Holiday Shopping Tip

November 27, 2009 by  
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While many people have been awake for hours, fighting crowds for deals, I prefer sleeping in and surfing websites for good presents.  The biggest challenge for me is not finding the best deal, but finding presents that have the quality, durability, and re-playability.  Searching the top ten lists on most sites is a waste of time because they are inundated with things like Twilight and Zhu Zhu hamsters (?!?).  Instead, I discovered this tip for finding great gift ideas.

Search for the things you already own and your kids love.  Why?  Because then you can take advantage of the “customer who bought this item also bought…” part of the site.

For example, one of our favorite games is Monza by HABA (a great game company).  Looking halfway down the page I see suggestions for numerous games that also have 5 star rating and reasonable prices.  Some by HABA and other by companies we haven’t tried yet.  Some examples:

By looking for the things you own you can take advantage of the wisdom of the crowd to find other great gift ideas.  Just make sure to do price comparisons between online stores because as we get closer to Christmas you will start seeing unscrupulous merchants start price gouging popular items.

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