Glide Bikes: great step between tricycle and big kid bike!

January 25, 2011 by  
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We were sent a Glide Bike to review last month and between the weather and sicknesses this review kept getting delayed! The Glide Bike is a balance bike that lets kids get used to balancing (the hardest part) on a 2-wheeler with out the added stress of pedaling. I heard that they are popular in Europe but other than seeing them on a few blogs I haven’t seen any in person until we got ours. I think its a great concept, kids push with their feet at their own pace and as they get more comfortable and faster they can put their feet up on the footrest as they glide. There is even a hand brake if they really get going! Oh and there is a kick stand too, the kids were excited about all these “big kid bike” features. I like that the bike is made well, looks nice and is extremely easy to assemble. I would think most kids who get comfortable on the Glide Bike would go right to a regular 2-wheeler without needing training wheels. We haven’t gotten to use it much outside because our driveway has had snow or ice on it most days (and it was -12 out yesterday, yes thats a NEGATIVE before the 12 and thats not including wind chill). The kids have tried it out in the garage a lot and in the house but I am looking forward to seeing them cruising around on the driveway in a few months! Ours is a Mini Glide Bike and it seems ideal for a 2-4 yr old child. Jamie is 4 1/2 and very tall so its good for her now but I would have preferred the regular sized bike so she can grow with it. Fortunately, as my picture below shows, its very easy to adjust the seat height and I can lower it for 2 year old Jillian in a snap. So I am very optimistic that this bike will get a lot of use when the weather warms up here and I’m curious to see if our girls end of having an easier time with 2-wheelers than our boys have.