Can’t lock this kid out!

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What did Ethan get from us for his second birthday? His first pair of hockey skates! Today we took him skating for the first time. Give him a year and he’s going to be skating circles around me.

What did Ethan think?


I Hear It’s Your Birthday

October 5, 2004 by  
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I’ve been waiting to blog about Ethan’s party until I had the pictures uploaded and well, I’m a slacker. I’ll try to get some pictures up tonight.

Let me just say that the party was great. We had 10 kids all around 2 years old and yes it was a little hectic, but it was a lot of fun. Ethan had a ball and added ‘party’ to his vocabulary.

I’ll give some more details when the pictures get uploaded. I have over 150 to choose from!

Cow Cookies

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Ethan Cookies So I lied, I do have a couple pictures to add to the site that Alexa, one of the mom’s from Ethan’s playgroup, took.

Heather makes the best cookies in the world and this is a great picture of Ethan sampling the frosting of the cow cookies. Remember the theme: Barnyard Birthday Bash. Also remember that Ethan likes icing…that is a theme you will see in future pictures 🙂

Little Brother

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pa029998_2004.jpg So how did Ben handle the festivities? Amazingly well. This kid is remarkable. He slept and watched silently while we frantically prepared for the party and then happily got passed around while the party was going on.

Big Day

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Today I stayed home from work to help Heather get ready for Ethan’s big party. My little guy is turning two and we are having a Barnyard Birthday Bash. All of Ethan’s playgroup friends are coming over and it should be a great time.

We went to our favorite farm this morning and picked apples, fed goats, ate some lunch, and picked up some bales of hay for the party. After a quick stop at Lowes we headed home and the cleaning hit high gear. House looks pretty good and Heather is busy icing the cakes and cupcakes.

The festivities begin at 11am and I’m hoping the rain holds off so the kids can have some fun outside. I don’t think Ethan understands what’s coming tomorrow, but he knows something is up. He woke up while the cake was cooking and I didn’t get him back asleep until almost 11. Hopefully he’ll sleep a little later while we do some of the last minute panic mode stuff to get ready. I’m looking forward to seeing all these rugrats running around our house and yard wearing their cowboy hats and bandanas (can’t beat Oriental Trading Company for b-day stuff).

Don’t worry, there will be NO country music at this shin-dig. We just liked the idea of a farm theme and thought the kids would look cute if they all came wearing their overalls. There should be some great photos taken, especially while they’re hunting for the plastic farm animals in the hay 🙂