Win this Apple Bottoms Girls outfit!

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Apple Bottoms and Mom Select sent Jamie a cute outfit to review AND the same exact outfit in a size 5 will be sent to one of you too! I was nervous about being sent jeans without her trying them on first because I have had the worst time finding jeans that are cut for little girls and not teens. So many cute jeans are out there but they don’t stay up when kids move and I now purposely dress Jamie in leggings a lot. These jeans were a nice surprise because the waist/rise seems a lot higher to actually cover her behind. I ordered her a size 5 and they are big on her but they have the adjustable elastic waistband so that helps with the fit also. The best part of the jeans is that they have STRETCH so they are sure to be much more comfortable. Oh and I like the “wash” and slightly distressed look. The t-shirt is really 2 pieces,  a white cotton tank with a sheer blouse to go over. Jamie  loves all the sparkly rhinestone apples on the back pockets of the jeans and on the shirt.  I like that they are a set but can certainly be worn separately to mix and match with other things she has. I washed the outfit inside out to protect the rhinestones and I wasn’t going to put them in the dryer but John switched the laundry for me and they survived the dryer that he put them through without shrinking. So we are giving this Apple Bottoms outfit a thumbs up!

Enter to win the same outfit in a size 5 for your little girl:

  • Leave me a comment on this post letting me know another thing you like from the Apple Bottoms or Parigi sites.
  • For a second entry become a subscriber to MFLI blog and let me know in a second comment.
  • Contest open to US mailing addresses only and ends Wed July 7th, 2010.

***This post has just been waiting for me to take a better picture of the cute outfit BUT I just decided to put it up quick and then add another picture or two once I get a chance -sorry you can’t see the jeans!


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I am going to take some time to do nothing for at least today! With the busy end of the school year over, company gone and the big living painting just finished yesterday (well minus the baseboards), I am thinking we need to schedule some days with absolutely nothing. We will have to prep for two upcoming birthday parties at our house in July and some more home improvement projects but I’m planning on lots of lazy summer days too. This morning while the bigger 3 kids held a secret picnic in the boys’ room, I took Jillian outside. She fed the chickens (sadly we only have 2 left), lifted her fallen car, gave me a lovely look, took her very first photo with finger to prove it, got attacked by some little biting flying bugs, played with the gate, found and then lost a rock, and then we came in to check on the how the sneaky snack snatchers were doing.

Backyard Safari Outfitters: gear for bug & bird lovers!

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Backyard Safari Outfitters sent us three toys from their collection to review and I knew they would be right up my kids’ alley! We have a pretty big yard with a little stream and some woods so the kids get to do a lot of nature exploring. Any outdoor gear is fun for my kids and they LOVE finding bugs, frogs, toads and salamanders around our house. Its not just a boy thing either, the girls are definitely following in their brothers’ footsteps.  Jamie had to bring home 3 caterpillars from a school picnic last month and we still have them in their cocoon stage out on our back porch. The kids all love using the bug vacuum and it works well! Unfortunately it has come in handy indoors a lot this spring since we have a few window screens that need some fixing. At least I can have the kids suck the bugs up and take them outside! Ethan is 7 years old and he has claimed the bug vacuum while almost 6 year old Ben is really happy with his cargo vest and all of the pockets (he wore it 3 days straight including out to dinner). The kids are all sharing the HUGE periscope for spying on the bird’s nests and people in the pool (and it is even handy for a quick peak to see what is under a couch or a bed!). I like that the you can use the one end of it to look underwater and we’ll have to test that out at the lake this summer to watch the minnows. Oh and Ben’s cargo vest will definitely become his “fishing vest” when we’re at the lake! So to sum it up, I think these are well made, fun toys that get kids exploring outside and thats what kids should be doing all summer long so I’m giving them a big thumbs up!

Backyard Safari Outfitters Bug Wrangler’s Extreme Suction Bug Vacuum



Backyard Safari Outfitters Land & Water Mega View Periscope



Backyard Safari Outfitters Essential Field Gear Cargo Vest


  • 6 D-RINGS

*We received these toys for review through Team Mom and Summit Toys and were not paid to review them.

Our woods and one of the Robin nests on our back porch eaves that we can use the periscope to carefully peak at:

Silly Bandz Crayon Rubbing Art

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Ethan came up with this project all on his own by arranging his silly bandz behind his paper and doing crayon rubbings! He made it a “puzzle” for Jamie, he wanted her to match up the silly bandz to the ones on his paper. I think Silly Bandz art is a great idea since when the kids wear them you can’t see what shapes they are.This would also be a great use for the broken ones if you glue them to a piece of cardboard to use as a rubbing plate (I have been crazy gluing them back together with a piece of wax paper underneath so they don’t stick but gluing them to the cardboard would be easier). Anyway I just wanted to share Ethan’s great idea (and a cute picture of him sleeping on the couch one night when he snuck out of bed):

Pizza Hut and Moms Night Out!

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In honor of National Moms Night Out last month, I was given a $25 gift card from Pizza Hut. I suppose I cheated and instead of going out with other moms we went as a family. It was a moms night off from cooking so that counts for me! We have never been to Pizza Hut before so I was looking forward to trying something new. The kids got their own little personal pizzas and John and I split a large pan pizza. I got half veggie lovers and his half was bacon (I think thats a funny sounding combo to order). For $10 our pizza was a great deal and we had leftovers for lunch the next day. We all enjoyed our pizza and then had the Hershey’s chocolate dunkers, which were yummy. Somehow  this night slipped my mind (even though the 6 of us don’t eat out that much anymore) and I forgot to post about it! I think maybe I need a REAL mom’s night out soon to get my sanity back! Anyway thanks Pizza Hut and National Moms Night Out, I think next year I’ll make it a point to plan something fun with my mom friends when NMNO rolls around again but family nights out are better than nothing!

Father’s Day Gifts from

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The great people at were kind enough to let us pick something from their Father’s Day gifts to review.  If you have never visited RedEnvelope, the site offers a large selection of unique and personal gifts for the whole family.  If you ever get stumped trying to find a gift for someone, try visiting RedEnvelope for a present that will be meaningful and one of a kind.

After browsing the site, we were drawn to the Handprint Canvas Kit.  This kit comes with 4 framed canvases, each a different color, with four corresponding paints to make your own handprints or footprints.  These is the perfect gift us since we can make one for each of our children.  The package arrived quickly and well packaged and we were very impressed with the quality of the canvas frames.  As luck would have it, the green canvas is a perfect match for our kitchen.  The paints are perfect colors to go with the canvases with plenty available to make the prints.

If you are still looking for the right gift for dad, visit and use this coupon for receive 10% off your order:

RedEnvelope coupon: 10offred

“Mom Works Beyond” so mom should WIN big!

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We all know what we HAVE to do as a mom but what extra things do you do that you hadn’t planned on? Share how you have overcome a unique challenge or gone above the call of duty as a mom and you can be chosen to win a $500 Walmart shopping spree and a year supply of Aquafresh products! I am helping spread the word about Aquafresh’s “Mom Works Beyond” campaign and I will be nominating one of my readers to be entered in the grand prize drawing. I’m not sure how many other blogs are participating but I bet the odds are totally worth trying for! You can also check out Aquafresh on Facebook and they have a Mom Works Beyond section. I will also have some great Aquafresh products to give away and Aquafresh will be sending me some to review on the blog. I can’t think of a mom who doesn’t go that extra mile for her kids so share something special you do as a mom, even if its something little because its often the little things that our kids remember most!


  • leave me a comment  letting me know what you do to “work beyond” as a mom (or let me know what YOUR mom does that is special if you aren’t a mom)
  • I will randomly pick one person on JUNE 9th to be entered into the grand prize drawing, the Aquafresh team will pick the Grand Prize winner on July 7th
  • I will also pick two people to win some great prizes from Aquafresh. I have  2 coupons of Aquafresh iso-active Whitening toothpaste  and 2 boxes of Aquafresh White Trays to give away and one lucky reader will get a $50 Walmart gift card!. For these prizes I will pick winners whose entries I find compelling or inspirational.

Visit for some mom tips on caring for kids’ teeth.

I’m most excited to try the whitening trays because now that I am a mom of four I drink lots of coffee! You can click here to get $7 off if you want to try them too!

Freezer Paper stenciled Lego guy Stormtroopers!

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Well I have been wanting to do a freezer paper stencil for awhile now but I just got around to buying the freezer paper last week. Then I needed to decide on something to stencil on some of my boys’ shirts…. I did some googling of “lego guys” and found this flickr picture. Thought it was perfect for a shirt since they are also into Star Wars and I printed it out and made my own stencil based on it. Not perfect but this was my first time trying a freezer paper stencil so I was not seeking perfection at any step! What I did set out to do was cut out the stencil carefully enough (with an exacto knife) so that I could use both the positive and negative pieces to make two shirts out of the one stencil. I used an iron to adhere the stencil to each shirt (was a bit more tricky to place all the little pieces on the blue but I just ironed on a few at a time). I wanted to use fabric paint on the red shirt but I went for bleach on the blue hoodie. I used an empty spray hair gel bottle to get a nice mist of bleach on the shirt. I did it in the bathtub and when I saw that it was light enough I quick turned on the shower and rinsed all the bleach off (this was slightly tricky, look at the 2nd picture below and you can see the bleach working on the periphery that was drying but the area close to the stencil was still pretty wet. I turned on the water right after snapping the picture because I heard the bleach will get too light if you’re not careful). I am not sure which I like better because I am pretty happy with them both!

My recent “parent hacks”

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I have had so many little things to blog about lately that I haven’t gotten to. Just to cross some off my list, here are some of my “parent hacks” that I wanted to share:

-thick baby socks are great to put pedialyte pops in when your kids are sick – no cold hands! Also I like to cut the pops in half with a knife so they are smaller and  more manageable for a sick little kid (works well for the ice pop ones too).

-thin kid socks are great for covering ice packs  (we decorated some socks as puppets and have used those as ice pack covers too since they are more fun).

-flavored yogurt is often too sugary to me so I mix a big flavored one with a plain one in a pitcher and just pour it into cups for the kids. We use a lot of yogurt and this saves me time. The spout can get a little messy after repeated pouring but it still gets the yogurt neatly into cups and my kids are getting less sugar.

-oh almost forgot this one: you can fix broken Silly Bandz by placing them on a piece of wax paper and using a tiny drop of crazy glue! One of the boys asked me to fix a cat one he really liked and so I had to try and it worked!