Hostess Cupcakes turn 90 years old!

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I love that a snack from my childhood is still around, actually all of my grandparents probably had them as kids too! Hostess Cupcakes just turned 90! To celebrate they sent a bunch of bloggers a BIG box full and I was excited to be one of the lucky recipients (the box arrived two weeks ago and I hate to confess that the SEVEN boxes we received are almost gone)! There is something about a topping of fudge with a white loopy scribble down the middle that makes a cupcake irresistible! We have all been enjoying our cupcakes and there arrival was a very nice beginning of the school year snack surprise for the kids! The cupcakes are individually wrapped and ready for lunch bags! I looked on the Hostess site and even found some ways to improve on the cupcakes- CUPCAKE RECIPES (I think ice cream and cupcakes would be a dangerously good combo)! If you are big Hostess fan you can find them on twitter: at

I have a few free coupons for more cupcakes so if you’re interested in one let me know and I might send you one (on a whim I decided instead of a contest I’d try out “first come first served” so it depends on how quickly you ask).

Here are some fun facts from Hostess:
*Call it a cupcake caper. Mystery surrounds who “invented” the original Hostess CupCake in 1919, however, we know it was baking executive D.R. “Doc” Rice who, more than 30 years later in 1950, added the signature seven squiggles and vanilla-crème filling. While others have tried to capitalize on the popularity of this ubiquitous decoration, the squiggle – which features seven loops on every cupcake – is unmistakably Hostess.

*Hostess CupCakes are the best selling snack cakes in history.  And it’s the Hostess CupCake – not the Hostess Twinkie® – that holds the spot as the best selling Hostess snack cake year after year.

*Americans eat more than 600 million Hostess CupCakes every year.

*One of America’s BBQ capitals has a sweet spot for Hostess CupCakes.  Residents of Memphis, Tennessee eat the most Hostess CupCakes per capita of any city across the country followed by:
St. Louis
Las Vegas

*While it’s hard to improve on perfection, consumers have been able to sink their teeth into a few twists on the original over the years, including the popular Golden CupCakes, which debuted in 1999.  Hostess also offers seasonal themed cup cakes including “Baseballs” in the spring – cup cakes with vanilla icing and red-swirl “stitching.”

*Captain CupCake, who was introduced in the 1970s, is one of several Hostess snack “mascots” along with everyone’s favorite cowboy, Twinkie the Kid.

*The original Hostess CupCake slogan was “You get a big delight in every bite!”

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September pictures

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I have to admit that facebook has really interfered with my blogging plus just life with 4 kids makes it tough (especially with the start of school and several illnesses lately). I just wanted to get some recent pictures of the kids up before I do a string of reviews that I have been neglecting!

IMG_2361Yes the kids still have been going in the pool in September, Ben was just in on Monday night and the thermometer said 56! I think that might have been the last swim of the season but last October the boys went for a chilly swim on a warm day.

IMG_2327The boys still love their Hero Scape, we have quite the set up going right now complete with castle, bridge, swamp, forest and mountain.

IMG_2338We all went to the Herkimer Diamond Mine and the boys LOVED it despite John and I thinking we weren’t getting all the “diamonds” we expected. They want to go again but it might not happen this fall with our germs!

IMG_2478Ben with his zombie paint at a birthday party, he was too busy with his pizza to look at me.

IMG_0016Jillian loves to clap still, here she is wearing the hat I made and it just happens to match the cute outfit she was given by a family friend.

IMG_0015IMG_2407The gazillion Legos that we got at a garage sale, I had to wash them in the tub before I let the kids play with them. They now have more Legos than I ever dreamed of as a kid. I hope they know how lucky they are to have parents who believe there is no such thing as too many Legos!

IMG_2396Ethan and Jamie at the local Labor Day fair, they had a lot of fun there as always.

IMG_2392Jillian did a lot of sleeping at the fair, turns out that was the afternoon that she got sick. I bet her temp was just starting in this picture.


Well that was a lot of pictures and the last 2 were really from the last week in August but I had to post Ethan after he lost his 6th tooth!

Penicillin Allergy

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IMG_0025Well now both of the girls can’t take penicillin drugs. Poor Jillian picked a Saturday evening (9/5) to get sick for the first time ever and to make it worse our wonderful pediatrician was on vacation the whole week after. She saw an idiot at the walk-in Saturday night (told me her doctor should have given her an antibiotic just because her siblings had strep! and when the quick strep test he did was negative he didn’t do a lab culture) but she had a 102 temp and I agreed to the antibiotic even though the strep was negative because she was so out of it and sick. Then when she got a rash Tuesday morning I knew it was an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin  but the on-call doctor I saw didn’t agree and told me to keep giving the Rx to her. I stopped giving it to her Wednesday when I realized I was right that she was allergic. I took her yesterday to her real doctor and of course she agreed that it was definitely a penicillin allergy. She said the rash is still here despite benedryl because of how many doses she had before I stopped giving it to her. These pictures are from yesterday, poor baby is COVERED in rash. Its even been on her palms and feet, pretty much at one point or another every inch of her had it. Luckily the benedryl helps  and it should be out of her system soon.



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I love love love our preschool and I’m really happy that Jamie will be going 2 mornings this year with a bunch of her friends from the “mommy & me” type of class she did there last year. I think she will really seem grown up now that she is 3 years old and will have  2 1/2 hrs away from me twice a week. She didn’t care at all that I was leaving her this morning and I don’t think I got a “goodbye” from her. I couldn’t even get a good picture because she was just absorbed in playing and her friends! I felt very confident leaving her and it was funny when I thought back to when I first took Ethan to preschool and I was such a mess (but they are different kids and I’m a different mom now too)!

School will be great for Jamie but I am also looking forward to a little time where its just me and Jillian. I can go to Wegmans to get groceries and do other errands (like my trip to DMV on Thursday) but I will also take advantage of some quiet time to enjoy with Jillian at home or the park! I attempted to have a nice trip to Wegmans today, I got a coffee and Jillian and I each got a fresh bagel and we sat down and relaxed to waste some time before we shopped. Well that was a mistake! A few minutes into shopping the school nurse called me and said that Ethan might have pink eye. I quick grabbed some dairy that I needed and headed to the check out. When I got to school his one eye looked pretty bad but she thought there was a chance it was just allergies since there was no gunk. We made a quick happy meal stop and then picked up Jamie.

Jamie had a great day and was really happy when we picked her up! The teacher mentioned to the whole group of parents that the day went well but we needed to remind the kids to share and I hope that Jamie wasn’t one of the kids that she was referring too. I think she will be well behaved for the most part so I’m not too worried. Anyway to follow up on Ethan, benedryl did nothing so I knew it wasn”t allergies and took him to the doctor right after we picked Ben up from kindergarten. It was my second afternoon in a row at the pediatrician (more on that in another post soon) and Ethan has an ear infection and pink eye. The kids just really need to learn to complain more, he never said his ears hurt and I wonder how long it would have gone on for if his eye wasn’t red.  So tomorrow just Ben gets to go to school and Ethan is happy he can stay home but Jamie wants to go back to school tomorrow, too bad for her preschool is only Tues/Thurs for her this year!


First day of school 2009!

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Yesterday was the boys’ first day of school! Ethan started first grade and Ben kindergarten. I drove them and walked them to their rooms and of course we were a bit on the late side (a big change from how early we were on Ethan’s first day of kindergarten last year). I was pretty confident that Ben would have a good first day and I was right. He liked the new kids in his class and he was able to find some good friends from preschool on the playground at recess. IMG_0008Ethan had a better day than I feared but not quite as good as I’d have liked. He can be a stinker about school and say he doesn’t like it but then will talk about things that were good and new friends after. Ethan’s teacher seems so nice and I have been impressed with everything I have seen of her so far and I think she will be a good fit for him. IMG_2445IMG_2452After we dropped the boys off I took the girls to meet Jamie’s preschool teachers (preschool will start Tues) and then we went to the park with some of her school friends. We stayed ALL DAY at the park, well we stayed for what seemed like all day! We were there from about 11:00 until 2:40 when we had to go pick up the boys.IMG_2463IMG_2460

Ben was very happy he found a quarter when I picked him up!IMG_2471

Today I’m looking forward to picking up some tired but happy boys at 3pm. We will celebrate the first 2 day week of school with a lion cub cake that I am going to make in a little bit and then we have 2 birthday parties to attend this weekend.