Party Poopers

May 3, 2004 by  
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We had a gorgeous weekend here in the Southern Tier. Warm, sunny and breezy. Heather, Ethan and I spent a lot of time outside doing some spring cleaning chores and enjoying the weather. But one thing interupted our weekend of outdoor bliss. Black flies! Ergh…the little buggers were out in full force and must’ve sucked a pint out of me.

We bought a Mosquito Magnet 2 years ago, but last year it never worked right (and the flier were bad). This year I sent it in for maintenance, but it hasn’t come back yet. 🙁

We survived the flies and got a lot done. We also enjoyed some time out on our back porch. The flies aren’t bad there and Ethan enjoyed watching the dogs romp in the yard and doing some painting. Heather and I just enjoyed lounging and watching Ethan. With all the jobs on my list for this summer I need to make sure I make a little time for just sitting and relaxing. It does the body good.