Jamie and the Potty update!

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img_1130.jpgI shouldn’t get too excited but Jamie peed on the potty twice today! That makes it 4 times now. After 2 boys (the 3 yr old had a poop accident today) this is very promising! I don’t want to push her but I’ll be offering the potty to her more now.

*notice the cute sweater Grandma Penguin made!

Superbowl Party Snacks

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pa010352.jpgThe boys are so into anything to do with sports and even though I’m not personally a football fan, I’m excited for them and for the little super bowl party we have planned. The “party” will just be me, John and our 3 kids but we’re all looking forward to it.

Here is what I’m planning to make for us to pig out on:

  • chips and dip in a special football shaped chip&dip bowl
  • football shaped Jello jigglers
  • a football shaped cake (I made it last with baseball cupcakes when Ethan had a sports birthday party)
  • mini hotdog pigs in a blanket
  • well this isn’t food but I have football plates to use
  • I suppose we may need some pizza too so I’ll make a homemade one to avoid the madness at the pizza places on superbowl sunday (I don’t see why I can’t make them into football shaped personal pizzas now that I think about it)!

The boys have dress-up football uniforms and helmets and I think they’ll want to wear them even though they are Buffalo and Green Bay ones! I’m sure we’ll have lots of tackling and playing catch with the football as well. My mission is to stay awake again this year because I am known to be put to sleep by the big game!

Cleaning Makes the House MESSIER!!!

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Oh its harder than you’d think to clean! I have made good progress on organizing but life is hectic this week (more than normal somehow) and I’m running out of time to get my AFTER pictures up for Friday. If I needed a scapegoat it would be Jamie, she is being challenging this week, especially tonight! She is overtired and teething (STILL) and into everything!

I have been focusing on my “cleaning the tops of things” mission and doing this is taking time from my normal pick-up and vacuuming and the house looks like a hell hole right now! The “tops” are getting done but the overall look of the place is worse than when I took my BEFORE pictures! I suppose if I didn’t start cleaning/organizing the basement and my closet that the “tops” would be done but I don’t want to cheat and just shove stuff off the tops and into the closet so one task is leading to more. Okay this is supposed to be a positive happy blog so I need to remind myself that I’m making progress every day, even if you wouldn’t know by looking at the house right now!

*I have 2 rubbermaid bins on the go that I’m filling with stuff to donate or sell, so thats exciting!

Solution for faulty diapers

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ParentHacks has the answer for what to do when you have a faulty diaper.

If the tab breaks as you’re trying to put a disposable diaper on your squirmy little one (and isn’t it always when you’re in a hurry?), there’s still hope!  Go ahead and fasten the tab on the other side.  Now put on a second diaper right over the top of that one – intact tabs holding both securely.  When it’s time for a change, remove the broken-tabbed inner diaper, and refasten the former outer diaper securely.  Voila! 


Obvious solution, yet it never occurred to me.  Tips like these are what I love about ParentHacks.

Chocolate & Peanut Butter Playdough

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I was searching online for a good chocolate playdough and I wasn’t very happy with any of the recipes (it seems like a lot of sites just copy the same play dough recipes from other sites). So I decided to make my own recipe up yesterday and for my first attempt I am very pleased. This recipe tastes great and is a good texture to play with BUT it really does look gross (like poop to be honest but the boys didn’t notice). I gave it to my boys on a plate and after a few minutes of playing with it I gave them mini M&Ms for decorating (eyes and spots). I have to confess that their favorite part was eating it so I didn’t take any pictures of their creations (but Janne below did in a post on her blog).

Here is the recipe, let me know how it works if you try it! I may tweak it next time I make it but here is exactly what I did and it came out yummy:

  • 1 cup creamy peanut butter
  • about 1 cup powdered sugar (I added 1/2 cup first and then added more to get the right consistency)
  • 3 tablespoons dutch cocoa powder
  • 3 tablespoons powdered milk (probably could have left it out or used more of it if you want less sugar but I find too much gives a grainy texture)

*I would only give it to the kids on plates because after they squished it and pounded it, it did stick to the plates a bit and I wouldn’t want it on my table. It didn’t stick to their hands though so you don’t have to worry about it being super sticky!

Here are my previous play dough posts:
Coffee playdough (my favorite I think)
Peanut butter playdough

Hockey Girl!

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img_1133.jpgdscf63241.jpgYou’re never too young or too girly to love hockey and here is some proof. Jamie keeps trying to put on her brothers’ hockey gear, including the skates (she even took off her red sparkle shoes to try on the skates).

We started both boys skating at 2yrs old so she’ll have to get by with pushing skates around in her doll stroller until then!img_1145.jpg

A Cheesy Tip

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I’ve been on a cheese and cracker kick lately, but the flavors I like (sharp cheddar, horseradish) are not popular with the kids. During our last trip to the grocery store I noticed they had their deli muenster cheese (or ‘monster’ cheese as the boys call it) cut into big blocks. I grabbed one for them to eat with crackers and mentioned it to Heather while waiting for our order at the deli. The deli woman overheard us and said they can cut any of their deli cheese into blocks like that. In retrospect it is so obvious, but I never thought of asking for muenster or white american cheese in a big block.

Next time you’re planning on having cheese and crackers, get a block of your kids’ favorite deli cheese so they can join in too.

Trying to CLEAN the TOPS of furniture!

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I want an organized clean house! I want it to “look clean” when people are over but thats not what is most important anymore. It needs to be clean looking for ME and it needs to be functional for all of us. For some reason I can’t stop the tops of things from filling up with junk.

That is really my ultimate cleaning problem when I think about it! I don’t mind toys on the floor because they are easy to pick up and all have a home somewhere. Picking up toys requires no thought, it is just a matter of doing it and the same goes for cleaning a bathroom. Clearing the tops of cabinets, dressers, bookshelves, the fridge and counters isn’t so easy for me. Its all stuff that doesn’t have a place to go or that takes some thinking about what to do with it. I am not a real pack rat and I don’t keep every paper I get but there are things that I need to hold onto (at least temporarily) and things that need to be out of reach to the kids and of course some unsorted junk and it just grows uncontrollably fast on any up high surface! Here are pictures of what my house looked like when I woke up yesterday. Some of these messes are old and have slowly grown but several have sprouted almost overnight on spots that had recently been cleared. Just so you know we just did Christmas presents with my father’s family this weekend so thats why you see holiday gifts bags out (and luckily they are one thing that does have a spot and are put away now!). Much of the mess on the blue cabinet and the fridge is gone already and if all goes well I will have some “after” pictures to share SOON (well to play it safe lets give me a week, so come back next Friday for the after pictures)!

*Feel free to leave any tips on how you keep the tops of your furniture clutter free!

img_1154.jpg img_1155.jpgimg_1158.jpgimg_1160.jpgimg_1156.jpgimg_1165.jpgimg_1164.jpg

Looking for a kid friendly lamp

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Our boys love sleeping in their own room and are usually real good about going to bed.  Ben will play with toys for awhile before getting into bed while Ethan will get right into bed and do some drawing before going to sleep.  The problem is that we’re always leaving the light on for them.  I usually go up a little later to make sure they’re tucked in and turn out the light, but what I would like to get is a batter power lamp they could use that has a timed shutoff.  Tap the button and it goes on for 15 minutes.  If they still want to play or draw they could tap it again to get another 15 minutes.  Has anyone seen something like this?

On a similar note I would also love to find kid friendly flashlights that have an auto shutoff.  There’s plenty of sturdy flashlights, but if they leave them on the batteries are dead by the morning.

Jamie and the Potty

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It is COLD out but Jamie’s new thing has been taking off her clothes and diaper ALL THE TIME NOW (well 3 times yesterday seems like all the time to me right now)! I thought maybe it was a sign to start potty training and I got the potty out a few weeks ago and haven’t been having luck. Until yesterday! The second time I put her on the potty she peed for the very first time. I don’t think the boys were anywhere close to being able to pee in the potty at 18 months, at this rate she may soon be able to surpass Ben in staying dry!

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