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Wooohoooo! Ethan peed in his potty seat today! I will now spend the rest of the day dreaming about life without diapers.

In other news, Ethan is also talking on the telephone. He will say ‘No’ when you tell him to say hi (what a stinker) and he will say ‘bye’.

Ben is getting more and more active. He seems stronger than Ethan was at this age. He really doesn’t cry much at all, but makes squeaky noises. Ben also seems to be growing FAST. His current nickname is ‘butterball’.

The Boys

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I’ve been catching hell for not posting a family update. I keep meaning to and even elluded to one last week, but I never get around to it. Always so much easier to post the meaningless spur of the moment items. Anyway, here’s the news:

We had some trouble with Ben after he got home from the hospital. He developed a very bad diaper rash that would not go away. The Dr decided it was a food allergy and ordered Heather to stop eating dairy, fruit, nuts, and shellfish. Unfortunately for her she heard this the day after we bought crab legs. Fortunately for me, she let me eat them all 🙂

After two weeks Ben’s butt is finally looking better. A huge relief for us. He had also developed a little eczema which is also clearing up. The amazing part is that he has been so good throughout all this. He is such a good baby just like his brother was. We’ve decided that we breed exceptional children and amazingly easy babies. I won’t be surprised if Ben is sleeping through the night in another month or two (knock on wood).

Ethan has been adjusting to his new brother very well. The hardest part for him is that Heather can’t spend as much time with him. Not that he needs attention, he just wants to go outside and play hockey in the driveway or go downstairs and play dome hockey in the basement and Heather isn’t always able to accomodate him. He’s been a little cranky lately, but part of the problem is that his back molars are on the move.

I’ve got some wonderful pictures to post and might get a chance this weekend. We got back the studio pictures of Ethan and Ben yesterday and I want to scan them. Heather also took some cute pictures of Ethan when we went blueberry picking last weekend.

We have no big plans this weekend which is nice for a change. I’m thinking about ending my DIY hiatus and work on the bathroom ceiling. Would be nice to finish a project for a change 🙂