Remember this day

September 29, 2003 by  
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I had just gotten off the phone talking with my sister and was talking to Heather in the dining room. Ethan waddled by us into the kitchen. We kept talking and suddenly Heather pushes past me into the kitchen. I expected to see Ethan splashing in the dog’s water bowl again. Nope. I see him smiling at me…from above the table in the kitchen! He climbed the dog dish table (about a foot tall) and was standing on it, looking at as over the kitchen table. He was very proud of himself.

Remember it: Sunday, September 28th. This was the day that we realized that we’re in for it…big time.

Can you buy a ball and chain in a size 2T?

You Dirty Crook

September 16, 2003 by  
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Last night Heather had her first volleyball game since she was pregnant. Ethan and I drove her to the Y and then headed out for some father-son shopping. First stop was the bookstore to grab the third book in the series I’m reading. Mission accomplished, no problems.

Our next stop was the grocery store to grab some subs for dinner. Since I wasn’t getting much I decided to just bring Ethan in his stroller. There was room underneath to store the subs, sodas, and chips.

We get to the deli and I place our order. While I’m waiting I notice the basket of chocolate chips cookies…yummmm. I can’t resist so I grab one to share with Heather and put it on the stroller. Subs are done so I grab those, drinks, some chips and head to checkout. Ethan is being perfect. He hasn’t made a peep and is busy gnawing on his animal cracker.

Woohoo, I get to use the express lane for a change. We’re in and out in about 5 minutes. As we’re strolling back to the car I notice something…the cookie! I never paid for it.

People warned me that when you have kids you will eventually become an unknowing thief. As much as I’d like to blame this one on fatherhood, Ethan was being perfect so I wasn’t distracted at all. I was just a bonehead.