Yummy: Musselman’s Totally Fruit & Healthy Picks Apple Sauce!

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Our kids really like apple sauce so I  include it with their meals often. When they are on one of their big apple sauce kicks  I will buy a large jar of it but usually I buy the snack cups. With the snack cups I don’t have to worry about how long its been opened in the fridge and its just easier for quick snacks and school. I have always purchased apple sauces that say “natural” and don’t have added sugar so I never looked at the apple sauces that were flavored. When I got the offer to review Musselman’s Totally Fruit and Musselman’s Healthy Picks I said yes because they didn’t have added sugar either and seemed like a fun alternative to our regular apple sauce. The Healthy Picks are geared towards adults and that  is a neat idea but I think they are great for kids as well.  We got a box with six different flavors of applesauce –  I tried and liked them all! My two favorites are the peach and the blueberry pomegranate while strawberry was a hit with the kids.  Ethan liked the new flavors but he is a purist and still prefers plain apple sauce. The other 2 liked ALL of the other flavors and were excited by the variety. These are a fun change of pace for kids or adults and a great snack to have on hand when you’re on the run (or just busy at home). I’m glad we tried them and would definitely recommend them!

  • Feel good about serving your child a cup of Totally Fruit:

It has no high fructose corn syrup.
It counts as a daily serving of fruit.
It’s naturally sweetened with real fruit juice.
It has no artificial colors or flavors.
It comes in three kid-friendly flavors (Strawberry, Peach and Apple).Totally-Fruit-Group-Image

  • Here are some of the great benefits of tossing a cup of this Healthy Picks apple sauce into your purse or gym bag:

It’s made with antioxidant-rich super fruits.
It’s a good source of fiber, calcium and vitamin C.
It has no added sugar.
It has no artificial colors or flavors.
It’s great on the go since it doesn’t need to be refrigerated.Healthy-Picks-Group-Image

Happy Father’s Day to the BEST DAD!

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Aqua Sphere goggles, suits, and coupon

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  • IMG_1074
  • Aqua Sphere makes the BEST goggles that we could find for our kids. After going through several junky pairs and finding nothing we were happy with in stores, John went online and found Aqua Sphere goggles for the kids a few years ago. I can’t say enough good things about them because we are on our third summer with these goggles! With the exception of some scratches on the lens our goggles have taken years of abuse (like being baked out in the sun and being left on the bottom of the pool for days). They didn’t even get the winters off because the kids like using them in the bathtub (good for playing scuba diver with all our ocean creatures and for keeping shampoo out of their eyes). I of course said yes to review the goggles because now we have a great supply when the kids’ friends come over! Ethan got a new pair that is tinted like sunglasses but all of the goggles provide 100% UVB and UVA protection. Jamie got a pink pair and this is her first summer with goggles. Until now we didn’t have to worry about long hair and goggles but the VERY easy to adjust straps allow us to put the goggles on her loosely and then tighten them once they are in position. The boys are only  4 and 6 years old and can do the goggles by themselves most of the time.
  • Knowing the high quality of the goggles made me very excited to review the Stingray Core Warmer suit for kids. It is so well made and perfect for our needs. The neoprene body shows no signs of wear, snagging or piling. The zipper is really chunky and sturdy so I can’t see it ever breaking. We got a small for Jamie and an XL for the boys to share but we will be purchasing a second boy suit since it is great AND at $30 a great bargain compared to lesser quality suits I’ve seen.  The suits definitely have some stretch to them since Ethan accidentally put on Jamie’s suit and swam in it for about an hour. I think it will fit her fine for another year and the boys should get two more years out of the XL since we ordered on the big size for them.  Our kids live in the water all summer so I love suits that blocks out harmful rays and provide good coverage but I never thought about getting the kids suits that would keep them warm. They want to get in the pool in early spring and I recall the boys taking a very chilly swim in mid October last year and these suits would have been perfect (oh and if we ever go to that beach in Maine again…).  Even now in June our NY pool is too cold for me and the Stingray suits definitely extend the time the kids can swim comfortably (before they get out and “sunbath” on the deck). We don’t have a pool that ever gets hot so I don’t see why the kids can’t use the suits all summer even when its really hot out.
  • aquaskins_lady_top
  • This was a review that wasn’t just for the kids, I got an Aqua Sphere Lady’s top and ladies goggles as well! I love the look of my top and the fact that it will keep me warmer in the pool. My only issue with my top is that I wish they offered some larger sizes (the XL is a pretty snug fit on me currently but I hope to fix that).  I am a wimp with chilly water so I haven’t actually tried mine in the pool yet though! My goggles fit well and seem great but again I haven’t ventured into the pool to try them yet!
  • Aqua Sphere offers a variety of suits and goggles for men, woman and kids and right now Aqua Sphere is offering a limited time only 15% promotional discount to all “My Family Loves It” visitors to use at their website www.aquasphereswim.com : Promo Code:  ASKID09 (Limit one use per customer. Promotion begins June 1 and will be available through the end of July (6/1/2009 – 7/31/09)


How to Make Stop Animation Movies on a Mac

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Last week Ben told me he wanted to make a Star Wars movie using their toys, but he didn’t want to see his hands in the movie.  This  turned on a light bulb and I decided to teach the kids how to make stop animation movies.

When I was a kid I made a couple claymation movies with a friend using stop animation and when my family got our first camcorder I tried making several other stop animation films, but it was difficult and not that rewarding since it was hard to share movies back then.

For our project I decided to try a small movie to see how it would work and was surprised by how easy it is to make stop animated movies now.

Here’s how I did it.

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Ben & Jillian yesterday

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I love that I got a baby girl version of Ben just like I ordered! Ben really loves her and is always trying to play with her. He unfortunately always uses babytalk with her and will get right in her face being goofy but she doesn’t mind yet. Next I’ll have to do pictures of the other lookalikes!

Boys stuff

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So a couple weeks ago Ethan said he wanted to be a stay at home dad, not exactly in those words but he said something like “the woman will work”. We had a little conversation where I said he’d have to learn to change diapers and he said he’d make Lego diapers because he “could just hose them off and they’d be indestructible”. Now today he was talking to me about scientists and I asked him if he’d like to be a scientist when he is an adult. He said “no I told you I’m going to do nothing” and when I asked him why he said “I’m going to stay home like you do and no nothing”. Thanks Ethan!

John has been chopping wood for our stove from a bunch of my mom’s trees and the boys have been finding guns and walking sticks while he chops. John took these pictures of Ethan with his gun and Ben playing his “underwear tribe” game.


Baseball Chaos

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This is why I love youth sports.  You never see this in the pros.

Ben’s Second Baseball Game

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Amazes me how quickly kids’ can improve at sports from one game to the next.

Reaction Time

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Check out Ben’s reaction time on the last pitch 🙂  This was his first baseball game.

He is normal!

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We had Ethan have blood work done because of his stomach aches and him not feeling well for several months but the results all came back negative and he is healthy! He may have a little lactose problem but there is no test for it and he is eating things with dairy (everything except for actual milk) and has been much better. I think he just was unlucky and caught a bunch of germs in a row this winter/spring. I’m hoping he doesn’t get Ben and Jamie’s strep and that we can go on a big healthy streak!


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