and baby makes five!

April 27, 2002 by  
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Its been 4 days since Heather had her first sonogram and I’m still sooo excited. That was our introduction to our future son. I was so happy to know that everything was OK. I can’t wait till the next sonogram on the 20th.

Now that we know the baby is going to be a boy we’ve started getting serious with finding a name. Right now the leading candidate is Ethan. That’s the only one off of Heather’s list that I’ve liked so far. We’re not set on anything and will continue looking. If you have any suggestion feel free to post them on my website or email them to us.

It’s a boy!

April 23, 2002 by  
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Heather had her first sonogram today and we learned that the baby is a boy! The sonogram was absolutely amazing. We could see everything. Feet, arms, legs, and even the baby’s mouth opening and closing as he was drinking. Most importantly, everything looked good to the doctor.

I’ve uploaded two of the better sonogram pictures to the website.

Now all we have left is the hard part…picking a name! Put you’re suggestions on the guestbook.