Yoplait 2 week tune up (and a prize for one of you)

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This time of year has a lot of people looking to lose a few pounds. The holidays are long over but the extra pounds that resulted from them are making the approaching spring weather scary (less clothes to hide under!). Unfortunately for me I have years of holiday pounds and baby pounds saved up! I really need to start getting motivated to lose weight and  Yoplait Light´s Two Week Tune Up could help ME (and you) lose five pounds in two weeks by:

  • Replacing your breakfast and lunch with a Yoplait Light yogurt, a whole grain,

and a fruit

  • Eating a diet rich in lean protein and non-fat dairy, including a sensible dinner, beverages, and snacks
  • Walking 30-40 minutes daily

I love yogurt and its convenient and preportioned which is a huge plus when trying to lose weight. I have not started the 2 week tune up yet but I have tried some of Yoplait light flavors and so far so good! Boston Creme Pie is currently at the top of my list but there are 33 flavors to choose from! Please visit Yoplait.com for study and full diet details.

By visiting www.Yoplait.com, consumers can find the full plan details as well as robust online tools to help them lose weight and boost their confidence over two weeks.

To help women look and feel their best, Yoplait Light has provided tips and advice available on Yoplait.com, along with valuable online weight loss tools such as a meal planner, healthy recipes and a daily food and exercise tracker. With 33 delicious flavors of Yoplait Light to choose from, you can switch up your diet menu as often as you like.

My Blog Spark and Yoplait sent me information on the 2 week tune up and a Yoplait Light yogurt gift pack that included free coupons for Yoplait Light yogurt and a gym bag, a reflective wrist wallet and a pedometer. They will also provide an additional prize pack to offer as a giveaway to one of my readers (prize will include one free yogurt coupon, gym bag, reflective wrist wallet and a pedometer). (The free coupon Yoplait Light yogurt is not valid in some states, including California, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, Nevada, North Dakota and Tennessee)

In addition, you  can visit http://www.myblogspark.com/uc/main/1684/ to download a printable coupon** for $0.75 off the purchase of four (4) Yoplait Light yogurts today! (This coupon offer for Yoplait Light yogurt is not valid in Louisiana, Nevada and North Dakota)


  • Leave me a comment letting me know how often you eat yogurt.
  • Contest open to US mailing addresses only (note coupon not valid in some states)
  • Contest ends Friday 2/25/11

fresh snow!

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We had 2 big warm days last week and most of our snow melted. I was really happy to get about 4 inches last night to cover up all the dirty stuff. Its still winter and its going to be cold so we should at least have a nice supply of snow to keep things pretty and fun. The kids were out playing for a long time. The boys rebuilt their tunnels and they all did a little shoveling and had some “slow races” and tricycle races. I took pictures from the front steps, side door and garage because I am wimpy about the cold. They all had hot chocolate with the heart shaped marshmallows I got for Valentine’s. Jamie has to always have this mug now. She now likes Wonder Woman like I did as a kid. What more can a girl ask for, she is a super hero and a princess (right? I may need to brush up on this) and she has a see-through plane. If only she wore purple Jamie would be all set!

Enter to win some Hefty Basics Paper plates: sturdy but biodegradable!

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We used to only use paper plates when we had a party but now that there are six people in our family I like to have them on hand for really busy days or when the kids have friends over. Hefty Basics can ease the guilt of using disposable products because they are dye, ink and coating free and can be thrown right into the compost. I was curious to see if they held up well since they don’t have a coating and are biodegradable but they held up extremely well for us. After several messy meals (including spaghetti sauce, ketchup, and maple syrup) I left the plates out for at least half an hour after eating and still nothing seeped through the plates. Even when the kids used knifes to cut their very syrupy pancakes the plates held up great!  The plates are also microwavable although I didn’t microwave anything on them yet. The plates are available in 45-count 8 5/8-inch lunch plate packages and 24-count 10 1/4-inch dinner plate packages. We were sent both sizes to review and I will definitely be purchasing more when we run out. I prefer the smaller lunch plates even for dinner, they were an ideal size for us and more come in a package.

ENTER TO WIN FREE full value coupons to try out the new Hefty Basics Paper Plates yourself:

  • COMMENT on this post letting me know how often you use paper plates
  • Leave a second comment describing how you compost for an extra entry
  • Open to US mailing addresses only
  • Contest ends Friday February 25, 2011

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