NINE more 9 month old Jillian pictures!

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IMG_8863I took all of these pictures on a cloudy breezy night right before it started to rain. I put her in Jamie’s birth announcement outfit which is 0-3months and its really too small so she won’t be wearing it again but its one of the few pieces of baby girls clothes that I can’t part with (maybe a granddaughter some day!). Jillian sat very well in one of the chairs that John made the kids but I didn’t get anything other than close-ups because I didn’t trust that she would stay put if I backed up. I snapped away and here are my favorites.

IMG_8860This is the very first clap she did and I caught it! I was so proud of both of us!


Water baby!

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Jillian just turned 9 months! She now has 4 top teeth and 2 bottom. She sits up well and gets places by rolling and by inching forward on her belly but she is making some progress with crawling. She did her first clap hands last week but she mostly claps her feet! She is still easy and happy and perfect. I am surprised at how much she likes the kiddy pool even when she has to share it with big kids who splash! I can plop her in there and she will be content for an hour.


Watch out shark! Jillian attacked this shark for quite some time, those top 4 teeth of hers all came in at once and are all about 1/2 way in right now.


I love this picture and you can see a tiny bit of one of her top teeth!


Jillian has some adorable swim attire but she had some fun without it one cloudy evening when I didn’t have to worry about sun exposure!


Jillian discovered picking grass and eating it is fun at a birthday party in kiddy pool on the grass  (we keep ours on the deck so this was a first). I also learned that its good we have a plastic pool and not an inflatable one with a teething baby but luckily I didn’t let her put a hole in the birthday girl’s pool.

Yesterday was fun!

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Well I might as well be the 3rd mom to blog about our day yesterday! Between the 3 of us we took a gazillion pictures of our combined 9 kids swimming and having fun together. I admit I am not back to my normal “invite the world over” self since having the 4th baby but I’m easing back into it. I was worried 9 kids would put me over the edge and I’d be stressed and cranky BUT I just marveled at how well the day went yesterday! It really helped that my friends brought over make-your-own pizza and watermelon so I didn’t have anything to make. I also was amazed at how much of a mess Ben can make when he eats, this isn’t even the messiest picture!


I could totally do it again, I am having just one mom and her 2 boys tomorrow and then one day next week (while the boys are at the lake) I am having a bunch of Jamie’s friends over. Jamie’s friends’ moms have not seen our house yet so there is some stress about them seeing my really messy house! Although in a way its like a public service, all the moms can go home to their own cleaner houses after and feel better about them!

Ben & Jamie’s roller rink party!

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Ben and Jamie really liked their party yesterday and I’m so happy! I think we had 19 kids, 2 babies and 15 adults. This was the EASIEST party that we have ever had for our kids! We had it at the roller rink during “trike trot and roll” time where the kids can use skates or bring any ride on toy or bike they want to use. I think all the kids had a good time and all we had to do was show up and bring the cupcakes! We didn’t even set up the tables or clean them off after, so nice a change from when I have crazy theme parties at our house. I do LOVE party planning and trying to make things special BUT I’ll do parties like that again when I have a bit more time and a clean house!

Here are some party pictures but I didn’t end up with any of the 2 birthday kids together!IMG_8357IMG_8362IMG_8412IMG_8427IMG_8449

WIN some Hostess 100 calorie snack packs!

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productsCNM inner cake and one pack

Ooh you can never get too many snacks to review and this time 5 readers can win some too!

Hostess sent us 3 flavors of 100 calorie snacks to try: crumb cake, chocolate and carrot cake. We liked them and they didn’t last that long! Only Ben, Jamie and I tried the snacks.  Apparently I have never purchased any Hostess products since having kids and Jamie and Ben were excited (gee, my kids have never had a twinkie)! Unpredictably picky Ethan didn’t want to try any (is he my son? refusing a snack? wow!). Anyway, the chocolate was our favorite, followed be the “vanilla” (carrot) and then the crumb cake. The kids liked the crumb but only asked for it after the other 2 boxes were empty.

Here are my thoughts:

  • I like that there are 3 little cakes. To me 3 is the perfect number for a snack (and it kind of makes you feel like you get more out of your 100 calories)
  • the little sizes are perfect for little kids and they just look cute
  • I would buy them for special occasions (like a long car ride, the first day of school snack or just as an occasional treat)
  • these are a fun snack that the kids (those who tried them anyway) and I liked!

FIVE people can win a coupon for a FREE multipack:

  • To enter visit HOSTESS and come back and tell me something you learned from their site.
  • One entry per person. Open to US residents only.
  • Contest ends August 14, 09

Ben and the tricky candles!

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We discovered that trick candles are too much for a new 5 year old after 10pm! Poor Ben, we had just woken him up after he fell asleep coming home from Chuck E Cheese last night, but he couldn’t miss his cake and presents! I probably should have skipped the trick candles and used  the sparkler ones BUT …. I went with both. The sparkler ones started to melt and bend over because of the trick ones but they looked neat and were actually “trick” ones too. Ben had been blowing candles out for quite a few minutes before I got the camera and started this video. He was so worn out that he only had a few bites of cake! I’m just so glad they didn’t bring him to tears (he was close at one point before I started filming). The presents cheered him up though! Tomorrow is Ben and Jamie’s roller rink party and I think they both can handle trick candles in the middle of the day….right?

Here are some pre-video pictures:


My Am Darth Vader!

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We missed our chance to get a video of Darth Pooh, but here is Jamie doing her Darth Vader impression.

Ben is FIVE today!

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Here is the birthday boy on each of his birthdays:


Baby Ben all 9lbs 10oz of cuteness!

P1010445Ben looking like a cupie doll with his first birthday cake!

DSCF4796Grandma got him a big wheel for his 2nd birthday, its pretty worn out now.

DSCF1813_3Ooh we started a Chuck E Cheese tradition on his 3rd birthday, we’ll be there tonight!


On the 4th birthday we started the cinnamon roll breakfast tradition!

IMG_1673I think 5 candles are the max a cinnamon roll can safely hold! Now we are off to Applebees for a birthday lunch!

Nature Valley Nut Clusters!

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Nature_Valley_GroupI like mixing up the snacks my kids eat and I love when I find something new that they like. Nature Valley Nut Clusters and one of the healthier options for kids snacks and they are great adult snacks too. Any nut lover would have to enjoy these crunchy and sweet nut and granola filled clusters!  My Blog Spark sent us each of the 4 varieties to try and when the box arrived the kids and I had a fun “taste test”! They all got excited when I told them we could open all 4 bags at once and that they needed to taste them all and tell me their favorite. Jamie and I liked them all and couldn’t decide. Ethan’s favorite was the Roasted Peanut Clusters but he also liked the Roasted Almond and Nut Lovers. Ben liked the Roasted Cashew Nut Clusters the best but he gobbled up the Roasted Peanut and Nut Lovers as well. Ethan didn’t like the Cashew one and Ben didn’t like the Almond because those are nuts they each generally don’t like. It worked out really well that the boys like different ones because there was no fighting over the bags. We had so much fun doing our taste testing and the cluster were such a hit with the kids that the 4 bags were gone in two days!

Besides being really yummy here is why I like this snack:

  • unlike regular granola, that often has lots of little crumbs,  these clusters are easy to pop in your mouth and kids don’t make a mess eating them
  • they are great for mixing with dried fruits, cereal, seeds and nuts to add variety when you make your own trail mix (I like to make mixes all the time for school snacks)
  • adults who are trying to watch what they eat can easily portion how many clusters they eat


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Now that I’ve rediscovered one of our camera lenses, I thought I’d try for some cute pictures of Jillian.  I really love this Canon lens.  All these pictures were taken using full auto and the built in flash.  The only pain is that there is no zoom, it is a fixed lens.  So if you want a wider shot you need to backup, and backup. The lens has a pretty narrow field of view.  All these were taken from about 4-6 feet away.

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