Baby Go Boom

July 7, 2003 by  
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Ethan fell off the bed this morning. Second time in the last few days. He was okay, but boy is this kid moving fast. He also climbed some stairs for the first time over the weekend and has been trying some free stands. I might have to change my vote to July for when he starts walking.

His nine month checkup is tomorrow and I will post the latest measurements.

Over the River

July 1, 2003 by  
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Sorry for the blog inactivity this weekend. We visited my mom for a day weekend. Took lots of great pictures that I will upload soon.

Mom kept me busy working on my list. Got all of them done, plus a few bonus ones.

My mom and Aunt Loretta gave us a great baby backpack. Heather took it with her when she met Amy at Stormking. She loved it (Ethan too!) This backpack will be wonderful for our vacation in Maine.

Ethan’s crawling progressed dramatically while we were in New Paltz. He is cruising around like crazy. He is also pulling himself up to a standing position on all the furniture (and dogs if they hold still long enough). We think its only a matter of weeks before he tries his first steps.