Orlando, Day 4

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Sunday was the last day of our trip. We had to be at the airport by 2pm and Heather’s ankles still bothered her so we decided to save our park passes and head to the movies.

We caught a morning showing of Star Wars II, great movie, and then headed back to the hotel to catch our shuttle to the airport.

Since we booked this trip so late I had to take a 3 hop return flight to keep the price reasonable. The first two legs of the trip went fine but then our last plane had electrical problems so after an hour delay and a ridiculous FIVE gates changes (and not 5 different gates, just 2 back and forth) we finally headed to our hometown airport. We finally got home after 1 am and were greeted by Amy, who was in town for her brother’s graduation and we had planned to stay at our house Sunday night.

Orlando, Day 3

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On Saturday the temperature and humidty became unbearable (at least for us northerners). We went to Magic Kingdom and were disappointed to find the park mobbed. We had a long wait for the Buzz Lightyear ride, but chatted with a nice family in line. Heather kicked my butt on the ride (100,000+ to 19,000)…I claimed my gun was defective.

We then went to went to Frontier Land and found some of the worst rides I’ve been on at Disney. First was the Enchanted Tiki Lounge which was pretty silly, more for the kids. Second was the Jungle Cruise which was not only boring, but we had the most cynical tour guide who kept telling us how bad her jokes would be…and they were. We went on the Pirates ride next which was ok, just old and again more for the kids.

We were then hot, tired, and ready for lunch. We found a little ice cream parlor and shared the club sandwich and it was delicious! We then had huge sundaes and felt rejuvinated. This was one of our best meals at Disney and it wasn’t expensive at all (and it was sit down in A/C). A real treat for Disney dining.

After lunch we fought the crowd awhile longer for a couple more rides before giving in and returning to our hotel to recover from the heat.

We then got all dressed up and jumped on the bus to head to the Disney wedding pavillion. The pavillion is in a gorgeous setting (and air-conditioned)!. After a nice ceremony we hopped back on the buses and were taken behind the scenes at Epcot where we took a back door into America.

The reception was wonderful. At 9pm we were taken outside to a private viewing area to watch the fireworks over the lagoon. Dinner was delicious, especially the dessert (check the photo!). Erin and Rick had a nice twist on the ‘make the couple kiss’ tradition. Instead of hitting your glass with your fork (which gets old fast) the rule was that you had to sing a song containing the word ‘love’. One of the people at our table came prepared with a list of songs. Several tables participated to sing various songs (and perform a couple dance numbers!). A lot of fun.

The only damper on the festivities was that Heather’s ankles started to swell horribly, a side effect of pregnancy she was hoping to avoid, but the heat and days of walking finally caught up to her. No dancing for us, but we still had a fabulous time.

Orlando Day 2

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For our second day at Orlando we decided to get an early start and go to the Animal Kingdom. We had been there before on our honeymoon, but it was so hot we did not get a chance to see (and enjoy) everything.

Although it was pretty hot the park wasn’t crowded at all. We took the African safari first and there was no wait. We were in line over an hour for this ride our last visit. The safari was great and many of the animals were active (took lots of pictures).

Afterwards we grabbed drinks and went to the Birds in Flight show, one of our favorites. This is a live show with many species of trained birds. We were pleasantly surprised to see many different birds since our last visit.

From there we went to the 3D Bug’s Life movie. Fantastic. We then wandered the park a bit, checked out some stores, and then decided to have lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. This was probably our longest wait of our trip, but at Disney as long as your in air-conditioning you don’t mind.

After lunch we chickened out of going on the Kali River Rapids and went back to the hotel to rest and get ready for the wedding welcome party at the Adventurer’s Club on Pleasure Island. We went to Pleasure Island via boat on one of Disney’s canals. A very nice trip, but the temperature had climbed and we were dressed up…ugh.

The party was a blast and afterwards we went to the big Lego store to drool over the toys. From there we pitstopped at Giardelli for milkshakes and then hit the Disney stores for some shopping.

Another long, but exciting day.

Orlando Vacation

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Heather and I had a short vacation in Orlando for a friend’s wedding (at Disney!). We flew down on Thursday, May 16th and after checking in to our hotel (Port Orleans Riverside) we went to Epcot.

After seeing the 3D Honey I Shrunk the Audience movie, we wandered through the nations around the lagoon. For dinner we wanted to eat at the Coral Diner at the Living Seas. Unfortunately, the place was booked so we decided to try our luck at a hibachi restaurant in Japan.

We had a 20 minute wait, but we spent it in the lounge drinking smoothies, eating a shrimp tempura appetizer and watching the Epcot parade. At the hibachi, the chef didn’t have any tricks (I’ve never had a better chef then the ones at Gasho House), but we both ordered shrimp & lobster which was delicious. A great start to our trip.