Our birthday month!

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October is a fun month around here with four of us having birthdays! Ethan was first and he had his second annual Lego party. Then it was me, John and now my BABY Jillian is about to turn three! I am prepping for her party tomorrow and I hope she is happy with it. She has been planning her “princess wand” party since our other birthday month in July! Its hard to wait through your three sibling’s birthdays when you’re so little! Maybe someday I will blog again about the parties I throw my kids because I LOVE party planning and parties. Seems I’m in the minority when it comes to always throwing my kids big friend parties every year and that is currently my biggest pet peeve! AND yes some years I have actually thrown TWO parties for a birthday because they are only young once and you can never have enough fun! Jillian is actually having a second present-free mini party on Monday morning with her old school buddies because that is her real birthday. So here is my birthday girl Jillian:

Hexbugs are a HUGE hit at our house!

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Ethan’s birthday party was last weekend two weeks ago and we were lucky enough to have been given a Hexbug Nano party kit for the kids to enjoy. We had the party at the gym in our local town hall and it was a great great great great party (according to the birthday boy). It was a Lego themed party but we set up a big Hexbug Nano table and it was a very popular spot at the party. We had 18 kids total so the Hexbug table was never empty! A few of the boys said they had some Hexbugs at home but I think Hexbugs were a new thing to most of the boys because several moms were asking me where to buy them! In case you haven’t heard of them either, Hexbugs are a neat little “bug” that is sort of like a toothbrush head that buzzes around and you can run them through neat tracks and have them battle one another (I know they have them in Toys R Us and I bet they can now be found in other toy stores as well). We  had a huge Hexbug track system set up for them at the party. Well actually the kids made and remade and remade again a huge set up! At the end of the party the kids were excited to get to bring home their own Hexbugs and Lego figures. Now that the party is over, we have the Hexbugs on the coffee table in our family room and they are actually playing with them now as I type this review. I’m late posting this because our Mac died after the party, John got it fixed but we lost some of our recent pictures and it annoyed me not having good pictures from the party. But back to the Hexbugs, I am really happy with them because they keep all 4 of my kids busy, they are holding up extremely well and we haven’t even had to replace any batteries yet, the tracks are very well made and the kids love building new track layouts. They are a cute toy but also let the kids be creative constructing the habitats for their bugs. These Hexbug Nanos are such a hit at our house and Hexbug also makes other types of “bugs” that look fun!

my BABY is TWO!

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Happy Birthday Jillian! I can’t believe that you are 2 today! I am not crying about it like I thought I’d be but I really wish you could have stayed a little baby a lot longer. Instead you are the one who grew up the fastest.  You have been out of diapers for months, are so independent and you talk a ton. What a grown up little girl you were crawling through the big kid tunnels at Chuck E Cheese today. Love you! Just wish I got a video of you singing “happy birthday to you ME”.


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Oh Ben I can’t believe its your birthday AGAIN! How are you growing up so fast? I love you tons. I hope you enjoy the day even though I am a rotten mom and am breaking our cinnamon rolls with a candle birthday breakfast tradition because I didn’t go to the grocery store this week. I will get them before Sunday so you can have them the morning of your party but I will feel incredibly awful tomorrow morning. Not awful enough that I am going to the store at 11:34 pm to go buy some but really close. Anyway I love you Ben and here are some pictures of you as you finished up being 5. It’s going to take me some time to get used to this 6 thing!

Jamie is FOUR!

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Wow Jamie turns 4 today! She actually stayed up on the 4th of July until after midnight last night and we sang happy birthday on the car ride home (we had a lot of fun at a friend’s house and it was hard to drag the sleepy kids away). Today we kept with our cinnamon roll birthday breakfast tradition and later we will be heading to Chuck E Cheese for more fun. Her Tinkerbell party will be on Sunday (she has been looking forward to it for MONTHS). This will be Jamie’s first solo party since normally we combine it with Ben’s party. She is inviting her closest preschool friends and her one other close girlfriend that she has had for years. I’m excited for the first super girly party I get to throw!  The birthday girl is growing up so fast. John measured everyone recently and Jamie grew 1 3/4 inches since December! I love birthdays but I’m not such a fan of the kids getting older part! Good thing I have all the party stuff to distract me (we’ll have Ben’s party exactly a week later).

Jamie’s current favorites:

show- Caillou

toy- “Super Bunny” & Dino

food- grilled cheese

flavor- chocolate

friend- Greta

animal- goats?

color- purple

desert- birthday cake!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMIE! You are the best little 4 year old and I love you!

Jillian is 1 1/2!

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I don’t know how it happened but my baby is 18 months already! In honor of her 1/2 birthday yesterday we ate 1/2 a cake (and then finished the other 1/2 for breakfast today along with some cut up fruit). It may have just been a 1/2 birthday but the kid made a FULL MESS!

Ethan’s Pokemon 7th Birthday (posted a few weeks late)!

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IMG_0280I never got around to posting about Ethan’s birthday party, probably because I hardly took any pictures at all, but I figured I better get to it before Jillian’s birthday gets here! There is Ethan in the orange shirt, its the ONLY pictures that I got of him during the entire party! What a cute bunch of kids collecting candy from the Pokeball pinata (they were super good sharing…it was a pleasant surprise)! Including our own kids, there were 19 kids at the party. We lucked out and had great weather and everything went well. I love having parties for the kids! I don’t understand when parents aren’t into throwing birthday parties, I don’t think I could ever get tired of it!

IMG_2495Ethan and Ben are both really into Pokemon right now and it was an easy theme for a party. I made Pokeball cupcakes for him to bring into school and for the party. They were super easy. I went for the best look with the least amount of effort/time expended. Simply frost the entire cupcake with white frosting and then dip half into a plate of red colored sugar (much quicker than using 2 colors of frosting and boy would you need a lot of coloring to get red and not pink), then use a pastry bag to pipe a wide stripe of chocolate frosting, add an extra little drop of chocolate frosting in the center of the stripe and then push in a mini marshmallow.

IMG_2498IMG_0283For the Pokeball pinata I had originally planned on making my own (made a basketball one once and it was great) BUT I got lazy and bought a baseball pinata and altered it. I carefully pulled off the red lines off of half, painted half red and then added a black stripe and white circle (the circle was the only part I wasn’t happy with but it was just going to get smashed so I didn’t care). Unfortunately the store bought pinata wasn’t as sturdy as my super strong basketball one and the kids were a lot stronger at 7 yrs old, so the pinata broke a bit prematurely. The kids thought it was a fun hat though!

Photo on 2009-10-03 at 14

John really is smart, he thought of leaving our computer on with the Mac photo booth open! The kids made over a hundred silly pictures of themselves and it was fun to look at after. They liked doing it on their own and had fun with the weird settings (like those goofy carnival mirrors but better).

Ben & Jamie’s roller rink party!

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Ben and Jamie really liked their party yesterday and I’m so happy! I think we had 19 kids, 2 babies and 15 adults. This was the EASIEST party that we have ever had for our kids! We had it at the roller rink during “trike trot and roll” time where the kids can use skates or bring any ride on toy or bike they want to use. I think all the kids had a good time and all we had to do was show up and bring the cupcakes! We didn’t even set up the tables or clean them off after, so nice a change from when I have crazy theme parties at our house. I do LOVE party planning and trying to make things special BUT I’ll do parties like that again when I have a bit more time and a clean house!

Here are some party pictures but I didn’t end up with any of the 2 birthday kids together!IMG_8357IMG_8362IMG_8412IMG_8427IMG_8449

Ben is FIVE today!

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Here is the birthday boy on each of his birthdays:


Baby Ben all 9lbs 10oz of cuteness!

P1010445Ben looking like a cupie doll with his first birthday cake!

DSCF4796Grandma got him a big wheel for his 2nd birthday, its pretty worn out now.

DSCF1813_3Ooh we started a Chuck E Cheese tradition on his 3rd birthday, we’ll be there tonight!


On the 4th birthday we started the cinnamon roll breakfast tradition!

IMG_1673I think 5 candles are the max a cinnamon roll can safely hold! Now we are off to Applebees for a birthday lunch!


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IMG_1530IMG_1555Our little girl turned 3 today! Its tradition to start the day with cinnamon rolls with candles (apparently candles in the 3 big kids’ pizza and individual slices of cake might be a new tradition we’ve added this year). She had a fun weekend with the airshow yesterday, the UP movie, Joey’s  and swimming today (and just enjoying this rare great weather 2 days in a row!). Jamie and Ben will share a party on the 18th but my mom and Robert came for cake tonight and she was happy with her presents. Unfortunately she did have a fall into the pool and needed to be rescued but I don’t think she will be too traumatized luckily. I’m just still getting used to my baby girl being 3, I can’t believe she is getting so grown up! She was super cute today and so happy so it was a wonderful day!IMG_1550IMG_1544IMG_1541IMG_1391

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