Easy gluing for kids

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Grandma Penguin got the boys each a little wood kit and last night we decided to put them together. The kits contained about a dozen wood pieces that you glue together and then can paint. Last night was the gluing stage and tonight will be painting.

I was a little unsure of the best way for the kids to apply the glue when I remembered a tip from a woodworking show – use a paintbrush! Each kit came with a cheapo brush so I set them to work ‘painting’ the glue onto the appropriate surface and sticking them together. Worked great and we had a lot of fun.

img_1802.jpg img_1798.jpg

Hockey Hair!

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Ethan’s Hockey Hair

Tipnut Link

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Just wanted to share that Tipnut linked to us again today, this time for my Peanut Butter Chocolate Playdough post. We get quite a bit of traffic from John’s posts that they have used so we really like their site! Thanks Tipnut.

More Photo Booth Fun!

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The photo booth is perfect for when you’re feeling goofy or bored. Sorry John but I had to post your freaky one! I put in a normal one to makeup for it (and a bad one of me too).

photo-22.jpg photo-5.jpgphoto-15.jpgphoto-19.jpg

Unplugged Project: Alphabet

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img_1770.jpgimg_1768.jpgThis is our first time joining in with Unplug Your Kids’ Unplugged Project (and I’m a day late but a power outage messed us up yesterday). Her theme this week was alphabet so we made some Jello Jigglers using letter cutters, they came out a little rough looking but the kids really liked them (and the bowl of scraps that resulted). I got out letter stamps, various other stamps and paint and Ethan and Jamie made pictures with those. Jamie’s work is what you see in the pictures. We have been on a letter kick around here for at least a month now and here is a page in our letter book we have been making. We made it by gluing pictures and letters from magazines and by using stickers.

PS: My kids rarely wear shirts anymore!img_1779.jpgimg_1791.jpg


Basketball is over too soon.

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img_1697.jpgimg_1710.jpgEthan really surprised us with how quickly he took to basketball. He has loved all the sports he has tried but I feared basketball would be too hard for a 5 yr old. I was so glad he had a great coach who made learning the game simple and enjoyable. I’m so proud of how hard Ethan tried, especially when he learned how to dribble. The best part was that he had fun the entire time. Unfortunately we missed 2 weeks because of illness and hockey and Sat was the last game of the season. Hockey ends next weekend and then we’ll have a long wait until t-ball. I’m so glad our kids love sports, its tons of fun for them and for us!

We love PLASTIC toys!

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Everyone seems to be anti-plastic when it comes to toys now, but our kids have so many wonderful plastic toys. We have some nice wooden puzzles and blocks but, other than those, none of their wooden toys thrill me (and they seem to break more). The whole thing with lead paint and bad chemicals is something that needs to be remedied, but I’m just admitting that we love our plastic toys even if thats not trendy at the moment. Here are some of our favorite plastic toys:

  • I LOVE the tinker toys that we have and to me they hold up a lot better than the flimsy wood ones. I don’t feel at all bad about having them because 1/2 of them are hand me downs and the rest I bought super cheap at garage sales.
  • Imaginext Dinosaurs, these the kids got all new and they play with them constantly (and they are holding up very well to dino attacks and Jamie attacks). We also have a ton of more realistic dinos, most of which lived in other homes before ours.
  • Legos…now what would childhood be without a huge stash of legos! Grandma Penguin saved a bunch from when John was a kid so some of ours are OLD!
  • Wish I could find more of the mix and match magnetic animals pictured above, they are great for our house because they are fun for all and not a choking hazard. I can’t find them anywhere and don’t know who makes them but they are fun.
  • Little people, I got about half of these on ebay and the kids got the rest as gifts. They live in Jamie’s room and it’s like a village in there. All 3 kids will play with them together and I love that.
  • Constructables by Tomy are WONDERFUL!!! You can build all sorts of vehicles and they actually move and the propellers spin. I wish they were more readily available but it seems like they are more of a European thing. We just ordered another set because one isn’t enough for more than one child to play with at a time.


Visit the local aquarium

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One of our favorite stops when running errands is the local pet store. To the kids, this is like visiting a miniature zoo and their favorite part is the salt water aquarium. Ethan took some nice fish pictures! Jamie really liked the turtles and rats.

dscf68982.jpg dscf69021.jpg
dscf6936.jpg dscf69061.jpg

So Sad and Sweet (and still cute)

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img_1659.jpgimg_1661.jpgimg_1664.jpgJamie does have an ear and sinus infection and she broke my heart yesterday afternoon with how sick and out of it she was. I had to get out my camera of course when she was so daintily sipping her motrin and then she had to give me the”you horrible mother, how can you be taking my picture when I’m sick” face. Luckily she perked up after these pictures. Hopefully she’ll be back to her smiley self very soon.img_1647.jpg

Playdate Marathon!

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I am officially CRAZY but its fun! I had 4 friends over this week and their combined 9 kids. I took Monday off to recuperate from the flu fully but then I had the rest of the week booked with people coming over. Tuesday was my most ambitious day with 2 moms and 5 kids (in addition to me and my 3 kids). I think I need a bigger house. It made me wish it was summer so all these kids could be running wild outside while the moms sit on the porch with drinks! My boys got pretty wild with so much excitement but I’m glad we didn’t have a boring week. Unfortunately we had 2 more moms each with 2 kids scheduled and either illness or snow canceled those plans. Today was supposed to be tutu day and my friend Stacie and I were going to make them for our girls but its snowing and my poor Jamie has 103 temp and I’m guessing the Dr will say sinus and ear infection.

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