Room for Two

March 19, 2004 by  
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Last week we decided that Ethan was ready (well, WE were ready) to make the big move into his own room. His great-grandmother had gotten him a really cool car bed for xmas and he had been sleeping in that in our room for a few months, but he would sometimes wakeup and get in bed with us.

We cleaned both rooms and moved his bed. The night of the big move we let him fall asleep in our room and then moved him. We were hoping he’d stay asleep, but he woke up and started screaming and shaking the gate to his room. It was heart wrenching and I went to tuck him in several times. Finally we decided to tough it out. It seemed like it took forever for him to be quiet, but when I looked at the clock it was only 10 minutes. I tiptoed in to check on him and was surprised to find that he had gotten into his bed and sleeping soundly. Woohoo!

Since that night he has gotten better and better. The next night he fell asleep after only a couple minutes of crying and since then he’ll sometimes cry for less than a minute, but often just stays in his bed. Heather has even started putting him in his bed for his afternoon nap.

The funny part is that when he wakes up he will often grab something for security and fall asleep with it. One night it was a tooth brush, another a dinosaur, and most recently his shoes…yes, both of them.

Part of me is sad that Ethan is growing up and becoming a little independent, but mostly I’m thrilled not to have his little knees and elbows waking me up in the night.

A Word a Day

March 8, 2004 by  
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Ethan has been impressing us every day. This weekend he said ‘truck’ for the first time on Saturday. It’s not even a word we say a lot or anything, but out of the blue he’s calling anything with 4 wheels a truck.

Then on Sunday I noticed the horses across the road were at the fence. I held Ethan up so he could see them and he says ‘horses’.

He’s a genius! Well, a genius who thought it would be a great idea to put his dinner down his shirt. Not sure what the purpose of this was, but the dogs sure liked it.

One Plus One Makes Two

March 5, 2004 by  
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Ethan had another first last night…his first sentence! Woohoo! Heather and I were each indulging in a Wegman’s black and white cookie and Ethan was going back and forth between us to get see who’s tasted better. He went over to Heather and said ‘bite please’. He then said it to me a few minutes later. He had been saying please for awhile now, but bite is pretty new.

In other toddler news…I stopped at Lowes yesterday to buy the last of the ceiling tiles for the basement. While I was there I grabbed some more child proofing paraphenalia for the house and an electric thermostat. I’m hoping that if I install the new thermostat a little higher that it will be harder for Ethan to cook us.

I got a lot ton with the ceiling last night and only have two more tiles to put up and then the project is DONE. Woohoo! I have a long list of small projects to accomplish this weekend. For the record:

Clean the basement (tools and scraps from ceiling project)

Install new thermostat

Re-arrange our bedroom (and vacuum!)

Move the telephone (need to install new jack in kitchen)

Child proofing (more cabinet locks and furniture anchors)

And if I can get all those done (yeah right) I’ll start working on patching the vent hole in the stairs.

But it’s a dry heat!

March 4, 2004 by  
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Ethan is growing so fast! Not only is he getting taller, but he’s such a monkey. He’s latest trick is to climb from the couch to the the end table and play with the thermostat. Several times over the weekend we found the heat turned up over 80.

He has also been talking a lot. Many of his words are getting real clear. Heather has been working on a list of his words:

mommy mama

da da




shoes (VERY clear)



oh no


fish (clear)

hockey (not clear)




baby (very clear)

bye bye


bird (not clear)

choo choo (train)


Heather said he tried saying ‘quack quack’ today while they were reading one of his books. I’ve also heard him try to say ‘stick’ when I’ve told him to get his hockey stick.