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We gave Ethan our old digital camera and he has been using it on and off to take pictures.  Last night while I was playing with the new iPhoto he came over and asked me “is there a way you could take my pictures and put them on paper?”  It is amazing how fast we’ve become digital.  Just another reminder that I should be ordering prints more often and I REALLY need to beef up our backup system.

Ethan and the glue gun

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I keep a collection (actually several boxes) of things like caps, lids, foil tops, the insides of my empty advair inhalers, and any other “garbage” that looks like it could be turned into something. My friend Gretchen was over and saw a robot Ethan had made using some of my saved junk and she told me he needed a glue gun. Her daughter has been using one for awhile and so next time I saw her she gave me a low temp glue gun for Ethan. He loves it and he used it to make a rocket ship (above). Its so nice for him to have things instantly attached so that building isn’t held up by drying time. I never would have thought to get Ethan who is 6 yrs old a glue gun but he can handle it just fine, THANKS GRETCHEN!


My kids are PERFECT!

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Things are very challenging for me lately to say the least. I feel more stressed and much less together than I’d like (well how about not at all together….really) BUT I absolutely LOVE the kids at the ages they are right this minute. If I could just freeze them now and have a newborn, 2, 4 & 6 year old forever I would! As much as my house is a wreck and I am overwhelmed, I just think they are perfect right now. Even though Ben has been EXTRA wild, Jamie has been BOSSY, Ethan has been grumpy and Jillian doesn’t want me to put her down, they are all the sweetest, cutest, most perfectly wonderful kids I could have ever hoped for.



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This is the SECOND practically full BIG box of Cheerios that Jamie has completely dumped out recently. I think I am just giving up! I called the dog and got the camera this time. Its no wonder Casey was 72lbs when I had her at the Vet on Wednesday. Jamie doesn’t just limit herself to  Cheerios, on Monday she poured out orange extract that I just bought for a recipe and luckily I caught her right before she opened some paint on the living room carpet.


Happy Birthday Peter!

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Today is our nephew’s 2nd birthday! The wonderful aunt that I am, I still haven’t mailed his present (its at least bought and in the top of our closet). Last year I was planning on giving him his present in person but we live far away and didn’t see each other much so I believe he got it in October! I promise to be better by next year! Jamie REALLY LOVED having Peter visit and keeps asking for him. She also blames him for the state of disaster her room is in (although I doubt he even contributed to any of it). When she walks into her room she says “What happened in here… Peter did it!”.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER, we all can’t wait to see you again! You’re present will be earlier than last years!

Ethan’s snow castle & he lets me take his picture!

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When Ethan came home from school on Thursday we noticed that the snow John had shot onto the house with the snowblower could come off and had a great imprint of the bricks. He took a bunch down and set it up to be a castle. He pretended to hide but I knew the silly kid was finally ready for some pictures! Of course he is always a monkey so the afternoon wasn’t complete without hanging from the tree.


A perfect winter day!

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Yesterday my car said it got up to 40 so after lunch I took Ben and Jamie out to play in the snow. I HATE bringing a newborn out in the winter so I haven’t taken the kids out hardly at all. When John is home he can take the older 3 out or I’ll let the 2 boys go out on their own but poor Jamie has to miss out. Yesterday I bundled Jillian in her car seat and she wasn’t thrilled but she stayed happy enough for the other 2 to play a while. They shoveled and unearthed Jamie’s bike and tried to “snow board” and played  in the push car. Oh and how could I forget the snow eating! Ben was having an “ice pop with snow frosting” in the picture above! Next sunny, warm day when we still have snow I’d love to bring them sledding to a big hill (hopefully that will be on a weekend when John can join us!).


Sens Captain pays off bet with shovel

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I saw this fun story in the Ottawa Sun.

A humbled Daniel Alfredsson brought his own shovel and five-year-old son Hugo to help to pay off a debt yesterday.

The Senators captain made good on his lost bet — that would be for Sweden’s 5-1 loss to Canada in the final of the world junior championship earlier this month — to teammate Shean Donovan by making the short trek to Donovan’s house in Carp and shovelling the winger’s small backyard rink.


Make sure you click the link for the full story and watch the video to see Donovan’s backyard rink.

I still need to get some photos and then I will write a post about our rink.  I used a different design this year that I really like and plan to make further improvements over the summer.

Here is our rink from last year.

Ethan and the Inauguration!

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The Inauguration was so exciting today (I’m so glad we have Tivo so I didn’t miss it)! The kids watched some of it with me and I suppose it was really more for my benefit because they probably won’t remember. I realized that what is wonderful is not that the kids can someday say they remember today but that they will never remember a time that a black person couldn’t be president.

Ethan always likes to root for the opposite team when we watch sports so while John and I were voting for Obama he was hoping McCain would win on election day. He was asking about McCain during the inauguration today too! Next we need a female president! He isn’t a big fan of girls yet but maybe by the time he can vote he’ll change his mind.

(This is a self portrait Ethan took with his camera in the car. It has nothing to do with this post but he doesn’t want me to take his picture still.)

Winter Inspiration – Snow Troll

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On these cold, short days of Winter it can be real easy to stay inside where it’s warm, but some of my favorite childhood memories are of playing in the snow.  I don’t remember the cold at all, but I do remember spending hours building snow forts and sledding.

Carl Welden, a friend of mine from high school, recently posted a picture of his latest Winter creation: a 5 foot tall snow troll that has cars slowing down to check it out.


Next time you get hit by that big storm, challenge yourself to create something so interesting and fun that it gets your neighborhood talking.

Checkout more of Carl’s artwork at his website.  I’ve already gotten his instructions for mask making and plan on doing a project with the kids soon.

If you are stuck inside this winter, try bringing the snow in with you.  For those of you in warmer areas who feel like you’re missing out, try stopping by your local hockey rink and look for Zamboni droppings.

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