Jamie’s dresses

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I did 2 more dresses this weekend. I used 2 girls shirts that were the same exact shirt but different colors and then 2 of my shirts that I never wear. I was going for funky but I think they need some sort of embellishment like a fabric flower to complete them. I first cut the girl shirts in half and then cut the bottom parts of both in half again (think the extra pieces might turn into headbands). Then I cut up my old shirts to use as the bottom 2 sections of the dresses. Jillian is sort of able to wear one but its still too big! I got grainy pictures but oh well! I have a bunch of dress ideas in my head but I need to buy some cheap t-shirts or go to the fabric store. I have a feeling the girls will be wearing a lot of silly dresses this summer!

EASY little girl dresses from clothes you don’t wear!

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I was so excited when I found this idea on a blog! I have made several of these dresses now but I started with the one with the 3 flowers because it was a really cute shirt that Jillian got sharpie marker all over. I cut off the bottom 1/3 of the shirt and bottom of the sleeves (added new cuffs to the now 3/4 length sleeves) because that is where the marker was and I was left with a great top for the dress! I combined parts of brown butterfly shirt with the horse shirt (and one of my old shirts) to make 2 new dresses. Of course I’m too lazy to put up pictures of the other ones finished….but you get the idea, right? And you can click the link to the other blog above for a tutorial. Its just a great idea for saving shirts with stains or holes or combining things that don’t get worn into something cute!

my new sew phase

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Well I have loads of things I SHOULD be doing and instead I am totally wanting to sew! I am not good at it and I don’t do it “right” but as long as I don’t care about perfection its fun! It all started with Ben repeatedly requesting a court jester costume and insisting I could make one. It wasn’t so bad, it was pretty fun actually and I am proud of my first sewing project as a mom. Since then I have made each of the kids PJ bottoms (one pair a bit snug and two too long), the girls dresses with matching headbands (had to make 4 headbands total because I kept making them too small), a failed doll outfit and today I made a dress for Templeton (now a girl but was formerly Hamilton, John’s childhood little stuffed mouse). Here are a few pictures for fun:

Time to get out the ghost curtain soon!

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I’m starting to get excited about Halloween next month and soon I’ll have to put up my GHOST CURTAIN!!! We started bringing in a few little pumpkins from the garden but otherwise I think we need a little longer to adjust to the change of seasons before we break out all of the Halloween stuff. It is definitely my favorite holiday and the one I have the most decorations for!

How to Make Stop Animation Movies on a Mac

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Last week Ben told me he wanted to make a Star Wars movie using their toys, but he didn’t want to see his hands in the movie.  This  turned on a light bulb and I decided to teach the kids how to make stop animation movies.

When I was a kid I made a couple claymation movies with a friend using stop animation and when my family got our first camcorder I tried making several other stop animation films, but it was difficult and not that rewarding since it was hard to share movies back then.

For our project I decided to try a small movie to see how it would work and was surprised by how easy it is to make stop animated movies now.

Here’s how I did it.

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