A Dog & His Ball

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dscf2770.jpgOur dog Reuben LOVES his beat up old volleyball! He can be very persistent when he wants you to kick it for him. He has other balls and the kids have a bunch lying around but he only wants his volleyball. Poor baby loves playing ball so much he broke his leg jumping too high for one about 7 yrs ago. Now we need to take it easy with him so he doesn’t hurt his metal rod reinforced leg.

Bet I’ll get some great Reuben pictures when I get my new camera, but for now these will have to do (oh and there is Casey relaxing in the shade, she could care less about any ball).

dscf2778.jpg dscf2776.jpg
dscf2773.jpg dscf2779.jpg

We Love Our Dog Casey!

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dscf3566.jpgCasey is such a sweet dog. Just look at her, she is adorable! I don’t understand people who don’t LOVE dogs. I think 2 dogs are the perfect number for us. Reuben is so quirky and has a personality you can’t ignore so I tend to favor him (plus he is my first puppy) but the kids all say Casey is their favorite. She sleeps with Ethan every night and faithfully cleans food from the floor every day. I suppose she has her quirks too though, she won’t play ball, she would run away given the chance, she freaks out over hiccups, and worst of all she likes eating baby diapers- YUCK!!!! But we still have to love her anyway!

Me and Z

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I keep meaning to look through our photos and find a picture of myself to include in the profile. Since I’m feeling lazy I’ll start with a recent squinty eyed picture of me and a new friend at Parc Safari.

John and a zebra
Ethan feeding the zebras
Ethan also made friends with several zebras.

Fantasy Sports

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Yes, I admit it, I am a fantasy sports junky. I’m hooked on running free leagues on yahoo with my friends. What can I say…I love an excuse to trash talk with my coworkers and friends. I’ve been running a fantasy hockey league for years and this fall I’m going to try fantasy football.

Fantasy leagues are one of those ‘guy things’ that few women understand. For me I love having an excuse to take interest in different teams and players around the league. It has given me a reason to stay interested during a season when my team stinks (not this year, Lets Go Mets!). I also love the chatter with your opponents. For the upcoming NHL and NFL seasons I’ve sent out invites to a wide range of people. I would love to get a diverse group together from different parts of the country or even other countries.

If you’re interested in joining in the fun, just post a comment and I’ll send you a league invite. Both leagues are head to head with an auto pick draft. Time requirements are pretty minimal (5-20 minutes a day, less if you do your lineup ahead). These are laid back leagues with a good balance of competition and trash talk.  If there is enough interest from the blog community, I would even be willing to startup our own bloggers league.

Art supply overload!

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dscf3650.jpgI am going to start posting an art activity each week from now on and I am getting myself prepared. I was an art teacher before the kids and so I try to keep a decent supply of materials for them to create with. It’s a challenge to keep the supplies in order and safe from monkey baby at the same time! I started off with a small cabinet devoted to art in the dining room (where we do the art making) but its been crammed and not very user friendly for a few years now. I keep filling up containers with the overflow (and new additions) but they don’t all have a central home. My latest idea was to use one of those toy bin shelves for art supplies and its now safe behind a baby gate (but blocking the front door). I like that I can pull the bins we need and plop them on the table. My organizing efforts are still a work in progress but I’m happy for now (sort of, its still bugging me a bit)!

Oh and my spinning Pampered Chef utensil holder is great for art supplies and Ethan liked slapping on some hockey stickers to personalize it.


Well I don’t love this but…. its funny

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Last night I went to get the laundry out of the dryer only to discover that I had washed and dried a disposable diaper! Yuck is all I can say.

There be pirates here!

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Ethan has been on a real pirate kick lately. During our trips to the lake he frequently became captain hook and would jump from rock to rock shouting “arr”! One day while I was pushing the row boat off the skid he spontaneously begins a rendition of Row Row Your Boat, but pirate style…

“Arr Arr arr-arr-arr, gently up the arr”

Ethan the Pirate

10 reasons I like breastfeeding my baby:

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  1. I can do it right now while typing
  2. It makes me feel like a good mom
  3. Have boobs will travel- no bottles to pack, fill, clean, refrigerate. I can’t imagine how we would have taken the kids camping if they used bottles!
  4. No bottles to deal with at home either- who wants to get a bottle ready at 2am?
  5. It’s FREE!
  6. Baby watching- they are so adorable contently feeding
  7. It makes you slow down and take a break every so often
  8. Did I mention its easy?
  9. It comforts my baby and makes her feel loved
  10. It is the healthiest thing I can do for my kids (maybe they won’t have my asthma and allergies)

Thule cargo box review

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When we first got our minivan in 2004 we were amazed by how much room we had. What is even more amazing is how much stuff you bring with you when you have three kids! We were finding ourselves stuffing clothes and toys around the car seats because the trunk was full with a stroller, highchair, diapers, etc. To find a solution I looked to the other people movers on the highway and saw that they were all using rooftop carriers of one sort or another.

After doing some research, both on the road and online, we settled on the Thule Cascade 1500 Rooftop Cargo Box which we purchased through Amazon (no tax and free shipping). A few days after it arrived we tested it out on a trip to Maryland. Here’s what we found:

  • This thing is BIG. Lots of storage room. Not heavy, but it would be tricky for a shorter person to put on top of a minivan. I’m 6’4″ with long arms so it was cake for me.
  • Initial setup gave me a little trouble, mainly because I did it in the dark without reading the instructions. After I figured out how to do it correctly it is now a 5 minute job to put on and take off.
  • The clamping system is not only easy, but extremely secure. Doesn’t budge at all.
  • This model opens and locks on either side. Great feature.
  • We noticed no difference in our mileage. Our van gets low 20s mpg and seemed to stay the same. Any decrease could easily be attributed to the extra weight of all the stuff we’re carrying.
  • Looks good. I was worried about the smooth plastic getting scratched, but after a half dozen trips it still looks new.

Overall this was a great purchase for us. I love being able to store most of our bags up top and not stacking stuff around the kids. Extremely easy to install and the minivan doesn’t handle any differently while driving. The only downside is that the box is a large item to store when not in use. We now use it for all our trips, even short weekend visits. If you’re interested in getting a rooftop carrier, checkout the Thule site to see what fits on your car.

If you live in the New England area, Thule is looking for testers! Great way to get a freebie!

Yakima is another brand I’ve heard good things about. I chose Thule because of my Amazon prime membership. Free shipping on such a large item is a great motivator.

How to clean fridge handles

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The other day Heather and I were discussing how dirty looking the fridge handles were and tried to think up some ways to clean them. Today Busy Mom supplies an answer!

I may be the last person in the free world to figure this out, but, I discovered baking soda does a pretty good job cleaning those rubbery refrigerator handles that get so discolored.

We’ll give it a try and let you know how it works.

*Worked perfectly!!!

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