Happy Holidays

December 29, 2003 by  
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I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. We had a good, but sick one. Here’s the summary.

Heather got very sick Tuesday. I was worried she had the flu, but she started getting better on Christmas eve.

We had our first parents xmas eve. We only had one toy to assemble for Ethan, a sit and spin. Let me just state for the record that people who design toys with LOUD sounds need their butts kicked and my size 13s are ready for the task. The sit and spin was so noisy that Heather opened it up and put duct tape over the speaker. Much better now.

Christmas morning Ethan opened his first present. He wasn’t all that interested in the wrapping paper, but we started a couple for him and if he liked what he saw inside he would finish the job. Reuben, on the other hand, tore into his present (raquetballs).

Xmas afternoon we went over the Heather’s family and had a nice dinner and more presents. Ethan was excited by all the attention and running around i9n a different house. He devoured his dinner and ate turkey, ziti, green beans, and anything else within reach. Most I’ve ever seen him eat.

That night Ethan had a temp of 103. He got sicker over the weekend, but his temp is gone. There’s a virus going around that starts with a high temp and then turns into congestion and sore throat. The pore kid has lost his voice and can only squeak and croak. Luckily he’s an excellent patient and has been content to rest and take lots of naps.

I’ve been fighting off the plague and have been able to continue working on finishing the basement during my time off. I’m hoping to have the bathroom done, the new walls painted, and the ceiling started by the end of the weekend.

Merry Christmas? Not so much

December 22, 2003 by  
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pc190752_2003.jpgWe found out that there was going to be a Santa Claus at the hockey game Friday night so we brought our camera along to get some pics with Ethan. Well, to our surprise, Mr Social, the happiest baby in the world, wanted nothing to do with Santa. As soon as he was on his lap he went into hysterics.

Call us cruel, but it was so funny. We got a couple pictures and rescured Ethan. As soon as I picked him up he stopped crying, but had that shell-shocked look on his face. We decided to try again at the end of the first period. No luck.

I’ve heard this is real common with little kids and I wonder why. Ethan is rarely scared by strangers and is always flirting with people. Hopefully next year he will make the connection between Santa and presents and will be a little more photogenic. In the meantime, this picture still cracks me up.