The boys new loft bed (better DIY post on this coming soon)!

February 8, 2010 by  
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John got this built so much faster than I thought and pretty much all that is left is for me to paint! The boys are thrilled and spent their first night up there last night after our little Super Bowl fun. I just wanted to get some pictures up but I had my 50 lens on so I couldn’t get a full shot of it. John was able to use up a lot of wood he already had so the whole thing cost under $40 and I should have paint I can use thats leftover. Ethan has the side close to the window and he set up a bunch of his animals before bed, I love how the snake hangs down.  Oh and you can see in this picture how we need to take down the ceiling fan and put up a plain light!When John was building the bed the boys hung sheets and blankets from the main board to make a stage curtain. I think I may have to make a removable curtain for the bottom (maybe with velcro or little hooks?) I don’t want the bottom to be closed off all the time but it makes a neat little hideout and we can add lights underneath. John is going to put together a simple table under there for Legos. I am hoping the majority of their Legos can live under the bed so that the rest of the floor stays clear (probably wishful thinking though since their room is really Legoland!).This is Ben’s side with the little weird wall nook, very cozy.Under Ben’s side their bookshelf didn’t even need to be moved but it does need some organizing!John is the best dad, I am glad I got added on at the bottom though! I like how the bed worked out with the chalkboard wall underneath, its like a cave but it actually isn’t dark under the bed at all. I think I will add more chalkboard paint under there so all of the walls below the bed have it.

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