Picture Day

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Heather took the kids to Sears for pictures today.  Here’s the best one.


Soccer Champ

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After we got back from Lake Champlain, Ethan had his last soccer game. After the game he was thrilled to get his trophy. Now we’re looking forward to the start of hockey.

dscf5973.jpg dscf5985.jpg




American Idol?

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Is it just me or does Ben look like Taylor Hicks in this picture?


Lake Champlain

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Sorry for the layoff.  We went on vacation to Lake Champlain and when we got back I became immersed in my deck project and haven’t gotten around to posting any new pictures.  I have a TON of great lake pictures to put up so I’ll do them day by day.  Here’s our first day at the lake.





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The newspaper had an article about the aftermath of the flooding to our area. The latest numbers are 4,759 homes damaged with 1,031 of those destroyed. Our county was the hardest hit with 818 destroyed homes. It is still very surreal to me because the flooding did not come from a huge hurricane like Katrina. We had a few days of heavy rain, nothing that seemed that unusual, but the ground was saturated and the rivers got higher and higher. The flood walls around Binghamton saved the city, but it is scary how close the river came to going over the top. Here are some aerial photos of the flooding at its peak.

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Jamie and More Slip n Slide

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With all this hot weather we got a ton of slip n slide pictures.  The heat wave finally broke and I’m looking forward to getting some work done on the new stairs to the porch.

Jamie blanket

dscf5233_edited-1.jpg dscf5238_edited-1.jpg

Slip n Slide Part 3

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Slip n Slide Part 2

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Slip n Slide

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