Now they make BabyLegs socks and tights too (plus GREAT SALES on now)!

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BabyLegs now offers more options and were great to send us their new  2 pack of socks and a pair of footless tights for the girls to review! The socks are soft, thick, adorable and really high quality (and you can even get coordinating original BabyLegs to go with them). I am especially in love with the argyle pair, so super cute on the girls! We have the 2-4T size socks and 1 yr old Jillian and 3 yr old Jamie can both wear that size nicely because they have lots of stretch. The footless tights are really fun and I think they are perfect for preschoolers! No feet to get holes in when worn around the house without shoes, perfect for warmer weather with sandals and easily paired with socks in winter but the best part is that without feet the tights can be worn for a LONG time before they are outgrown! We again have the 2-4T size and Jillian can wear the tights and they cover her feet nicely and Jamie has plenty of room to grow in them as well. BabyLegs also make tights with feet and thats a nice option but I am a big fan of these footless ones! I was slow getting this review up because I wanted to include pictures of my girls wearing the socks and tights but I still haven’t taken any. I will add them to the post at some point but here are the pictures from the website for you to see:

We have the Foxy Baby Socks, on sale for $10 for a 2-packFoxy

Here are our Smarties footless tights, on sale for $15 (I LOVE the stripes, really adorable on)Smarties

Here are the current specials listed on the BabyLegs website (as of 11/30/09). I just ordered 4 sale Babylegs that were $7 each and got 2 $15 supersoft pairs free, so I got 6 pairs for $28 total with free shipping!


* Buy 1 pair of SuperSoft leg warmers and get another pair FREE. Code: SuperSoft
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* Buy any 6 pairs of SALE leg warmers and get 3 pairs of SuperSoft leg warmers FREE. Code: SuperSoftest

*Plus website says FREE SHIPPING on all orders!


Save 50% – The first 300 people to use the code: BL50 will save 50% on their order!

Save 25% – Save 25% all day with the code: BL25.

BOGO – We have an entire page of leg warmers that are Buy One Get One FREE!

SAVE MORE – Use the code: cyber6 at the following websites for a 25% discount: Moby Wrap, Rumparooz, ChicoBag, Kate Quinn Organics, and Rain or Shine Kids!

Holiday Shopping Tip

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While many people have been awake for hours, fighting crowds for deals, I prefer sleeping in and surfing websites for good presents.  The biggest challenge for me is not finding the best deal, but finding presents that have the quality, durability, and re-playability.  Searching the top ten lists on most sites is a waste of time because they are inundated with things like Twilight and Zhu Zhu hamsters (?!?).  Instead, I discovered this tip for finding great gift ideas.

Search for the things you already own and your kids love.  Why?  Because then you can take advantage of the “customer who bought this item also bought…” part of the site.

For example, one of our favorite games is Monza by HABA (a great game company).  Looking halfway down the page I see suggestions for numerous games that also have 5 star rating and reasonable prices.  Some by HABA and other by companies we haven’t tried yet.  Some examples:

By looking for the things you own you can take advantage of the wisdom of the crowd to find other great gift ideas.  Just make sure to do price comparisons between online stores because as we get closer to Christmas you will start seeing unscrupulous merchants start price gouging popular items.

Win a Netflix Gift Certificate

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Filed under Contests is running a contest for a 3 month Netflix coupon code.  Go there to enter and make sure you check out  their links to other big contests.

Hmmm, I guess I’m just sort of unpredictable lately!

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I was so sure the blog bug had bitten me again and I’d be busy posting things every day BUT I guess I won’t make any claims anymore! I have some great things to do reviews about so that got me back online. I think I need to take a break from Facebook, it sort of sucks you in sometimes and besides quickly checking email its what I have been spending my computer time looking at. I have had fun checking in on lots of old friends and using FB to be extra updated on local friends but I think I’ll take a break from FB for the rest of the week (maybe I’ll just do a quick post to let people know first!).

Oh and another reason that I haven’t been posting is that at least one of us has been sick every day since Oct 28th (poor Ethan had to miss the entire week of school last week). Today I finally went to the doctor myself and got some antibiotics for a sinus infection. Here are a few pictures that show how we’ve been feeling lately!


Experiencing Technical Difficulty

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We just transitioned the website to a new server and are having some minor issues.  Please bear with us while we beat down the web gremlins and get everything running normally again.  Has anyone noticed if the website is loading a little faster?