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I am so happy today! Jillian is perfect and things are going well (not perfect but so much better than I feared). The other kids all love their sister and are being great with her. The boys are having their cranky out of sorts moments but Jamie has really surprised me by not turning into a terror! She is just so good so far but I’m trying to remember that this little honeymoon won’t last once John goes back to work on Tuesday. Well I am just going to put a few new pictures up and then try to put this baby down so I can shower!

Welcome Home!

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Today Jillian and Heather came home from the hospital!

Win a Mellisa & Doug Nina Ballerina Magnetic Dress-Up Set

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Jamie was given a Melissa & Doug Deluxe 27-Piece Nina Ballerina Magnetic Dress-Up set as a birthday present and its so cute that we are giving away a new set to a lucky reader as well!

Here is how to enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post mentioning another contest that we are currently holding (while you’re looking you might want to enter that one too!).
  • To earn an extra entry subscribe to our blog and leave a separate comment letting me know.
  • To earn another extra entry leave another comment that gives us some HELPFUL feedback on our blog, what can we do to improve it? What can we do to make our HOME page more user-friendly?
  • Contest is open to US mailing addresses only.
  • Contest ends on Halloween, 10/31/08!

***Congratulations to Marie on winning!

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Brothers and Sisters

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Today Jillian got to spend a lot of time with Ethan, Ben, and Jamie.

Jillian is Here

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Jillian was born today at 1pm.  Her official measurements were 7lbs 13oz and 21 inches long.  So much smaller than we expected, but she seems very tall.  Jillian and Heather are doing great.  Overall the experience was great.  The staff at the hospital was the best.  There’s something very uplifting about having so many wonderful people around you when your child comes into the world.

A new vitamin line for moms & kids AND 2 of you can WIN a HUGE prize!

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Have I ever mentioned that I love when people send me free things for the blog 🙂 ? Not everything we get is super fun and makes the kids giddy but sometimes we get something we really NEED and this is the case with our latest gift and that made me pretty happy! We received the new line of Dr. Greene’s vitamins made by Twinlab and Dr. Alan Greene’s latest book Raising Baby Green. We didn’t just get samples, it was a HEAVY package that arrived! We got real full sized bottles of everything (there are 6 different products included) and TWO of our readers will be lucky enough to get the same thing plus signed copies of the book!

The vitamin line is ideal for woman to start taking when they are trying to conceive and to keep taking throughout breastfeeding. There is a Prenatal Complete Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement, Healthy Bone Formula and Omega-3 Fish Oil Softgels all for mom. Then there are Toddler Drops that you can add to your 1-3 yr old’s food or drink and then Chewable Vitamins for the 4+ crowd. The great thing about these vitamins are that they have no added junk, “Our products contain only natural colors (no FD&C colors) and flavors, and have no high fructose corn syrup or added preservatives, so you can help your children get the nutrients they need, without those extra additives”. I was never a fan of those gumball or gummy bear vitamins (and how many kids know the Flintstones today anyway!) so these sounded very appealing to me but I wasn’t sure if the kids would agree. The boys each got a bottle of chewables, one was orange and the other berry. They both said they liked them but prefer the berry but we agreed to alternate between the two flavors (and they are fine with that luckily so orange can’t be so bad!). The kids chewables are rectangular but they have animals on them so the boys like to see what they’ll get each day. Jamie hasn’t noticed anything when the toddler drops get added to her morning OJ so I suppose that is a thumbs up from her too. If you have a growing family like mine or are planning on one these would be great to check out!

Want to win a bunch of vitamins and the signed book? Enter:

  • Visit the website and come back here and comment with something interesting you found out or something you like about the vitamin line.
  • Contest open to US mailing addresses only and one entry per person.
  • Contest closes Friday November 21st.
  • Be sure to click on our “current contests” above to see what else we are giving away right now!

*Congratulations to Annick and Lisa on winning!

Baby Contest – Win a $10 Amazon Gift Certificate

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Tomorrow we will be bring a new baby girl into this world.  We’ll be doing our last minute mad dash cleaning and packing tonight.  Tomorrow night I will post pictures here on the site, but if you can’t wait that long you can follow me on twitter.  I’ll be sending updates from my cell phone right after I call the grandparents.

On to the contest.  I will send a $10 Amazon gift certificate to whoever comes closest to guessing the baby’s weight and a second $10 gift certificate for guessing her length without going over.  The only hints I’ll give you are that we know it’s a girl, she’s being delivered 1 week early, and that her brothers and sisters were all over 9 lbs.   Post your guesses in the comments.  Make sure to scan the comments first because I’ll be awarding the money to the first comment with the correct guess.

Coming later today: Win a HUGE supply of vitamins from Dr. Greene & Twinlab!

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Oh I don’t have my post all ready but I will put it up sometime today! I have a good excuse though since I’m trying to get my house and myself ready for having baby #4 TOMORROW!!! Anyway 2 people will be lucky and win a lot of vitamins and a signed copy of Raising Baby Green so come back for the contest and come back tomorrow night to see some cute brand new baby pictures!

She won’t be “the baby” for long but she’ll always be my baby!

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Last week Jamie and I went apple picking while the boys were in school. It was our last outing for quite some time that was just the two of us. Looking at the pictures I had taken that day (for the first time just a few minutes ago since I’m currently all disorganized) I can’t believe how grown up she has gotten. She will only be my baby for 3 more days and its a bit sad. I know she will seem like such a big kid when I have her little sister on Friday and thats one thing I am not ready for. I just hope she takes it well and doesn’t make too many faces like this one (although a little attitude is cute)!

“Little Stamp” Signature Stamp Giveaway (and COUPON)!

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Ben is four and has his own unique signature. He is making some great progress with writing his name but there is lots of room for improvement (especially with his Ns and his full name)! He is very independent and doesn’t seem to want help from me so I am giving him his space and giving him his own stamp. The Little Stamp Company offers a wonderful product for kids like Ben, a connect the dots personalized name stamp! Ben can do the self inking stamp all on his own and it makes practicing fun for him. The stamp is a great way to help kids add their signature to their artwork, greeting cards and thank you notes (and when there are lots of thank yous its a huge help).

The Little Stamp Company was created by a clever mom when her 3 yr old daughter was learning to write her name. I love that its a mom owned business and that the stamps are made to order so any name is available. You can choose between all capital letters or just the first letter capital and the rest lowercase (I chose the lowercase option since that is how they teach the kids their name in school). You can also choose what ink color you want. Go check out their site to find out what 3 colors you can choose from but I’ll tell you that all the inks “are child safe as they are non-toxic, water based, washable inks that are made from FDA approved ingredients (that means they are edible!)“. I think its a great idea to get one for last names too (and then all of your kids can share that one!). Ben and I both give his stamp a thumbs up and I wish we knew about it a few years ago for Ethan!

The Little Stamp Company doesn’t leave the older kids out though, they also sell Funky Font Stamps for kids of all ages to add personalization to whatever they choose. The Funky Font Stamps are available in 11 different fonts and you have the upper/lower case option with them also.

*Even if you aren’t the winner, you are lucky! I have 15% off your Little Stamp Company purchase if you use coupon code: MYFAMILY15

Enter to win a “Signature” stamp for a special little kid in your life:

  • Visit The Little Stamp Company and come back to leave a comment letting me know what name you’d put on your stamp if you’re the winner AND the ink color you’d choose and if you’d like all caps or not.
  • One entry per person.
  • US and Canadian mailing addresses only.
  • Contest ends Friday November 14th.
  • I have a LOT of other contests running right now for some reason so go CLICK ON CURRENT CONTESTS to check them out!

*contest is over, congratulations to Melanie on winning!

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