Ben’s a Preschool Graduate!

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  • Ben had his preschool graduation on Thursday night. He was very excited for it and had been practicing the songs at home. Unfortunately he woke up sick Thursday morning and he took a 2+ hour nap that afternoon but with Motrin he was still able to enjoy his graduation and the show after.  The next morning I took him to the doctor and he had both ears infected and strep throat, poor  kid!  Anyway I am proud of my little boy but wish he wasn’t done with preschool. I’m not so fond of the kids getting bigger!  He loved his two years there and I know he’ll miss his teachers and the kids who aren’t in his school district. He is sad school is over but thinking about a summer of swimming is helping that.
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  • Also on Thursday, not long after John saw 2 turtles at work,  I rescued a turtle trying to cross a 55mph road. I brought the turtle home so all of the kids could see her and so we could let her loose in our backyard. When Ben woke up from napping I took him out to see the turtle and she peed on his leg.  A sick groggy Ben got super upset for a few minutes!
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Turtles on the Trail

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This has been a great Spring for spotting wildlife in our area.  Within a 2 week span I had to stop on my to or from work for:

  • turkeys crossing the road (many times)
  • horny grouse putting on quite a display
  • young porcupine moving very slow
  • snapping turtle and the good samaritan who stopped to help it
  • deer, lots and lots of deer

I’ve also spotted lots of hawks in the trees and another bald eagle.  Unfortunately, I’ve never had a camera handy for any of these encounters … until today.

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Jamie Last Saturday Night

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  • I can’t JUST take smiley pictures of the kids. Saturday night I took Jamie outside to see the sunset in our front yard (I missed the actual sunset with the camera) and I got a lot of cute pictures of her playing basketball, picking flowers, pointing out the new spot the chickens leave eggs for us and watching the horses across the street (which she currently loves to talk to when I roll the car window down but is afraid to go across the street to see). I don’t know how I got the possessed flower picking picture, she really was being a sweety bringing me some buttercups but I love the crazy monster destroying a garden look!
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Swimming season is here….for some of the family!

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  • Ooh it was cold just watching them! John had the boys dive to the bottom to get the thermometer and it said 55! At one point the top of the water was in the low 70s but the kids do NOT take after me when it comes to swimming in cold water. I can’t wait until John puts the solar heater together. After Ben had been in for hours today I asked John if he ever heard of somebody willingly getting hypothermia. This last picture is of Ben at the end of his swim. He said he wasn’t cold and that the water was warm but that his “chin is just bumping”. I had John start a campfire and that got him out. I’m really looking forward to a summer at home watching the boys teach Jamie to swim while I hide with Jillian under the big deck umbrella we need to buy.
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Another summer with ROBINS!

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  • Last year we had robins nesting in a bird feeder on our back porch and we are lucky enough that they came back again this year. Here is a picture of the first batch of the season on May 8th and then another from the 15th. I’m glad my kids don’t grow quite as fast! The 3 robins flew away Wednesday the 20th. We were lucky enough to see one of the babies take its first flight while we watched from the dining room window. One of the parents showed it a worm and then flew away with it to get the baby to follow. Now the robins are back sprucing up the same nest for new eggs. Oh one interesting thing is that we left last years nest in place and when they came back to it they just built a new nest right on top of the old one. Hopefully we will have 2 more nestfuls of birds to watch all summer.
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Whats been going on:

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Here is a quick update on things:

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  • Jillian is 7 months old TODAY! I can’t believe we passed the 1/2 a year mark. She is becoming less and less of a  little baby and its bittersweet for me. She is just like Ethan when it comes to food, she doesn’t want it yet. Ethan didn’t show much interest in baby food until 9 months. She did have her first teething biscuit the other day and that was a huge hit! She is still a SUPER EASY baby but she is adding in new skills like arching her back when I buckle her into the carseat and fliping over when I change her diaper. I do nothing to promote things like learning to crawl and am not even going to think about her walking! I need to enjoy these last few “baby months” while I can!  *In this picture (taken yesterday at Sarah’s party) she is in the middle of her blowing raspberries trick.
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  • Ethan is currently making me very worried. He has been having stomach aches forever now and has been sick more often than I’d like this year. He is looking too skinny to me lately. This past week he has been getting temperatures every few days but they go away quickly and also headaches. Hopefully we will figure it out this coming week. He had blood work done Friday to test for milk allergies and celiac. Once the results come in I’m taking him to the Dr. again. The last few days I have moments where I fear it could be something more serious so I will ask about more blood work even though I’m probably overreacting.
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  • Ben is good …. and bad! On Tuesday he mooned Ethan’s school bus. He is graduating preschool on Thursday! I took him to sign up for Kindergarten last week and he is excited. He loves school and looks forward to being in “Ethan’s school”. I of course would love for him to still be in preschool! Ben is still one of my cutest most lovable kids but he and I have been clashing. I need more patience with him and he needs to turn his ears on and his volume down! I think we need more one on one time. I am planning on a night out with just him and Jillian for Wed.
  • Jamie is also good and she has her moments too! The boys never screamed like she does, its a new thing for me. She is so cute though and sweet too. She keeps saying “Happy Mother’s Day mom” to me several times a day and I love it! She will run and hug my leg and say it and its the best! She is going to really miss her Tiny Tots class which ended Friday, she has a best friend in it and they are adorable with each other (luckily in Sept they will both be in the same 3 yr old class).
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    In other news the kids are funny. I grew up in a much more diverse area but for the first time the kids saw 2 Hasidic men walking yesterday and the boys thought they were secret agents like in their Heroscape game. They had a very funny conversation as we passed by in the car and John and I just let them think the men in long black coats, big hats and bushy beards were “agents”. As I’m doing this post the 3 big kids have been playing with tinker toys making dogs with penises and bionicle body armor and guns, there is no way Jamie will be too girly!
    Oh and how could I forget the big highlight, Joey’s Italian Ice has opened up a location relatively close to us and we are totally enjoying it!

Rain Out

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I had a great practice with boys Wednesday night in our front yard, but their game last night was rained out.  That’s the big downside to baseball in NY.  Spring weather is unpredictable and frequently wet.  I was hoping to get some more great photos, but instead I’ll post some video I took their first game.

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img_7189The boys had their first baseball game last night.  We got some great pictures and the kids had a lot of fun.  They are really loving baseball this year now that they know so many of the other kids from school and other sports.  What really amazes me is how much these kids improve from practice to practice.  We got a great coach this year and between the times of little kid silliness we see flashes of great baseball.  Nothing beats the beaming smile on a kid’s face when he gets a big hit or closes his eyes and still manages to catch the ball.


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New Netflix Coupons for 1 Month Free Trial

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Netflix just sent us a new batch of coupon codes for a one month free trial.  Enjoy!

Netflix coupon codes

Oliver’s Labels great for ANYTHING you don’t want to lose!

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*Right now you can get 10% off all products on from May 5th to May 10th (discount automatically taken off items in your shopping cart)!

I love sticky labels with my kid’s names on them! With 4 kids we are bound to lose things and I hate that, so I slap labels on whatever is most likely to be left behind and what is most valuable (both sentimentally and monetarily). There are quite a few companies selling labels now BUT Oliver’s Labels have something new and different: a special tracking code so people who find your things can get them back to you! We tried out a variety of their labels (sticky labels, mini labels, shoe labels &  stick-eez but they have others) and they are holding up well and give me peace of mind that if we lose something we have a good chance at getting it back. I chose the SPORTS designs and put just our last name on the labels so that we could use them for  our various (sometimes expensive) sports equipment that the kids share. The sports design is really cute and there are so many other nice designs. The designs of these Oliver’s Labels are much more detailed and colorful than other brands I’ve seen. Oliver’s Labels gets a big thumbs up from me!


To explain a little how the tracking system works, here is what Oliver’s Labels  says will happen if you lose something:
“If you ever lose an item with a Found-it™ tracking system code, have no fear! When someone finds it they will be prompted to go to a special page on our website (see “A” in diagram below) with instructions to enter the code on the label (see “B” in diagram below). We then match you to your Found-it™ tracking system code and send you a notification email right away. Oliver’s Labels acts as an intermediary between you and the finder so you never have to share any of your personal information!”


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