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I never got around to posting about Jillian’s doctor visit yesterday (my monkey son and chickens sidetracked me). Anyway, she weighed in at exactly 8 lbs and her doctor and I were very pleased. She doesn’t even need to go back for another weight check until Dec 19th. Breastfeeding is going much better and I’m not stressed out anymore but feeding her still is a lot more challenging than the easy time I had with her 3 siblings. Her doctor said that she just doesn’t have the appetite of the other kids. I’m just so relieved that we made it through the last 3 weeks!

(I’ve been playing around with editing Stacie’s pictures but I need to start taking some myself so I can put new ones up too).

Everyone out of that tree!

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John wrote a few weeks ago about the chickens sleeping in the trees and its getting out of hand, I mean its winter! Earlier in the week we had a night that was really cold and 2 chickens were missing when John went to close them in their coop. The weather man said it was a record low of 7 degrees so at 11:30pm we went out and found them in the tree outside our bedroom window. They just wouldn’t come down even though it was freezing and they had puffed themselves up with their heads pulled in like little beachballs. They were too high up so John had to get a ladder and toss them down to me so I could put them in their house. Since that night its hit or miss with those same 2 birds, they like their tree even when its cold. Last night they were just too high up even with the ladder. Today Ethan saw the ladder and realized with it he could add another “climbing tree” to his list. So here is my 6 yr old and 5 of the silly chickens up in the tree today.

Happy Thanksgiving

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Here is what I’m most thankful for, hopefully I’ll actually get a good picture of the 4 of them soon!

Dad Tip – How to silence those noisy toys

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A few years ago we got Ethan a Sit and Spin for Christmas.  Being the organized parents that we are, all the wrapping was taking place in the wee hours of Christmas Eve.  We wanted to have the Sit and Spin ready to go so we put the batteries in and gave it a test.  The noise was so loud it put us into the mad “hide the toys, the kids might be coming” mode.  Luckily, Ethan slept through it, but we were horrified that we were about to willingly introduce a headache inducing toy into our household.  That was a job reserved to grandparents and regifting birthday guests.

Despite the hour and my desire for sleep, I ran down the stairs and returned with a screwdriver and black electrical tape.  Fortunately, the Sit and Spin was easy to open and I quickly found the speaker.  A few pieces of tape, a minute to reassemble and voila!  The volume had been reduced from the “get your attention in the noisy toy store” volume to the “grant me sanity in my own home” level.

Oh I forgot, she is 1 month now and other things!

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I forgot to mention with the picture post that Jillian turned 1 month old yesterday! I am really glad Stacie took her picture on that day exactly. Of course the germs haven’t left us yet and I took Jamie to the Dr yesterday for an ear infection (oh has she been cranky and up in the night!). At the Dr I weighed Jillian and she was 7lbs 12oz so even though she is 1 month she didn’t quite make it to her birth weight yet of 7lbs 13oz. I take her back to the Dr on Friday for a scheduled weight check so I’m hoping for 8lbs even but that might be pushing it. I think we should really just move in to the Dr’s office since we have been there so much! Ethan still has a cough but those can linger so I’m trying not to worry about it. I’m just looking forward to 5 straight days with no school and 4 days of John being home!

I put all of my favorite pictures up from yesterday but I hate to post without a picture, so here is a foot. Take it as a sign that I will soon be running a few more See Kai Run baby shoe contests and a Bugaloo baby shoe one too so watch for them!.

Lots of Cute Jillian pictures!

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I am very fortunate to have some WONDERFUL friends that have helped me out with different things since I’ve had Jillian but I am feeling especially lucky to have Stacie who came over today to take some adorable pictures of Jillian. I am way behind Stacie in both my photography ability and gear so I could have never gotten such great pictures even if I had the time! I am hoping to get her to take a holiday card picture of the 4 kids soon. Oh and Stacie made Jillian the cute hat and blanket bag in the pictures!

So take a look at my cute baby!

Kaskey Kids Review and Giveaway

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When Ethan was a toddler we still had season tickets to our local hockey team.  He could care less about the action on the ice so we tried to find things we could bring for him to play with.  At some point we stumbled upon replacement dome hockey players and we picked up a set for him to play his own hockey games during the game.  It was a great find, but we had trouble finding more that were the same quality and I would always have to saw off the pegs on the feet of the players and file them down so they would stand up correctly.  Over the years those players have seen a lot of action and many have lost their sticks.

This summer we discovered Kaskey Kids, one of those brilliants toys that made us slap our foreheads and wonder why didn’t we think of it!  Kaskey Kids is a family run business that makes sets of sports guys.  Bruce and Christy Kaskey launched their product when they couldn’t find a similar product for their kids.  The guys come in a box that includes not only the players, but the playing surface.  The Hockey Guys includes a vinyl ice surface, a ref, puck AND plastic boards and nets.  The Football Guys comes with a green field surface, uprights, and a ref.  Their Baseball Guys set even comes with a working scoreboard.  They also have a Soccer Guys set and most of their sets come in different color combinations.  They even have several college football teams.

What I love about these sets is that there are no rules, no proper way to play.  Just what is in the box and your child’s imagination.  Whenever we watch a football game on TV we get out the football guys for the boys to play there own game.  This fall they played flag football for the first time and we used their Kaskey Football Guys set to help teach them the positions and rules.

The product pictures give you an idea of what these guys are all about, but nothing beats some pictures of kids in action.

We have 1 Hockey Guys set we are giving out.  Visit the Kaskey Kids website and then submit a comment on this post.  Contest ends Midnight December 12th 2008 and we will mail a Hockey Guys set to the winner just in time for Christmas.  Contest is open to people from USA and Canada only.

How did I live without the BundleMe?

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jillian’s JJ Cole BundleMe! We were sent an Urban BundleMe to review and I hope my sleep deprived brain can describe just how wonderful it is and how much easier it makes my life with 4 kids in winter. I don’t know how I lived without a BundleMe with the other kids, its one piece of “baby gear” that I would recommend as a must have (I’d say its more important than a bouncy seat in my case!). I hate getting the kids in coats before driving to school and if I had to fuss with getting tiny Jillian into a snowsuit mornings we’d be late to school every day! With her BundleMe its like I get to put her in a warm sleeping bag every day and all I need to add is a hat and she is ready (when she is a little more active we’ll add mittens too). Because I keep her infant carseat in the house, her BundleMe is always warm and ready to go. Another huge bonus of the BundleMe is that if she falls asleep in her seat I don’t have to wake her to take off her snowsuit when we get back home (or in the grocery store or wherever we are). You won’t wake the baby when all you have to do is unzip the BundleMe and uncover her so that she doesn’t overheat. This would be great for during a long car trip too because you can uncover her without unbuckling the carseat straps and then you can quick zip it back up when its time to get out of the car. The BundleMe fits any infant carseat, we have a Combi and it works perfectly. The straps are easy to use with it and if it gets dirty it quickly comes off for washing. BundleMe comes in a larger size also for when baby graduates to a regular carseat. It is great for stroller use especially if you are walk or run year round! I am so thankful to have our BundleMe for Jillian, I can honestly say its my favorite new baby item we have and certainly makes my life less stressful. If you are pregnant, have a newborn or need to buy a baby gift I would recommend this in an instant!

*Oh I didn’t even mention how great it looks! I love the hot pink quilted outside and the warm fuzzy fleece inside. I get lots of compliments on how cute it is. I forgot something else, there is a wonderful zippered pocket on the outside where you can stash a pacifier, toy or a snack. I probably forgot to mention some other great feature (and the fact that they make an original and lite version) so make sure to check out the website and get a better look at the BundleMe and their other products!

Chickens have been laying EGGS and other things.

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Right after I had Jillian the chickens started to lay eggs. I’ve lost count but we’ve gotten over 20 so far. The 2 Wyandottes started first because we just got brown eggs for the first 2 weeks but slowly the Ameraucanas are following suit and we have some green eggs too (although the picture doesn’t show the colors well 4 of those are really light green). In other chicken news, they are not enjoying the cold that much I don’t think because they keep trying to come in the house and garage. Lola actually knocks on one of our doors pretty regularly and of course I usually give her some food when she does so I’m sure that she’ll keep it up. This morning Fuzzworth was at the front window and the kids thought it was great, they also liked looking out at all the chicken footprints in the snow. Luckily all the chickens have stopped roosting in the trees at night now that its getting super cold!


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