Webkinz Jr party!

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We recently had some friends over and had a Webkinz Jr party! My kids all love stuffed animals and in addition to cuddling them at night they actually play with their animals a lot. Before the party my kids got busy making little Webkinz posters to decorate Jamie’s room and they made a big W one for the dining room. They were so cute preparing for the party! I made stuff for lunch and special rainbow Jello. During our party each kid got a goodie bag with Webkinz stickers, CD and a Webkinz Jr of their own! I put out supplies for some paper bag puppet making and necklaces. The kids all had a great time. The boys have been fans of the regular Webkinz for awhile and they were really excited about the Jr ones too. Jamie had never done Webkinz online before so she was happy to be able to try it. I did the initial set up and then was able to let the boys help Jamie and they played online really nicely after the party (and a few time since). My kids aren’t on the computer much so its a special thing when I let them on and they have something like Webkinz that they can do on their own! Its a great rainy day or sick day activity. The best thing about the Webkinz in my opinion is that they are cute stuffed animals that my kids really enjoy playing with. They seem more into playing with the actual animal  and have pretty creative pretend play because of that virtual world they get to visit every now and then. I have trouble being a host and a photographer at the same time so I didn’t get the best pictures but oh well, the kids all had fun so thats what matters! Oh but I really wish I had photos to add of the kids with their pets (and pictures of the kids I somehow missed getting any photos of)! At our party we got Webkinz elephants, mice, giraffes, dogs and cats but Webkinz also makes monkeys, bunnies and frogs and there are different colors choices for some of the pets. Click here to see them all!

Time to get out the ghost curtain soon!

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I’m starting to get excited about Halloween next month and soon I’ll have to put up my GHOST CURTAIN!!! We started bringing in a few little pumpkins from the garden but otherwise I think we need a little longer to adjust to the change of seasons before we break out all of the Halloween stuff. It is definitely my favorite holiday and the one I have the most decorations for!

First day of school for the boys

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I have mixed emotions about school today but all in all the first day went fairly well. When John and I dropped them off Ben was excited and Ethan wasn’t and that’s pretty much how they felt after school too. Ethan takes awhile to adjust to the start of the year and he reacted to the whole thing as I expected (but not as well as I hoped). He hardly knows anyone in his class this year and his favorite friend is in another class that doesn’t even share recess with him. I’m sure he will find a few new friends but I hope its soon! I finally gave in and am letting them ride the bus home and that went well for both of them (I’m not a fan of the bus but its much easier for me if they continue to like it and if not I’ll start to pick them up again). While the boys were gone I made each kid a giant chocolate chip cookie and decorated it with melted chocolate. Then I baked 45 chocolate zucchini muffins with my last zucchini (and it was chilly and rainy today so I really felt the change over to Fall even more). Jamie starts preschool on Monday and she can’t wait, I guess I’ll have to bake for her too!

HUGE Dinosaur Train giveaway!

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I LOVE the Dinosaur Train (yes the kids do too!) its just so cute and wholesome and geared towards boys and girls equally. I’m picky with kid shows, so many annoy me and this one never does! I’ve done two reviews about the show and DVD before but now I have the chance to give a VERY lucky Dinosaur Train fan a Dinosaur Train themed backpack full of Dinosaur Train products from their all new line that is just coming out this summer/fall!

They are also celebrating Get Ready for Kindergarten” month right now. There are many things that can be done to help prepare children for kindergarten, including working with your child on basic academic skills such as writing his/her name and reading letters; teaching critical thinking skills by encouraging them to ask “Why” questions; working on arts-and-crafts projects to get your child more comfortable using scissors, markers and other supplies; and making shopping for school supplies a fun experience by letting your child make some choices of their own.

Here are a few examples of fun activities you can do from their website:

  • Help your child learn some basic insect anatomy by creating a model of a dragonfly, and learn that some animals seen in the world today also lived at the time of the dinosaurs.  Basic supplies needed include  construction paper, wooden popsicle sticks, strong tape, pipe cleaners, colored markers, glue and glitter (and photographs of real dragonflies from books or the Internet).   For instructions go to: http://www.pbs.org/parents/dinosaurtrain/activities/handson/dragonfly.html

TO ENTER to win a Dinosaur Train backpack filled with books, games and toys:

  • Leave me a comment on this post letting me know your favorite character from the show
  • For a second entry become a subscriber to my blog and let me know in a second comment
  • Contest open to US mailing addresses only
  • Contest ends Thursday Sept 16, 2010

WIN some new Pillsbury Sweet Moments snacks!

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Pillsbury Sweet Moments are right up my alley! I LOVE chocolate and these are no exception. A great snack to stash away and have with some coffee while the kids are in school (so I don’t have to share)! I was so happy to be sent a free coupon to try them out through Pillsbury and My Blog Spark and I have a coupon and special gift from them to send to one of you as well!  *You can go to their site to get a $1 off coupon right now!


  • Leave me a comment letting me know which of the Sweet Moments look the best to you (I vote for the molten lava brownie bowls but pretty much any chocolate looks good to me)
  • Subscribe to my blog (or already be a subscriber) and let me know in a second comment if you want a second entry
  • Open to US mailing addresses only
  • Contest ends Tuesday Sept 14, 2010