Oh Wonder Bread…you make PB&J so yummy! YOU CAN WIN A WHOLE LOT OF IT!

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I buy a wide variety of bread, ranging from 100% whole wheat, some “nutty” types to white. Luckily the kids aren’t picky about bread (they like it all AND I don’t even have to cut crusts!) but when I was a kid Wonder Bread was the bread for me! Give me a PB&J on Wonder Bread and it takes me back to my lunch box days. Paired with a cold glass of skim milk, it would be a lunch I could go for any day. We received a box with a Wonder Classic White and Wonder White Sandwich bread and I was really excited because sadly my regular grocery store doesn’t carry Wonder Bread! I made some PB&Js for dinner that night and it was a fun and yummy night. Wonder was the same as I remembered as a kid, BUT “now it has more calcium and vitamin D. Even though many of us recognize that getting our families (and ourselves!) the recommended daily amount of calcium is important, many people are still not getting enough.  Now, Wonder is making it easier – one sandwich made with Wonder Classic or Wonder Classic Sandwich Bread has the calcium of a glass of milk and also provides a good source of vitamin D.”


  • Visit Wonder Bread’s website and then come back here and leave me a comment about something interesting you found!
  • One entry per person and US mailing addresses only.
  • Contest ends October 23rd, 2009
  • You can get an extra entry if you mention the contest on your blog and then leave the link in a SECOND comment. GOOD LUCK!

WOW the Wonder Bread site really has some neat stuff, look what I found there:

Form a Wonder Bread sculpture.
What you’ll need:
Eight slices of Wonder Classic White Bread Half cup of white glue Waxed paper Flour
Acrylic paint Mixing bowl
How to make it:
1. Take eight slices of Wonder Classic White Bread out of the package. 2. Let the bread sit out at room temperature for 24 hours. 3. Lay a piece of waxed paper on the counter and dust it with flour. 4. Remove the crust on all eight slices of Wonder Bread. 5. Tear the bread into small pieces and drop it in a mixing bowl. 6. Add the half cup of glue to the bowl. 7. Mix with your hands until it sticks together. 8. Put the mixture on the waxed paper and form it into a ball. 9. Knead the ball for about five minutes until shiny.
10. Sculpt your masterpiece, sealing any unused clay in plastic while you work. 11. Let the sculpture dry overnight on a cookie sheet in an unlit oven. 12. Finish it off with acrylic paint. 13. Display your artwork as the table’s centerpiece.

My baby loves YUMMY in My Tummy & YOU can WIN some for your baby!

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yhst-42776712760420_2058_20912416yhst-42776712760420_2058_11635235Organic, fresh and appetizing is how I’d describe Yummy in My Tummy baby food. Jillian is my 4th baby so I think I know a little about baby food but I was surprised at the high quality of this food. I know I could never make homemade baby peas taste so good and fresh. IMG_1211 Look at how GREEN the peas are!  I love picking raw peas and eating them right from the pod and honestly thats what came to mind when I taste tested them. I tried each of the foods when I fed them to Jillian and they all tasted like they were cooked perfectly. I guess its because they aren’t subjected to the high heat of canning and they are delivered freshly frozen for you to use within a month. I don’t think jarred food could ever be this good. Jillian received 21 different containers of baby food to review and she is almost done with them all. Yummy in My Tummy food comes packaged carefully in dry ice and arrives frozen. I put all of it right into the freezer and take out what I need to defrost in the fridge the night before Jillian needs it. She isn’t a picky baby but you can tell when she likes something a lot because she is quick to open wide and boy did she open wide and gobble up the whole container of APPLES & BEETS (oh I hate those healthy beets but I’m so happy Jillian likes them!). The only one she tried and didn’t like was the creamed spinach (of course a favorite food of mine so go figure!). IMG_1198

Yummy in My Tummy comes in 3 stages: 1 is simple & smooth (I added some rice cereal to them for Jillian because she doesn’t need thin food), 2 is textured & tasty (perfect for 8 month Jillian) and 3 is savory & scrumptious (Jillian isn’t as into chunky things yet since she got off to a slow start with solids but she seemed to like the two stage 3 she tried). I love that there are so many interesting healthy options, go check out the flavors and tell me what you think of them! If you have a baby that is currently eating baby food you can win your very own supply!

To enter to WIN 24 containers of Yummy In My Tummy Fresh Organic Food For Your Little Tummy:

  • Visit Yummy in My Tummy and come back here to leave me a comment!
  • 24 containers will be shipped to the winner and you must be able to use delivered food within one month of contest end (so only enter if you have or know a baby currently eating baby food).
  • Winner must be willing to let Karen (the nice mom & owner) know what you think of your prize!
  • One entry per person. Open to US mailing addresses only.
  • Contest ends July 20th.

Our kids LOVE their Curious George Game & you can WIN one too!

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Our kids go through phases of only wanting one show until they’ve seen every episode a million times and then move on to the next one. We have been in a Curious George phase for months now and when we were sent a Curious George Super Helper game to review I knew the kids would be thrilled. Here is a short description:

“You can be a neighborhood Super Helper just like Curious George! Volunteer at the firehouse, pitch in at the restaurant, or help tidy up at home. Flip over three cards to see who needs help. Chose where you want to help—at home, the firehouse, or the restaurant—then drop the ball, coin, or cube into the tower and try to make a match! The bouncy ball, flippy coin, and dice cube tumble through the roof of the tower and magically come out on different sides. The player who helps the most wins the game.”

All three kids like playing the Curious George Super Helper game but I like to play just one on one with them. Its a nice game that is fun to look at and play. The amount of time it takes to play is perfect and I like that some of the game cards ask you to “say something nice to someone” or “promise to help put the game away when done”. The kids like that you drop game pieces down through the building and they come out at the bottom (we sometimes have to drop them a few times to get them in the right spot but the kids don’t mind). Jamie is still young for it since she isn’t 3 yet but the boys are 4 and 6 yrs and they both seem to be good ages for it.

This game was a perfect fit since the kids love Curious George and love playing board games! I like that the I Can Do That! games are designed to help build self-esteem in kids. The other games are Curious George-Discovery Beach and Curious George-Hide and Seek Animals (plus I Can Do That! makes Dr. Seuss games too).


You can one of the Curious George games pictured in this post! To enter:

  • Leave a comment with which game you would like to win AND since these games are designed to build self-esteem please tell us  “what you do to build self-esteem in your child?”
  • Open to US and CA mailing addresses.
  • Contest ends Friday April 10th

HONEY Kix, my family loves it! WIN a great prize package from Kix!

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My kids are big fans of cereal and luckily not just the bright colored candy-like kind! We usually buy them the “grown-up” cereals that John and I like ourselves. When I got the offer to review new Honey Kix I was pretty sure that the kids would like it and I was right. I didn’t ask the kids why they liked it but the box didn’t last very long and that says a lot. John and I thought it was pretty good too, not very sweet but sweet enough. Ben was definitely the most excited and he loved taking it to preschool for snack time. In the prize package from Kix comes a neat cereal container with a cold section for milk that screws on the bottom and a folding spoon. Ben loves the neat container and at 4 yrs old he can do it all on his own at school (I heard the other kids want one too). Now that our box is finished I can’t wait until our store carries this new cereal, we bought a box of regular Kix while we’re waiting and the kids are eating it without complaint but I miss the honey version!

Enter  to win your own fun prize package from Honey Kix. You’ll get a box of the cereal, an adorable ceramic honey pot, 2 Kix bowls, a great cereal storage container and the cereal/milk snack container (I’ve got to find out where I can buy more of those). *JUST FOUND OUT THAT I HAVE THREE OF THESE TO GIVE AWAY!


To enter:

  • Leave me a comment on this post. Any comment will do but I’d love to know what your kids like to bring for snack/lunch or anything else interesting!
  • Contest ends March 27th
  • Open to US residents only

J’s are lucky! Congratulations to Josie, Jacqueline and Josie!

My Fruit Roll Up Valentines! Win your own case to design!

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I haven’t met a kid yet who doesn’t love Fruit Roll Ups so I’d imagine most would go nuts over being able to design their own. Ethan gave these out to his kindergarten class on Valentine’s Day a few weeks ago. We had already designed a box of Fruit Roll Ups some months back but they have made some major improvements since then. The website is redone and more user-friendly but the biggest change is that you can now upload your own images to put on the snack! I added my favorite picture of Ethan from up at the lake. On the actual snacks (the image above is the preview we got when making them) you can’t tell that he is smiling over holding a frog he just caught but you can tell its Ethan and thats good enough for me. I probably could have found a picture that would have worked a bit better but oh well. Adding the picture couldn’t have been easier and you can zoom in and crop it and adjust the contrast right on the Fruit Roll Up site. There are of course lots of images to choose from if you don’t want to upload your own or if you want both like we picked. Its definitely fun to create and of course fun to eat. I have found both times that when they arrive they are a bit hard to unroll and I think thats just because they are freshly made. Our first box we just let sit a week or so and then they came off the wrapper easily but with the new box I needed to send them off as Valentines so I did some experimenting and found that freezing and then thawing them seemed to do the trick.

I liked my Valentines idea but you can make these for any occasion and one lucky winner will get to design their own box for free!

To enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post with who you’d like these for
  • US mailing addresses only
  • Contest ends Friday March 13th

*I don’t know how long it will last but they also have free shipping on purchases right now with code “freeshipping”.

MilkBank great for pumping moms! WIN ONE!

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I have a lot of breastmilk in the freezer right now that I don’t feel is stored very well. I wish that the Parent Bloggers Network had asked me to review this smart breastmilk storage system 2 months ago when I was basically pumping round the clock to get my milk supply back after a rough start feeding Jillian. I have milk in glass bottles, plastic containers and breastmilk bags but if only it was all vacuum sealed in these MilkBank bottles so that it would last longer. I am with 3 1/2 month old Jillian at all times so I don’t really need bottles much at this point but saving milk is still important to me. You never know if I’ll need to leave her for a few hours but mainly I love to have a supply of frozen milk to mix with solids when she starts them. Saving milk for mixing with food means it needs to last a long time since my kids all start solids at 6-7 months. With the MilkBank system milk can be stored even longer than that because air is removed from the bottles to hold off spoiling and freezer burn. You put the milk in the MilkBank bottles, simply place the vacuum top on, then a few pumps later and you’re bottle is ready to go into the fridge or freezer. Even if you aren’t planning to store milk for as many months as I am you still need to think about the flavor changing and nutrients being lost from being stored in the freezer in bottles or bags that contain air. If you are doing your best by feeding your baby breastmilk you want that milk to stay fresh! When you are ready to use the stored milk the storage bottles screw right into an insulated outer bottle so there is no need to transfer the milk. The MilkBank bottles have a special venting system that I’ve never seen before so that the bottles don’t leak and cause less gas. The bottles are made out of  plastic that is free of BPA, phthalates and PVC. I would prefer if the bottles were glass but I still really like this system and would have loved to have had it sooner when I was packing the freezer with milk a few months ago!

You can buy MilkBank products online at BabysRUs and the MilkBank site has a store locator! BUT one lucky reader of mine can win a MilkBank system!

To enter:

  • leave a comment with why you would like to try MilkBank
  • one entry per person
  • US mailing addresses only
  • contest closes on February 24thhow_it_works_2_1-1how_it_works_3

BIG See Kai Run Giveaway!

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Yes we are having our BIG See Kai Run giveaway finally! I have been meaning to post this all month but hey I am busy with a newborn and her 3 siblings! If you don’t already know it, See Kai Run are some of the most fashionable, comfortable and well made kids shoes out there. Jamie has 2 pairs of See Kai Run shoes that she really loves and they are my favorite of her shoes. I already did a glowing review of her Lolas and since then I got her the Claras. There are so many great styles for both girls and boys AND now they offer their Smaller infant shoes too (oh and don’t forget there are bigger sizes in the Eleven line)! I was given a pair of the Bunnies  Smaller shoes (above) for Jillian that are adorable and very well made. Unfortunately I made my selection before she was born and I ordered way too big so she hasn’t been able to wear them yet (how did I know that after 3 huge babies the 4th would be tiny and not in 6-9 month shoes right from the start!). The Bunnies are a great winter booty and so easy to get on little feet with the side velcro. I was almost going to offer Jillian’s pair in this giveaway but they are just too cute to part with. Even if she won’t be wearing them until closer to spring I think she’ll be able to get good use out of them since its chilly in spring. I’m not giving away Jillian’s Bunnies but 4 lucky readers will be getting the shoes below and everyone can hurry and take advantage of the sale they have right now!

FREE SHIP ON ALL ORDERS!  From now until January 15th, enjoy free shipping on ALL orders!* No minimum purchase is required. And, save up to $10 on select shoes and boots.

Here are the 4 shoes I have to give away:

1. Julie boots in a size 6


2. Yuna shoes in a size 3


3. Blue Paul shoes in a size 4


4. A pair of Smaller shoes OF YOUR CHOICE! Let me know which you’d pick (I like these Rhondas)!!!!


  • To enter leave a comment letting me know which pair (or pairs) that you’re interested in trying to win and one other shoe you like from See Kai Run. If you are trying for the Smaller pair please tell me which one you’d like if you win!
  • US residents only
  • Contest ends January 30th 2009!
  • Please note that the first 3 prizes I only have in the size/style stated but the Smaller shoes are whichever size/style you choose.
  • We have other great contests running right now (birth announcements &  Build-A-Bear) so go take a look!

Build-A-Bear Giveaway!

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Our kids love stuffed animals and I couldn’t say no to a Build-A-Bear giveaway! Ethan already has a very cute Build-A-Bear dog that looks like our dog Casey. He got it from his aunt and uncle years ago and it came with an adorable Hawaiian shirt, collar and flowers on its ears. His “Casey” dog has stood up well to lots of play and a wash or two and is still well loved. We decided Jamie would be the recipient of our new Build-A-Bear and we were sent a surprise one in the mail. When she opened the box it just happened to be a brown dog and since we also have a brown dog named Reuben it worked out perfectly! Jamie sleeps with her new “Reuben” and she loves to put its shirt on and off all the time. While looking at the Build-A-Bear site for this review I realized that Jamie’s “Super Bunny” (above)  is also from Build-A-Bear. Its even cuter in real life, is the softest bunny and it has washed very well (it was in a few throw up accidents at night). If you’re in the market for a stuffed animal, Build-A-Bear animals are built very nicely and are super cute. They also come in a fun house shaped box that you can color. We don’t have a Build-A-Bear store by us but I’m sure that they are loads of fun! Luckily you can order them online also at the Build-A-BEAR site! Even online you can have fun picking out clothing, sounds and accessories for your animals. There are a lot of options to personalize them and one of my favorites is the hockey outfits!


We have a $10 Build-A-Bear gift card to give away to one of our readers!

  • To enter leave a comment on this post!
  • US and CA mailing addresses only
  • Contest ends January 1st

Here are two of my favorites from the Build-A-Bear site:


Vaseline Clinical Therapy Lotion Gift Basket Giveaway!

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vas10512_c1-64Dry hands are a big problem for me now that I’m a mom of 4 (all that hand washing after diaper changes and everything). Unfortunately I don’t have time or the ability to remember to put on lotion all the time. I was given a supply of Vaseline Clinical Therapy Lotion to review and I’m giving it the thumbs up. Considering that I only use it at night and the abuse I put my hands through I’m very happy with the results. The first day I used it a few times because my knuckles had gotten to the bleeding stage. It went on without stinging and felt good (no greasy feeling). My hands healed in about 2 days and are so much better now.  This lotion is comparable to the much more expensive brands and I would definitely recommend it based on the improvement of my hands since my short time using it!  Another really important thing to mention is that I hate smelly lotions so I was very happy that it comes in unscented. Actually I wouldn’t have said yes to review if it was scented  because I don’t want to get a sample of something I know ahead of time I won’t like! Luckily I liked it because I get to do a  giveaway and  its a REALLY GOOD ONE!

Enter to win a GIFT BASKET that includes: Vaseline Clinical Therapy lotion, Godiva Chocolate, Kona Coffee Gift basket, Kiehl’s hair products, and a Target gift card!

  • To enter leave a comment on this post by Friday Dec 26th
  • For a 2nd entry subscribe to our RSS feed and let me know in a 2nd comment!
  • US mailing addresses only



The BEST sibling birth announcements from Peek-a-boo Paperie! Oh and you can win the photo card of your choice!

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I really wanted to send out a birth announcements for Jillian with her sister and brothers included so I started looking all over the internet for just the right one months ago! Finding an attractive announcement that would include the other kids was a lot harder than I anticipated! Good sibling announcements aren’t that common and I only found one that was specifically for a 4th baby. Luckily that one was PERFECT, really exactly what I was looking for! Its from Peek-a-boo Paperie and here it is (well here is the sample one, John needs to edit out our last name on ours before I’ll post it):

What I LOVE about it:

  • Its specially designed for a 4th baby GIRL (yes there is a boy version).
  • It lists each sibling’s name with their individual picture.
  • There is no need for a group picture! This is the BIG plus of this announcement because its VERY hard to get a good picture of 4 kids (I have yet to do so). Before the baby is born you can even pick out nice pictures of the other kids and then all you have to do is get one cute baby picture!
  • The baby’s picture is the biggest (if it were just a group picture the baby would be lost basically).
  • Its very easy to do online on your own but help is available if you need it!
  • A nice big proof is sent so you can double check that everything is just as you want it.
  • The quality of the finished product is great, you can choose between matte and gloss finishes (I chose the matte and it came out very nice).
  • Besides the announcement I picked there are a lot of others that I love, Peek-a-boo Paperie has something for every new parent no matter what their taste (it doesn’t fit with our family but I think the cowgirl announcement is adorable and so different!).

Want to win 25 of the photo card of your choice? Here is how:

  • Go look at the Peek-a-boo Paperie’s website and come back to comment on what you would pick if you’re the winner! Thats easy enough so if you don’t do it you will be disqualified!
  • Contest open to US mailing addresses only.
  • Enter by January 1st!

* Well I didn’t do this review in time for you to win a Holiday Card but they have some adorable ones you should take a look at if you haven’t gotten any yet!

Here are some of the other unique designs available but there are so many more on their website!

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