4 month checkup

February 3, 2003 by  
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Ethan had his 4 month checkup today. The dr said he’s doing wonderful. Yes, he is teething. We might start seeing something soon.

He had to get 4 shots which he didn’t appreciate much, but was ok once they were over.

The dr also reassured us that he doesn’t need to eat cereal and probably won’t need to start eating it until he is 6 or 7 months old. Pretty much all the friendly advice we’ve been getting is wrong. We’ve been ignoring everyone, but it was good to check.

Now the important stuff. The nurse had to measure him twice because she didn’t believe how tall he is. He weighed a little less than we thought: 19 lbs 7oz and was 27.75 inches tall. Both measurements are pretty much the 100th percentile.

At home Ethan has been the perfect baby. He sometimes has his needy days where he wants a lot of attention, but is never that cranky. He has been all smiles and is still sleeping 7-8 hours a night.