I miss my normal computer!

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John is the computer person in our house, I can do things after he shows me but basically I get confused easily! Being at the lake with his laptop and dial up service has thrown me for a loop. I don’t know how to put pictures up on the blog with this computer set up and we haven’t had much time or desire to be online BUT I have gotten so many cute pictures of the kids playing and swimming in the lake and I can’t wait for him to get some of them up here to share. We’re having lots of fun but the kids’ sleep schedule is completely off and at times they are making me bonkers! So don’t be annoyed with me for the lack of blogging, I’ll be back to normal once we’re home and hopefully John will get a picture or two up before then.

Review: The Travel Adventures of Lilly P Badilly; Costa Rica

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We were recently given a copy of The Travel Adventures of Lilly P Badilly; Costa Rica by Debbie Glade to share with the kids and review. All three of our kids are currently VERY fascinated by bugs and since Lilly P. Badilly is a millipede this book came just at the right time! Lilly P Badilly lives with her grandparents in an airport and they all take a trip to visit Costa Rica to see the rain forest (where, luckily for my kids, they meet lots more insects). Lilly P. Badilly is a very musical bug and the book is filled with songs. As an added bonus there is a CD inside the front cover that accompanies the book. Both Ben and Ethan (ages 4 & 5) said they liked it and I could tell they enjoyed listening to me read it to them (for some reason they weren’t interested in listening to it on CD though). They learned a new word too, “despise” because Lilly despises millipede eating spiders! Lilly ends up escaping a hungry spider and works through some of her other fears like thunder (a big fear of Ben’s this summer) as well on her journey. We had a nice long snuggle reading it on my bed while Jamie was napping. 2 year old Jamie loves to look at books on her own (more than she likes for anyone to read to her) and she spent some time turning pages and happily looking at the colorful pictures. The hardcover book is constructed well out of quality paper so it stood up to her page turning!  I think any family that is planning a trip to Costa Rica (or any new place on a plane really) definitely needs to know about this book! If you would like to buy your own copy you can find it here.

*If your children enjoy writing stories they could win $25 and an autographed copy of the book by entering this travel writing contest for 5-10 year olds (there are 3 age groups and 3 winners total)! The contest is on now and runs until Sept 1st!

Off to the lake!

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Sorry dogs but you need to stay home!

Today we are leaving for our only summer vacation this year, a trip to see Grandma Penguin at the lake! I’ve been bad with blogging between our site issues and trying to pack our family of 5 for a camping trip. We’ll be pitching our tent right next to my MIL’s cabin so we will still have all the main amenities of home except the bedrooms! We should have internet so I look forward to sharing pictures and posts about our trip while we are still on it. The boys are excited to fish and swim and just have FUN. If you need a preview of what we’ll be up to (in case I take some days off) you can take a look at this post or this fishing post or this other fish post or yet another post from visiting the lake last year. Oh and I can’t forget our frog fishing post, we hope the pond is full of them again!

My new refrigerator magnet!

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Did you know jello jigglers also double as refrigerator magnets! This was Jamie’s doing. I wish she coudn’t open the fridge! I’ve written about Jamie and the fridge before but she also is into the freezer looking for “pops” all the time now. I tried putting the lock thats on the door in this picture up but all it took was one yank and one of us broke it.

Rain Delay!

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UGH, we are supposed to be leaving for the lake today but John’s mom called last night to tell us that they had horrible storms yesterday so we are going to try to go on Sunday now. We sleep in our tent there and there was flooding and lots of downed trees and no power in her cabin so it still might not be ideal going tomorrow but I hate delaying any more. After rushing to pack all day yesterday and the boys continually asking when we were leaving its dissapointing but I’m just glad the crazy storm hit before we were there. Hopefully we’ll bring great weather with us!

Slimy Friends

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The boys have been finding little snails around the pool and apparently slime doesn’t bother them in the least! I think the snails are cute myself but I don’t really want to let them slide all over me!

We see lots of neat bugs too, here is a tiny grasshoper that seemed to enjoy climbing all over them as well.

Problems with WordPress 2.6

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WordPress has identified the bug causing 404 Page Not Found errors on some sites.  They will fix it in a future release so for now I will be going back to version 2.5.1.  The problem only occurs with sites using permalinks that include “index.php”.  I rolled back to the previous version of our theme and will leave things alone for the time being.

WordPress 2.6 Problems

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I upgraded to WordPress 2.6 yesterday and love the improvements to image handling, but we discovered today that it broke our theme.  I have been planning on switching our theme for awhile now, but that will have to wait.  There is a new version of our current theme WPAndreas01 that supports the latest versions of WordPress.  I’m going to install that tonight so cross your fingers that our broken site links will be fixed.  Until then we have a birthday to celebrate.

Cookie Dough Kids

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When all else fails and things aren’t going right I need to remember that letting the kids sit on the counter to help me make something yummy is always sure to turn the day around! Yesterday was not the best day. The morning was a cranky one and John accidentally took my keys with him to work and I of course couldn’t find them when I needed to pick my brother up (luckily when I called John he told me we had a spare one upstairs). Then on the way to get Alex my tire blew out on a highway and it was over an hour before we were back on the road again. We figured John would be faster than AAA so at least I got him home very early! The kids were just still all out of sorts though. Today is a new day and its going very well but I think we’ll be making some cookie dough after lunch as a little insurance. This picture is from last week, we don’t make cookie dough that often!

Party Pictures!

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For some unknown reason we had no internet yesterday and most of today so I couldn’t write about Ben and Jamie’s birthday party yesterday! Now its late and I’m just putting up some pictures of the fun! It was our Red, White & Blue themed party (sort of a 4th of July birthday party). I am glad the party planning is over and I can rest but it was a success I think!I made red, white and blue treats (the dipped strawberries were my favorite).Here are the birthday kids & Brooke (of course I had to buy patriotic ice pops).There were some wild moments!Lots of pool time!AND no party is complete without a PINATA!

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