Busy Week

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Ethan turned 3 weeks old yesterday and he’s been keeping busy. On Saturday he made his first trip to Wegmans and slept through all the aisles. He woke up at the register, but was asleep again by the time we got to the car.

Sunday his great-grandparents were up visiting for the day so we went over to grandma Joyce’s house for lunch. We already a good visit, although uncle Robert was very jealous and on bad behavior.

On Wednesday, Heather brought him in to visit me at work during lunch. He got to meet all my co-workers, although we warned him about Bruce.

On Thursday, Heather brought him with us to my neurosurgeon appointment. He slept during the ride up and back, but woke up for a little while to meet everyone at the office.

We’re still hoping for a nice day to make a family trip to the farm for some apple picking, cider, and donuts. Forecast doesn’t look promising so we might just settle for the cider and donuts.

First Checkup

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Heather took Ethan to his first doctor appointment today. Dr said he is doing great. While he was there his umbilical button fell off. Ethan was awake and alert the whole time and only cried when he got his shot.

At home Heather and Ethan are both wonderful. Ethan’s sleep schedule is still a little off and he’s been staying up late and sleeping a lot during the day. Otherwise he is a very good baby. Very little fussing and lots of sleeping. When he is awake he is very alert and loves to hangout in his bouncer chair or butterfly gym.

Over the weekend Ethan had a wonderful visit with John’s family. He got to meet his Aunt Kathy, Uncle Peter, and Aunt Kate for the first time. Ethan also went to his first hockey game on Saturday night and slept through the whole thing.


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Heather and Ethan were discharged from the hospital today and arrived home just after noon. After a 5 night stay in the hospital, Heather was eager to return home and Ethan, well, slept the whole way.

The dogs were very excited to see Heather, but behaved themselves. When we brought Ethan in they didn’t seem to notice much, but the first time he cried Reuben became extremely interested. After many treats and doggy timeouts he settled down and for the time being has lost interest. We’re sure that every new sound and smell that Ethan makes will draw Reuben’s attention, but the initial greeting has passed successfully.

Casey, on the other hand, was wonderful. She sniffed Ethan up and down and immediately accepted him into our family. She is still very interested in sniffing him and I’m sure he will get the occasional face wash, but all is well.

Now mom and baby are napping while I wait for our new armoir to be delivered.

Doing Great!

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Heather and Ethan continue to do great. Ethan is breast feeding and spent the whole day in Heather’s room. Many visitors and phone calls, but mom found time to get some sleep.

Heather was taken off the IV and was able to go for several walks around the maternity wing and down to the nursery. Her doctor stopped by and thinks she may be able to come home Friday.

Lots of new baby pictures on the site. Make sure you go to the New Pictures category on the Pictures page to see them all.

Ethan is born!

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Yay! Heather had the baby at 12:47 am on 10/2/02. She was induced again and dilated to almost 4 cm before the midwife broke her water. Contractions came quickly after that. after almost 8 hours of labor she called it quits. The doctor checked her out and decided on a c-section. Turns out Ethan was trying to come rotated on his side, the widest diameter, and it just wasn’t going to work.

The doctors and nurses were amazed his foot wouldn’t fit on the inkpad. Official weight is 10 lbs 4 oz and his length is 23 inches.

So far he has been a perfect baby. He was able to nurse at 4am and several times after that. Heather is recovering very well and Ethan is doing wonderful. Heather and Ethan will hopefully be discharged on Saturday.

Stay tuned for more pictures!

Congratulations to John for guessing the closest birthday and to Uncle Pete for the closest weight.