All Quiet on the Western Front

February 27, 2004 by  
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As you may have noticed, I haven’t been blogging much lately. Lost my mojo for it. I’ve been pretty busy at home and at work, Not sure if I’ll start blogging more again, drop it altogether, or give the site a long overdue makeover. Fact is that I really haven’t thought about it at all.

Here’s what I am doing…thinking about DIY projects and drooling over power tools. The basement ceiling project should be done in a week. I’m going to put up the last of the track tonight and then its time for tiles. Woohoo!

Next up I have two railings to install on our stairs.

Hole to patch in a stair (taking out an old heating vent…yes, in a stair!)

Once the nice weather gets here I have some more big projects…

1) Build a small deck between the house and garage

2) Replace our stairs to the back deck

3) Considering replacing some of the back deck. This is a huge project and probably won’t happen this year, but I like thinking about it.

4) This is my favorite…building an outdoor hockey rink. I’m going to design it and prefab the boards so in the Fall I can put it together and flood it. I also may need to level some of the backyard.

Yup, big plans.

We also decided to setup our fish tank again. Ethan has really been interested in fish and we have always wanted a community tank with small schooling fish. Going to setup the tank tonight and get fish on Sunday! Plants too!

And during all this I’m also trying to sell stuff on ebay to help clean out the house and to raise some funds for these projects.

Oh yeah, and we’re still shopping for a new car.

Busy, busy, busy, but they’re all fun projects.

It’s a Boy!

February 24, 2004 by  
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Heather had her first ultrasound this morning and the baby was very cooperative. The dr didn’t need to tell us because the baby spread his legs and made it very obvious. All is well, he was very active and we got some pictures that I’ll try to upload tonight. I’ll also have to get the baby pool back online!

Growing Up

February 4, 2004 by  
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Ethan had his 16 month checkup yesterday. He has grown 1 1/2 inches since October and gained about a pound. He is now 34 inches tall and weighs 25 lbs. Getting so big!

Having a tall baby causes lots of problems. He can reach everything and is an excellent climber. He loves to climb onto the chairs in our dining room and then get on the table. When we catch him he just gives us the biggest smiles.

His latest phase is kissing. He kisses everthing…his toys, books, the furniture, the dogs, you name it. We have to get this on video. And yes…eventually I will get some clips on the site. Wish I had filmed him playing hockey with a can of clams he pulled out of a grocery bag. The NHL scouts would have liked to have seen that. Hell, the Rangers would have signed him to a multi-million dollar contract.