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June 5, 2009 by  
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So a couple weeks ago Ethan said he wanted to be a stay at home dad, not exactly in those words but he said something like “the woman will work”. We had a little conversation where I said he’d have to learn to change diapers and he said he’d make Lego diapers because he “could just hose them off and they’d be indestructible”. Now today he was talking to me about scientists and I asked him if he’d like to be a scientist when he is an adult. He said “no I told you I’m going to do nothing” and when I asked him why he said “I’m going to stay home like you do and no nothing”. Thanks Ethan!

John has been chopping wood for our stove from a bunch of my mom’s trees and the boys have been finding guns and walking sticks while he chops. John took these pictures of Ethan with his gun and Ben playing his “underwear tribe” game.


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