The Confusing Plan

April 27, 2009 by  
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The folks at were kind enough to give me a second 14 day trial after I told them my iMac died right after I started my first trial.  The reason I’m looking at SmugMug is because I want to share some of our video and I’m not happy with Youtube.  SmugMug has a better terms of service, better privacy options, and they aren’t flooded with trolls.  I also want to get in the habit of uploading more of our photos for backup and to order prints.

Here’s my first test:  A short clip of Ben telling me his plan of how to score a goal on Ethan during a soccer game in my mom’s driveway.

Here’s the transcript:

“We will…You do another confuse that’s not the same confuse and when you’re confusing him, I’ll shoot…you’re confusing him away from the net, I will score in his goal.  Ok?”

I’m not sure which I love more…Ben making the hand binoculars inorder to tell me his secret plan, or seeing just how concerned Ethan is about our scheme.

Back online

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img_04431After 2 weeks without our computer we are back online.  Final diagnosis was the power supply to the hard drive which was starting to burnout.  This caused intermittent power failure to the hard drive with garbled some of the data making it unable to boot up.  The good news: after running a disk utility, all our data is intact and we didn’t have to test Time Machine afterall.  This repair also made my AppleCare investment worthwhile and I’m still covered for another 22 months.

I was planning to post a bunch of pictures and some more informative discussions on data backup, but then upstate NY got hit with an April heatwave.  Sorry, but sunny/warm weather this early in the Spring is keeping us from the keyboard.  I’ll try to get some pictures up tonight.  In the meantime, here’s our 6 month old, 2 toothed, little girl.

Sidelined by bad hard drive

April 6, 2009 by  
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Our iMac isn’t feeling well. On Friday it locked up and now refuses to boot. I ran diagnostics over the weekend and am trying to repair the hard drive, but it seems like the drive is completely toast. I plan on writing a post with the complete symptoms and tests in a day or so, but for now I wanted to let everyone know where we’d run off to.

The good news is that we bought the AppleCare extension so our repairs are covered. We also had been using an external hard drive for our Time Machine and everything should be backed up. I’ll let everyone know how that works. As a fall back I also backed up our 85 GB iPhoto library to our Drobo about a month ago so the worst case scenario is that we lose 1 month of photos.

Let this serve as a reminder to any other photo nuts that you MUST have a digital backup strategy. This is the second hard drive we’ve had crash without any warning. If a disk suffers a hardware failure there is no way to recover the data unless you send it away to a lab and take out a sizable loan to pay for a service that may not recover anything. Buying an external hard drive (or two!) is cheap in comparison. The ideal solution is something that is automatic, like Time Machine, and will perform regular backups without any human intervention.

Stay tuned to hear how we make out.