Why wasn’t there Tangerine Bubble Bath when I was a kid!

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Nature’s Baby Organics was founded by a mom who just wasn’t happy with the baby products available for her two daughters’ sensitive skin. Natural, organic products made by a mom sounded great to me so I was eager to do a review. We were sent a bottle of the tangerine bubble bath and the kids and I were very happy with it. It smelled GREAT, like real tangerines (but when Ben used it for the first time he said “I like this, it smells just like watermelon”, he was wrong but I let him think it was watermelon ). As for bubbles… it was bubbly, not as bubbly as other products  we’ve used (which were not very good for the skin I’m sure) but bubbly enough to please the kids! My kids aren’t currently having sensitive skin issues but the older 3 have had bouts of eczema and anything that can help prevent that from happening again is great!

IMG_2144When the bubble bath arrived I decided Jillian was ready for her first bath in the big tub!

Nature’s Baby Organics currently has 22 items in their line (you can buy them online) and Target will be carrying the following 4 products:

8oz Shampoo/Body Washes in Vanilla Tangerineorganicshampoo

8oz Shampoo Body Wash in Lavender Chamomileshampoo-lav

8oz Fragrance-Free Face & Body Moisturizerorganic_moisturizer

12oz  Bubble Bath in Tangy Tangerine1301BB-TT-250px

Hope, Faith and Charlie

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clr9781434331632_cover.inddI was offered the book Hope, Faith and Charlie to review and share on our blog but I have to confess that, with 4 little kids, I never make the time to read anymore so I turned it down. I was touched by what I learned of the story though and I wanted to pass on the word in case anyone is interested in reading the amazing story of how an infant who was given months to live, beat the odds despite having a rare cancer and will now be celebrating his TENTH birthday this week!

Click here to purchase the book.

Too much hype about back to school shopping!

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IMG_6880IMG_6974Those are the boys last September on their first days of school (Ethan in K and Ben preschool). I do not want this summer to end! I am not a huge fan of 85 degrees or higher temps but I love having all 4 kids home all day and I am trying to not think about school until the last minute. I love having “little kids” and the boys are getting big too fast now that both will be in real school. Oh but this is a post about back-to-school- shopping budgets isn’t it…did I mention that yet?

I am not doing “back-to-school” shopping so that’s how I’m budgeting! I have a son going into 1st grade, one starting kindergarten and a daughter who will be going to preschool 2 days a week (yay for Jillian who is still too little for anything!). They are all young enough that they rarely want to pick out what they wear and since we get A LOT of really nice hand me down clothes I don’t think we will need that much for the kids. I’m pretty picky about what they wear and I don’t think their wardrobes are lacking at all. The grandmothers always pick out a few new things and otherwise I am just going to wait and get them things as they need them. I only anticipate buying new sneakers for all the kids, maybe some extra pants for the boys if it seems they need them and I also hope to find winter coats that I like better than the 3-in-1 Children’s Place ones I bought last year (I bought big so they will still fit again this year if I don’t see better ones). Besides school clothes there are school supplies but I always have those types of things on hand anyway. When I looked at the boys’ lists all that I still need to buy are a couple boxes of tissues. I’m not sure what all the hype is about back to school shopping, just get things for kids as the outgrow their old things! Why does  it have to be a big rush to get a ton of clothes and things before the start of the year especially when they are little? I remember my mom taking me back to school shopping when I was in middle school and we got way too many clothes and she spent way too much. I felt like I needed “cool” clothes to fit in and guilty for the price tag. Luckily I think I outgrew that phase by 10th grade. I don’t know how things will be in our family when the kids are more into fashion and what “everyone else” has but I hope they aren’t too worried about that sort of thing. I imagine we’ll let each kid pick out a few things they really want or give them each a certain budget to spend and let them figure out what to spend it on. Plus when they are older they don’t outgrow things as much so clothes should last a lot longer! I won’t mind buying some trendy expensive things that they’ll want but I will not let them go overboard unless they have jobs to buy the things themselves! For those of you who have kids who could use some budgeting ideas check out Capital One’s Moneywi$e eLearning tool, which includes a section all about talking to kids about money. Plus, check out @TeachingMoney on Twitter to get bite-sized family-focused financial tips.

*I wrote this post to participate in the Parent Bloggers Network’s latest Blog Blast, something I haven’t done it what seems like FOREVER!

Big lake trip 2009

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Here is one of the first pictures I took when we got to the lake and ALL FOUR kids are in it! This was Jillian’s first trip there and she liked it, she was a super easy baby there just like her siblings had been. I can’t say that all four were easy this trip but they all had fun and so did John and I.


When John took just the boys to the lake a few weeks ago, Ben named the biggest bullfrog Optimus-toad. The 5 big boys spent a lot of time catching frogs and eventually got Optimus (although this was his slightly smaller friend we thought it was Optimus-toad at the time).


The boys started to turn into frogs themselves hopping across the narrow end of the pond.


Here is one picture from the big Seagull Rock swim. The rock isn’t far from shore but Ben decided to swim to it from the bay around the corner which is a big swim for him. He was with a 10 & 12 yr old and Ethan so we let him head out with his life jacket and after a few minutes John followed. It was so great for our boys to have 3 older boys to play with at the lake (there was also a 7 yr old) and these kids were the super good happy funny kind that are such a nice influence. Because the camp is down a really long driveway we totally gave the boys freedom to run around outside unsupervised and thats what I’ll miss most now that we’re home. I loved being able to tell them they could go to the frog pond alone or play soccer in the field without having to worry.


Jamie caught her first fish out in the boat with John! It was a rock bass. IMG_9647

Jillian didn’t seem to mind the cold water and went out with John a bunch of times. After we got home from the trip we took her in our pool for the first time and she loved it.


I love how Jamie loves Jillian! I hope it stays that way.


What a crazy thing, I started the trip getting a picture of all four kids and thanks to a bucket of tadpoles I got some pictures of them all again right before we left. The tadpoles are home with us in an amphibian tank we got at the pet store and hopefully we’ll have some little toads and frogs to release soon.

SAM’S Club has extra Box Tops & I have a $25 giftcard and five 1 day passes to giveaway.

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brand_header_imgThanks to My Blog Spark I was given a one year membership to Sam’s Club! I used to be a Sam’s Club member years ago and I’m happy to be trying them out again! Now our family is a lot bigger than before and we certainly can use some bulk items (like the HUGE peanut butter we just got from Sam’s). I am also a Box Top saver for our preschool and right now Sam’s is giving away extra box tops until Sept 4th.

You can get more Box Tops coupons on your favorite back-to-school brands at Sam´s Club and maximize your earnings for your school. As a double benefit, your savings on these favorite brands will pay for your membership. At Sam´s you can save over $40 on these brands compared to grocery store prices.
Participating brands include: Cheerios, Ziploc containers, Ziploc sandwich bags, Honey Nut Cheerios, Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookies, Fiber One Oats and Chocolate Bars, Nature Valley Bars, Scott Paper Towels, Huggies Baby Wipes and Kleenex Facial Tissues.

I have FIVE one day Sam’s Club passes to give away and ONE $25 gift card to give away!


  • Leave me a comment with your best tip on saving money when shopping for your family
  • One entry per person
  • Contest ends Sunday Aug 23rd 2009

Boys trip to the lake

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IMG_9225John was gone with the boys (and Alex) for 4 days last week but luckily he took a lot of pictures! I am so glad they had fun visiting Grandma Penguin and the lake. We will all be going and spending a week there soon and these pictures are getting me excited thinking of the fun we’ll have.