Back in the Chain Gang

July 27, 2004 by  
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This week I am back at work after taking last week off to help Heather with Ben and Ethan. It definitely feels weird being back at my desk. I didn’t have any urges to buy lottery tickets while I was home…

Actually things are running pretty smooth in the web world. I’m adjusting to the new digs in the cube farm. Nothing crashed while I was gone and I didn’t have any sort of crisis waiting for me. But I also didn’t hear crickets when I came back. Just the right amount of people needing things from me so I know that I’m needed, but I’m not inundated.

Heather, Ben, and Ethan are doing good at home. I have more cute pictures that I’ll try to upload tonight inbetween diaper changes and games of dome hockey with Ethan.

One Week

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Wow, can’t believe Ben is 9 days old already! Also can’t believe I haven’t been on my blog since Monday. The quick update is that everyone is doing well. I’m going to post some backdated entries to let you know what’s been happening.

Today I have been busy fighting with our tractor. I think it decided to get some payback. After I got it stuck in the ditch and I promised to do something nice for it and replace the mowing blades. Well, I slacked off and this week it decided to chew up our old dog run. Nothing like 20 feet of aircraft cable wrapped around the blades of your mower to dampen your day. Took me a few hours but I figured out how to get the mowing deck and blades off. Now I need to run to Lowes to get those new blades.

Sibling Rivalry

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After a week of high humidity and occasional storms we finally got some perfect weather. What to do on such a nice day? We couldn’t resist it and we took Ben to his first baseball game.

Ethan was only 10 days old when he went to his first hockey game so we figured we’d do the next best thing for Ben and get him out to the ballpark at 8 days old. It was such a gorgeous night and we had fun. Ben slept almost the whole game and Ethan was well behaved. The game ended up going to extra innings, but we split after the 9th. The B-Mets ended up losing in the 12th.

The Empire State Games will be in town this week so I’m hoping to take Ben to his first hockey game. Gotta start ’em young!

They Call it Mellow Yellow

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You might have noticed that Ben looks a little yellow in his pictures. While in the hospital he looked jaundiced and not too high, but not too low. This is common with babies, but something that needs to be monitored so it doesn’t get worse.

Well Ben didn’t seem to be improving and he also seemed to be sleeping alot. Heather and I decided to play it safe and called the pediatrician. She told us to take him to the hospital to get blood drawn and then go to her office to go over the results. The dr couldn’t have been nicer…she is such a wonderful person. She said Ben looked very healthy and he’s just being a typical man…eating and sleeping are his top two priorities. The blood results showed he had improved slightly, but it just takes time for the yellowness to go away.

We’d been wondering if Ben would grow as fast as Ethan did. Well he was born weighing 9 lbs 10 oz, his lowest at the hospital was 9-2 and was discharged weighing 9-5. Well just 4 days later he is now 9-14…so we are not going to stock up much on the size 1 diapers.

Home Sweet Home

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As I type this, Heather, Ben, and Ethan are all taking naps upstairs. Yup, everyone is home! Heather and Ben are both doing great.

I’m watching some TV, uploading more pictures, and contemplating this new little addition to our family. I have to admit that when I was in the nursery with this little boy, only minutes old, holding onto my finger I had a moment of ‘Whoa! What am I supposed to do with this little guy!’ But as I watched him I thought about Ethan and all the good times he’s given us over the last 21 months. My baby skills may be rusty, but I did ok with Ethan.

As I thought about the challenge of having two kids to take care of I realized that adding kids to our family doesn’t make things harder, just more complex. There is a new set of rules we need to learn. A new rhythm to move to in our day to day lives. We’ll step on some toes, but it will work itself out until it becomes natural.

Brotherly Love

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One of our biggest concerns this pregnancy was Ethan’s reaction to this little baby. (I know all the mothers out there cringe when I refer to a 9 lb 10 oz baby as ‘little’, but hey, he’s the smallest baby I’ve ever held) At first Ethan didn’t pay much attention to Ben. Now he’s getting more curious and wants to touch him. Today when we went in to pick up mom and his little brother, Ethan’s first reaction was ‘hat!’ Ben wasn’t wearing his hat and Ethan felt he needed it.

It will be interesting to see what Ethan does now that Ben will be home. I am taking off from work this week so Ethan will be getting plenty of attention from dad. He has never been a needy kid so we remain optimistic.

As for the dogs, they haven’t seen Heather and Ben yet. We locked them upstairs when we got back and now they are sleeping on the couch in the basement while Heather and the boys nap. After everyone is awake we’ll do introductions. They adjusted to Ethan really well, but our one concern is whether Casey will become as protective of Ben as she did with Ethan. After Reuben spent 5 minutes sniffing Ethan he could care less so I expect he’ll do the same with Ben.

Oh Baby!

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At 8:20 am Friday July 16th, Ben was born! Ben and mom are doing wonderful! The stats: 9 lbs 10 oz, 22 1/4 inches. He is adorable and looks a lot like his older brother when he was born. If Ben had gone the extra 3 weeks that Ethan did, he would have been HUGE.

Heather is doing much better this time around and Ben is nursing well and sleeping a lot. Ethan isn’t quite sure what to make of all this, but he sure likes exploring the hospital. He REALLY likes the handicap door handles that make it easy for him to escape mom’s room and run amok down the hallways. More stories and pictures later!

Tick Tick Tick

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Wow, can’t believe Heather is having the baby tomorrow morning! We will be heading to the hospital real early in the morning for the c-section. I doubt I’ll be online tomorrow to post anything, but by Saturday I should be able to get the info up on the site and maybe a picture.

Bread in the Oven

July 11, 2004 by  
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T-minus 5 days and counting! Yup, Heather is having her c-section on FRIDAY. We are working past the nervous stage and full into the excited stage. We’re busy getting the house ready for Ethan’s little brother and we’re just about done. We’re trying to get Ethan ready for the arrival, but we know he has no clue. He is not a clingy kid at all so we’re optimistic that he will have an easy adjustment to the addition to the family.

The Baby Pool is still open if anyone wants to place a wager on the birth weight.

We will name him Ben, but Ethan will most likely call him truck…’big big truck’, his favorite phrase of the week.