How To Rotate a Video

July 13, 2009 by  
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We’ve been using our point and shoot camera more and more to record video.  The short clips are good quality and much easier to manage and share than camcorder recordings.  Occassionally, Heather will record a video clip vertically giving us a lovely sideways video.  I finally decided to do some homework and found a very easy program for rotating video called Streamclip.

Streamclip is available for both Mac and Windows.  To rotate your video, simply open it in Streamclip and then export the file in your desired format.  In the options window select a 90 degree rotation in the direction you need AND set the zoom to 75%.  This will prevent your video from getting the top and bottom clipped off.  The program runs quickly and the end result will be like the video of Ben I posted yesterday.

Here’s a website with a simple tutorial for using Streamclip to rotate a video.

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