YAY for Hearts For Hearts Girls! Enter to win one!

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I am not a fan of trashy looking dolls and I do not it like when a little girl has only blue eyed blond dolls to play with! I was really excited to learn about the 6 different Heart for Heart Girl dolls and how they teach kids about diversity and charity. My girls were sent Consuelo to review and an extra set of clothes and accessories (they got Dell’s clogging set that even came with pie, jam and a thermos). The package arrived on Jamie’s second day of kindergarten and I surprised her with it as soon as she got home. Both my girls spent the rest of the afternoon playing with Mia (they renamed Consuelo) and changing her outfits and shoes. The doll is very cute and seems very well made (I like how easily her limbs move and how detailed the clothes and jewelry are). Plus all the dolls in the line have great hair! I was a little nervous that with my girls being young that the small accessories would get lost easily but after a week of play even the earrings are still accounted for! I would love to see these dolls do well and hope that they create even more dolls for the line.

Here is a little more about the dolls:

The authentically dressed and lifelike dolls each represent a girl who is working to change her community in ways that are unique to her home country. Included with each doll are a friendship bracelet and a story booklet that explains how these multicultural girls live and contribute to their families, communities, and culture. Each doll also comes with a special code that unlocks a free membership to the kid-safe Hearts for Hearts Girls Website, which features:

  • Additional information about each of the Hearts For Hearts Girls and the countries in which they live
  • Educational activities and lively games that are fun and rich in culture
  • Intriguing stories about real girls who are making a difference
  • While all girls are welcome to visit the site, the code unlocks access to additional features, including a larger array of games and a “myHeart” page

To further bring to light each Hearts For Hearts Girls´ culture, additional outfits are available for the dolls, so that your little girl can envision her doll´s story as she plays and changes the doll´s attire.
Additionally, through a partnership with World Vision3, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each Hearts For Hearts Girls doll is donated to programs that support girls in that doll´s country. Whether it´s malaria nets in Africa, schoolbooks in Asia, or food supplies in the United States, these programs help girls to thrive and succeed.
Help to make a difference one doll at a time, the Hearts For Hearts Girls line is debuting in stores this fall! You can also visit http://bit.ly/ShopH4HG to purchase a Hearts For Hearts Girl doll for a loved one today! You can also find Heart For Heart dolls on Facebook.



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  • I will pick one winner that will receive 1 doll and 1 extra outfit set (its a surprise which you get)
  • Contest ends Monday September 26, 2011


Disclosure: The Hearts For Hearts Girls doll, and information have been provided by Playmates Toys through MyBlogSpark.

Fairy Tales Hair Care helps you avoid LICE (such a four letter word!)

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September is Head Lice Prevention Month! My kids have never had lice (knock on wood) but it has always been a fear of mine, especially with my first long haired girl starting kindergarten last week! I was soooo happy that Team Mom and Fairy Tales Hair Care sent me the Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel shampoo, leave in conditioner and hair gel to review because now my lice fears are not so strong! These are natural  formulas and are infused with organic rosemary and citronella oils so that lice are repelled without any scary chemicals! I was even talking to my favorite school nurse and mentioned that I was reviewing an anti-lice line of hair products and she said “Oh Fairy Tales? I love that stuff!”,  I was pleasantly surprised she had heard of it and was a fan! I am also happy that our school sends home notes whenever someone in my child’s class has lice, believe me we will be using Fairy Tales products daily if that happens!  So far I have used The Fairy Tales products about five times with Jamie and they work well on her hair. At first she did not like the smell but hasn’t mentioned it after that first time. It smells exactly like rosemary to me and I don’t notice the citronella at all. The smell isn’t really very noticeable after her hair dries though and I don’t mind it. I have never used a lice shampoo since none of my kids have had it but I’d imagine the chemicals in them do not smell pretty!


  • free iPhone app The Facts of Lice: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/facts-of-lice/id452484828?ls=1&mt=8 , this app alerts you to local outbreaks so you can increase your lice prevention efforts such as using Fairy Tales products!
  • teach kids never to share brushes, combs, pillows, hats or helmets and not to play with or style friends hair!
  • keep long hair up in pony tails or braids so that contact with infected surfaces is limited.
  • do not wash hair every day because lice attach more easily to squeaky clean hair
  • comb hair under a bright light to check for lice (if a gray of white fleck is hard to remove, it’s a nit and not dandruff)

You can find Fairy Tales on Facebook and Twitter!

Here is one of my favorite ways to do Jamie’s hair lately and if I hear of lice in her class this will be how she looks every day!

New improved Moon Dough really works better!

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My kids got to review a Moon Dough farm awhile back and it definitely is a fun toy that we still use BUT the new Moon Dough we just tried is a lot easier for little ones to use because it is much less crumbly! Our old Moon Dough still works great and really never dries out years later but the new improved dough stays together better and there are less bits of loose dough on the table and  the floor so clean up is easier! It also works better in the molds and our barn set. Oh and the new colors are much more vivid. My kids like the ‘tye dye” look of mixing the colors and after a few times of play we have pretty much mixed our old Moon Dough with the new but it looks fun and still works well. It is very amazing how it doesn’t dry out and I like variety when it comes to play clay so we are continuing to give Moon Dough a thumbs up here. The kids still enjoy the farm set and their new one. Team Mom and Moon Dough sent us the Push N’ Pop Ocean Pals set and the new push and pop molds are really neat and sort of work like a stamper. You flatten the dough into a pancake and then put the mold on top and press down. Jamie is five and did it well all on her own and Jillian is almost three and did well once we helped her a few times. The set came with three of the new “stamp” molds and a mold that you pack the dough into and twist to pop out more animal shapes (the twist one worked very well for Jamie but Jillian hasn’t gotten the hang of it yet because instead of twisting she tries to dig out the shapes). The Ocean Pals set comes with two colors of dough and retails about $9.99. I think its a great birthday gift! There is also a new Push N’ Pop Breakfast set that looks fun. Moon Dough sets are available at Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, Kmart, Amazon, AC Moore, Michaels and eToys.

Win a prize pack from new Cocoa Puffs Brownie Crunch Cereal

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I have been a complete blog slacker! I have several reviews to do and some family stuff to post but the first thing to share is a contest to win some fun prizes from the new Cocoa Puffs Brownie Crunch cereal! I was sent (a very long time ago) a box of the new cereal to test out and wouldn’t you know the four kids finished it before I even got to try any. They all said they really liked it and they’re pretty honest! Don’t we all just need to start out the day with a little chocolate sometimes? I’m normally more of a Kix or Cheerio kind of mom BUT I have to get them a box of something more fun every now and then. I have also been known to mix a sugary with a not-so-sugary, like Cocoa Puffs and Kix (sort of like my “twist milk” where I pour 1/2 plain skim in a cup and then add 1/2 ready made chocolate milk). ANYWAY its safe to say my kids would gladly devour another box of chocolate yumminess so maybe I will pick one up for the first week of school.

I was sent a prize pack from My Blog Spark and Cocoa Puffs and they will supply a second prize pack for the winner of my contest! The prize pack is shown in the picture and those two containers are a HUGE hit with my kids(especially Ben), you keep the bottom in the freezer and then add milk before school so you can send them cereal in their lunch. We already had two of these so now we have enough for all four kids.


  • Leave me a comment letting me know what sugary cereal is your guilty pleasure!
  • Contest open to US mailing addresses only
  • HURRY contest ends Sunday Sept 4, 2011!
  • Terri is the winner!