Slacker with a Capital S

November 30, 2004 by  
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I did it again…totally slacked off on the blog. Not sure why, but I haven’t felt motivated lately. I seem to have noticed slacking among other blogs as well. I think it has something to do with the election being over. Even if you weren’t blogging politics, this election had everyone’s emotions running high and caused a need to vent about something.

Anyway, I am back now. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. We had my family visit our house for Turkey day and had a great time. Ethan loves to see everyone and had a ball while Ben is just all smiles, giggles and drool.

Now that I’m back blogging you’ll probably be expecting some photos. Well there was a reason for slacking on the pics. We visited my brother and his wife in Maryland a few weeks ago and someone (Heather) left our camera in a restaurant in Baltimore. We were really pissed off thinking that someone had found and would have the total lack of morals to actually delete the pictures of our children and keep the camera for themselves, but in the end we were very pleasantly surprised to learn that not only did they have our camera, but they could ship it back to us. Woohoo! Camera arrived today…guess that means I will have some pictures to upload afterall.

Watch your toes

November 16, 2004 by  
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I think we’ve created a monster. We got Ethan his skates and hockey helmet for his birthday and have taken him skating twice. He seemed to enjoy and we felt it would be something fun to do every now and then and slowly get him used to skates.

All that has changed and I traced it back to Saturdays Senators game. Ethan saw one of the players lose his helmet. He got all excited and started saying ‘helmet, missing helmet!’ On Sunday he kept asking for helmet and we just laughed about it. Last night we gave in and gave him his helmet and let him where his skates in the house. He tried walking a bit and was one happy little camper. We took his helmet off before bed, but let him bring it into this room.

This morning he woke up and immediately put on his helmet and asked for his skates. Heather called me at 11am to tell me that Ethan had been wearing his helmet and skates for TWO HOURS. He can now walk around without using the wall for balance and had declined taking them off ‘uh-uh!’ Oh boy…I’m waiting to hear how his haircut went today. And I just hope that the dogs were smart enough to give him a wide birth while he was stomping around.

Can’t wait to take him back to the rink and see how he does.