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Last weekend we decided to have our first campfire of the year and let Ethan have his first s’more. We were pleasantly surprised by how good he was with roasting the marshmallows. He sat in a chair a patiently held it over some coals. At one point his marshmallow caught on fire and we blew it out. Well this started a new game and we had to be careful we didn’t get a facefull of melted marshmallow whenever Ethan would swing his stick around for us to blow on it some more.

When we got around to making the s’mores Ethan knew what to do right away and started nibbling on it. What he wasn’t to keen about was the sticky factor. He kept trying to wipe his hands off and then put his s’more down on his lap. We got a good laugh watching him bend over and eat his s’more while it was stuck to his leg. What I didn’t realize, was that when we went inside it was stille there!


34 Weeks

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Heather had her second ultrasound yesterday. The baby is doing great and getting BIG. 6 lb 6 ounces with 5 weeks to grow. We think he’ll be in the 9 lb range when he’s delivered.

The c-section is still scheduled for 7/16. This time around we’ll do it at a different hospital. We had no problems with Ethan’s hospital, but we’ve heard great recommendations for this other one including private rooms.

During the ultrasound we got to see a yawn, some hair, and big feet.