Still Waiting

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We’re still waiting and it doesn’t look like the baby is in any hurry. Heather is pretty down about it and worried she’s going to have the baby on her birthday (10/7).

One good thing about the wait is that its giving me time to learn how to use our new camcorder. Very neat. I’m going to try to keep myself busy and get a couple dog video clips on the site as practice.

on again off again

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Heather was on the pitossin all day and although her contractions were looking good early in the afternoon they seemed to stop altogether as the day wore on. After discussed her options with the midwife she decided to come home and regroup.

Heather had gotten terrible sleep Friday night. Her A/C broke and wasn’t fixed till 11:30 and the beds are meant for birthing, not sleeping. So she and her midwife agreed that another bad nights sleep would make for a rough delivery if she did go into labor after another day of pitossin.

The plan…sleep is #1 on the agenda (actually dinner was #1 – Red Lobster – and then sleep). The good news about the day in the hospital is that the baby was monitored the whole time and looked great. So the only concern about waiting is Heather’s amniotic fluid levels. She is going in for another NST and ultrasound on Monday and will go back a couple more times during the week.

She has dilated a little more because of the pitossin (1cm…long way to go), but there is a chance that now she will start advancing more on her own now that the pitossin has given her a headstart. Going to be a long week while we wait, but the important thing is that mom and baby are doing great. Stay tuned…

We got a room!

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Yay! We called the hospital at 4:45 today and they told us to hurry. We got there and took the only available room on the maternity room. There are THREE other women waiting to be induced who are waiting for rooms.

Heather got her first medicine and in the morning they will start the patossin (sp?) which will hopefully start her contractions. The room is very nice. Its a private room, right across from the kitchen so I have a short trip to get those ice chips.

I am sleeping at home tonight, but will be back at the hospital first thing in the morning. There should be baby pics on the site before the weekend is over! Remember to join the mailing list to receive an email message whenever the site is updated.

Still Waiting

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Heather and I went to the hospital tonight for her 6pm appointment to be induced. Unfortunately we discovered that all the beds in the maternity ward were filled. Apparently we were supposed to call ahead to make sure they had room for Heather, but no one had told us that.

So now…we wait. Hopefully beds will open up and Heather will be able to go in tomorrow. So stay tuned. I will post baby pictures within 48 hours after Ethan is born. I will also post updates if we have to wait longer.

This and that

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Here are some short dog stories for you….

Over the weekend I was lying on the couch in the living room when Casey came bolting up the stairs and cowered next to me. I was wondering what could have spooked her so much when Heather waddles up the stairs carrying a curtain rod and trying to tell Casey there’s is no reason to be afraid of someone 9 months pregnant. I just cracked up. I’m not sure if it was the rod that scared her or if it was the plastic bag the rod was in (she’s afraid of plastic bags).

Last night we got a big thunderstorm. When I went to bed Heather was already asleep and the lights were off. As I walked around to my side of the bed I stubbed my toe on something fuzzy. I reached down to discover Reuben on the floor with his head under the bed.

This morning Heather was up before me. I was half asleep and noticed Casey jump onto the bed and cuddle next to me. Heather walked in laughing. Apparently she separated a banana from the bunch and Casey turned tail and ran. Maybe she is part lab and lab’s have a genetic predisposition to fear bananas?

And one dumb human story…
This morning after I got up I went downstairs to put Reuben on the run. After I hooked him on the lead I turned around to go inside and stepped on something. I turned and looked and saw a garter snake. It seemed ok, but was stuck at the bottom of our stairs (the stoop is higher than the basement floor so there’s a little recessed area. The only way it could get out was to climb the stairs or up a steep little ramp). I tried coaxing it up the ramp with a stick, but it wouldn’t do it. Finally I just reached down to pull him up the ramp and it bit my thumb. I flinched, but the snake held on and got flung about five feet into my wood pile. After a few seconds it took off into the grass. I guess I had it coming after stepping on it.