child that should have one of those kid leases when she climbed onto the half wall at the aquarium and could have fallen far down to the first floor (anyone have a leash I can borrow for our next trip? Otherwise I may have to buy one for the cliffs in Maine).
  • On Feb 4th and Feb 12th Jamie lost her first two teeth, both when biting into apples! The bottom middle teeth and they are poking through a bit now but I think they are pretty crowded so its taking some time. She currently has a very wiggly top tooth we are waiting on!
  • My boys still think the Dr Who Daleks say “desterminate” instead of exterminate, its fun listening to them play. Not sure if they still are saying “canyon balls” but I always loved that one. Of course NOTHING topped when Ethan was younger and thought the holes in your nose were called “nostricles”.  Jamie is calling squirrels “squirtles” but I blame that on too much Pokemon play here lately.
  • This is the first week where we will have activities every weeknight except Fridays! WOW, hope it goes more smoothly than I am imagining! John has volleyball and Jamie has dance on Mondays, boys have baseball on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Wednedays is rollerhockey for the boys (they are in different age groups this year so that means 2 hours there instead of 1) and also Jamie has Girl Scout Daisies every other Wednesday. Its tough fitting extracurricular stuff in for four kids! Those four nights are just things for John and the three older kids, luckily Jillian can do her dance class during the big kids school day!
  • That’s all for now!

Father Daughter Dance!

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Jamie went to her first dance last week! She had a great time and looked so pretty in her new purple dress. John took her out for ice cream after and she came home one tired and happy girl! She did some silly poses for me before they left and a cute one with daddy:

First day of dance!

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Jamie started dance in September and loves it! Jillian wasn’t three yet so she had to wait until January to start and today was the long awaited day. She loved it and followed directions well but also snuck out of the room twice to come be shy with me. Overall it went great. After her first “big girl” dance class I took her to dunkin donuts for her favorite egg and cheese sandwich. She went and pulled a high chair to the table and climbed in. I love how she is a baby when it suits her and a big girl when she feels like it.


Happy Happy New Years!

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I think we had a pretty good 2011 all in all! Some things that stand out to me (sure I’ve missed a ton of good ones but thats what happens when I don’t sleep enough):

  • 2011  included a lot of silliness, potty talk, geocaching, Lego building and doll playing. Oh and beyblading (which terrifies our dog Casey!).
  • Jillian seemed to make the leap from baby to big girl.
  • Our kids went from being 2,4,6&8 to 3,5,7&9 (doesn’t have the same ring to it!).
  • For Easter Ben lost 4 teeth and Ethan 1 tooth in 5 days (and 2 of those teeth were Ben’s front top). Super sized marshmallows seemed to help the teeth out.
  • 2011-the year the girls decided to start cutting their own hair (Jamie maybe 5 times and Jillian once).
  • Jamie graduated preschool.
  • Our quirky but wonderful 12 year old dog Reuben died.
  • Our first trip to Maine as a family of six! It was the highlight of 2011 really and we plan to go back in 2012 and hopefully many more years.
  • Also our first summer that we did not go to Lake Champlain. John’s first summer not going there since he was born 🙁
  • The girls moved upstairs to their new big-girl room. Leaving their old room to turn into an office (still a work in progress).
  • The 3 big kids played soccer.
  • In September Jamie started K and Jillian started 2 mornings of preschool! The boys started 2nd and 3rd, and both made huge leaps with reading.
  • Ben started boy scouts and Jamie daisy girl scouts.
  • In October Grandma and the uncles made a huge move to NC and Grandma Penguin had a knee replacement.
  • 2 weeks before Christmas Jillian took a big spill and got a bunch of stitches on the bridge of her nose.


Hope you’re having happy holidays! (now with pictures!)

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I think we need more than 7 school days off! Seems this holiday vacation is flying by and not quite as planned but all in all the kids are good and mostly happy! As it seems to have been for most of 2011,  I have unwritten reviews and excuses why but I will be better with this poor blog in 2012! (as long as I don’t kill this Mac! it is so not cooperating and gives me the rainbow wheel for just about anything I do)

ANYWAY here are some pictures… well maybe soon (think its close to 1/2 an hour trying to get them off camera and into this post so I’ll publish and try later)! from Christmas eve! The kids wanted to all wear the matching PJs that they all wore the last THREE Christmases (I had bought huge when I was pregnant with Jillian but only certain pieces still worked). Note to self: buy or make matching PJs for all of them BEFORE next Christmas eve!


Happy Halloween!

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What a fun night! We went trick or treating from 5:30-8pm and John’s phone says we walked around 2 miles. LOTS of candy and four happy kids are staying up super late watching a Halloween show before bed. Wish we didn’t have to wait an entire year to do this again.

Maybe when we have the new office done?

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Something has changed with me and the blog, I just never feel the pull to get on and write anything. I have a bunch of reviews to write and they wouldn’t take long but so much else is going on and I don’t sit down and just do it. I used to blog for fun, like how watching a tv show is a break from things I need to do but now the blog is just one of those need to do things that I have on my list. I think my Iphone is to blame! I can check email and facebook and play online scrabble and really that is enough for me! We are currently planning the move of our girls to the second floor and their little tiny room next to ours will become an office/craft room/homework zone. I think maybe with the computer on the main floor that I may get back into the swing of things. We’ll see. So much is going on around here lately. I thought as the kids got a little bigger that I would be able to have more time for myself but really that was wrong because now nobody naps and the amount of activities has grown. So far this summer isn’t the lazy time I was hoping for but now that the boys’ week of camp is over and two weekends of birthday parties in a row are done (the middle two kids each had a big pool party here) maybe that can change. If not at least we will have a nice long week of camping in Maine next month! So blog I still love the idea of you but I’d rather neglect you than the four kids or the messy house (for now anyway)!

*Oh and the constant sound of the MAC trying to eject the thin coaster some child stuck in the disc drive is another reason the computer is not so appealing lately!!!

So here is a post pinata picture because I hate to post without a picture!

What Jamie has been up to:

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Jamie’s fifth birthday is fast approaching and she seems to be fitting a lot of growing up into the end of her fourth year!

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YAY for spring BUT….one last look at our wonderful winter!

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fresh snow!

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We had 2 big warm days last week and most of our snow melted. I was really happy to get about 4 inches last night to cover up all the dirty stuff. Its still winter and its going to be cold so we should at least have a nice supply of snow to keep things pretty and fun. The kids were out playing for a long time. The boys rebuilt their tunnels and they all did a little shoveling and had some “slow races” and tricycle races. I took pictures from the front steps, side door and garage because I am wimpy about the cold. They all had hot chocolate with the heart shaped marshmallows I got for Valentine’s. Jamie has to always have this mug now. She now likes Wonder Woman like I did as a kid. What more can a girl ask for, she is a super hero and a princess (right? I may need to brush up on this) and she has a see-through plane. If only she wore purple Jamie would be all set!

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