Name that snow creature!

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We got a few more inches of nice wet snow so we finally set out to build a snow man in our yard.  I felt inspired to try building a snow troll or goblin creature.  Building the 2 legs was fun and easier than I thought.  Since we had 2 legs that meant we need a snow butt.

I wimped out on the arms and just made them crossed and attached to his body.  For the head I started with a rough shape, a big nose, simple eyes and started adding horns.  As the horns grew they started looking like ears…and oddly familiar.  I added 2 buck teeth and then I knew who it was.  Look familiar to you?

Here he is completely assembled.

And here are my helpers.

Know who it is yet?

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Snow Eater

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Jillian is obsessed with eating snow.

So I try not to think about why she didn’t like the taste of this particular snowball.


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We finally got our BIG SNOW, the first real satisfying storm of the season! YAY! Ethan was the first one out there, he rushed to get his gear on and go. He was very smiley and kept scooping up armfuls tossing it into the air above him.

Ben was the last one to come in, he turned pretty red cheeked by the time I bribed him in with hot chocolate.

I got some pictures of the four of them together but Jamie was too busy for the camera. We couldn’t get any building done with destructo-baby nearby! Luckily the snow was too high for her to walk so we moved our igloo building away from her.

Jillian LOVES the snow but she eats a lot of it so her face got very pink and she wouldn’t keep either of the 2 sets of mittens I had on so her hands got icy and I had to take her inside despite that she didn’t want to. She kept yelling “BOOTS” at me in protest because thats the closest thing to snow that she can say!

After the girls and I went inside it got quite windy and blizzard-like out there. I took this picture from the living room and then got started making the hot chocolate. I am so hoping for another SNOW DAY tomorrow! Today was only our 3rd snow day of the school year so I think thats a reasonably request at the end of February!

My girls are so snuggly in their Chipoupine teddy sweaters, WIN one for your little munchkin!

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I can’t help but rub the “teddy bellies” when my girls wear their Chipoupine sweaters, they are so super soft and irresistible! I like so much about these sweaters that I made a list:

  1. They are soooo soft and thick that you have to snuggle your kids extra when they wear them.
  2. The fleece is high quality and just as soft on the inside as the outside (I have noticed some fleece clothes are not soft on the inside and whats the point of that!) the sweater is not fully lined with the cotton print, its an accent on the inside cuff and neckline.
  3. They wash and dry very well, I’ve washed them now several times and they look like new still.
  4. They are great for year round: extra sweater in winter, an outerwear layer in Spring and Fall and even a warm fuzzy Summer cover-up after swimming (my kids will stay in the pool until they are blue).
  5. I ordered both the girls’ sweaters a size too big so they can wear them for a longer time, now they can wear them with the cuffs turned up and they are more like tunics on them but as they grow the sleeves can be uncuffed and the length will be good still. Jillian’s is a size 2 but at 15 months she really would be a size 1. Jamie can wear her size 4 right now but Jillian’s 2 fits her still (those first 2 pictures are Jamie wearing Jillian’s sweater).
  6. The teddy belly circle is a unique whimsical touch and it is what won me over when I first saw the sweater.
  7. They are designed and made in France, I never had a package arrive from France before and it made my day!
  8. The Chipoupine embroidered logo is adorable on the back of the sweater (check it out in one of the pictures below).
  9. The gender neutral design and colors are a nice change of pace from all the pink the girls have! My favorite is the green below but I let Jamie pick the colors.

    ENTER TO WIN the Teddy Sweater of your choice:

  • Visit the Chipoupine site and then come back here to tell me another item of theirs that you think is great!
  • For a second entry become a fan of Chipoupine on Facebook and let me know in a second comment.
  • Contest ends March 12th 2010, good luck!

Don’t worry, no sweater was stained in order to get these pictures (I only use washable paint!).

Finally, some snow!

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The North has been looking on with envy while the South has gotten all OUR snow.  Even worse was hearing some people complain about their abundance of the wonderful white stuff.  Well, we finally got a few inches of snow last week. Here’s one of the reasons we love winter.

Our old dogs are distrubing the peace!

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“Who us?” Here are Reuben and Casey looking oh so innocent after I tried to sneak up on them and snap a picture of their nap! I woke them up and then Jamie moved in for a snuggle with Casey. I’m not a fan of blog rants so I’ll keep this short. Yes they bark multiple times a day but not for more than a few minutes at a time and I never leave them outside in our fenced yard unless I am home to bring them in when they want to come in, some people are just grumpy and mean! THE END (I really hope!).

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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The girls and I got to go to both the boys’ Valentine’s parties on Friday (we lucked out and they were one after the other so we didn’t have to be at 2 places at once!). It was really nice, all the kids were good and cute and the chaos wasn’t too much. I love holidays. My kids are wonderful. As I’m writing this I was just presented with a nice picture from Ethan and a Lego heart from Ben, they are sweet.

I love Ben rubbing his belly over the Valentine treats!

Jamie’s Valentine Projects

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Jamie is very into projects lately and SCISSORS! Here are some hearts she has made by cutting out and coloring hearts I traced for her. She also worked with “her boys” to make a collage with some doily hearts and papers that they painted and glued together.

The last project she did was to decorate a hand soap bottle (that I easily snipped the shrink wrapped label off of). I bravely let her have a blue sharpie marker and she did some coloring. Then she added the foam heart stickers. Oh and I added a squirt of food coloring just for fun. She was very proud of it!

My version of homemade heart crayons for Valentine’s Day

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I like to save all the broken crayons to make new swirly ones and I have been wanting to make heart ones for the kids for Valentine’s Day (Ethan is going to give them out in his class too). Unfortunately the mold I just bought is meant for heart ice cubes and I don’t think it is made out of oven proof silicone. So for the first time instead of doing the crayons in the oven, I did them in layers by melting the colors separately. I happen to have a crayon melting thing from when I was an art teacher, you plug it in and it has little metal cups to melt 10 different colors. I sacrificed a cheap paint brush to paint a little heart with melted red crayon in the bottom of each ice cube space. Then I squirted the melted wax into the spaces with a metal eye dropper. Each layer hardened pretty quickly and I just kept adding layers until I filled the tray. Most people don’t have “the crayon melter thing” I have but I saw on another blog once that you can make a little double boiler out of 2 plastic containers and melt the crayons in the microwave and use a plastic spoon to ladle it into the molds (I believe they put the crayons in a yogurt cup and then put that in a slightly larger container with water in it). When I did the second tray I first sprinkled some fine glitter into the tray before adding the wax so half of them have some sparkle on the top. I did not have a huge supply of pinks and reds so I made the hearts in all different color combos and I like it that way. These crayons definitely have that “homemade look” but the only thing that I didn’t like so much was that the crayons didn’t have a glossy sheen like the ones I make in the oven BUT the layers are fun to color stripes with and the little painted heart on top came out pretty cute so I am very happy with them.

*update, its called “the wax melter”, see I wasn’t so off with “crayon melter thing”! Here is what it looks like, handy for batik projects.

Make cute EASY photo Valentines on your computer!

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I have nothing against characters being on Valentines but I don’t like the cheapo little character Valentines from the store and I also don’t like the stress of having my kids do an assembly line of homemade Valentines either. This year I am saving $ and sanity by making my own Valentine’s for our 3 kids that need to send them. They are not perfect but good enough for me! I asked each kid what character or picture they wanted on theirs and I easily found a Pokemon Valentine image for Ethan (not so sure I could have found Pokemon ones at the store), an “I heart hockey” one for Ben and a Hello Kitty Valentine coloring picture for Jamie. When I did my google searches I typed in things like “pokemon valentine” and then clicked to see images, the search was pretty easy that way. After I got the images I wanted, I did some “cutting and pasting” and made it so one page made 6 Valentines, one side had a picture of my child and the other side had the image I found online. For Ben’s hockey Valentine I used his hockey photo. I bought a big package of thick cardstock at staples and they printed nicely. All I had to do was cut them out and they were ready for the kids to write names on. Jamie is 3 yrs old so I will write the names of her classmates for her but since I used a coloring page for hers she gets to color each one so that she has a part in the process. I knew the boys weren’t going to want to color them so they can focus on writing all their friends’ names. Ethan is going to give out crayon hearts I made (and will post about soon) and Ben is going to give out bags of red play dough that I am shaping into hearts with my heart ice cream sandwich mold (planning on making it later today when I can put down this cute, sick, sleeping baby I am holding right now).

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