Sesame Place tips from our fun visit!

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Thanks to Mom Bloggers Club and Sesame Place our family was given tickets to the opening day of Sesame Place’s 30th anniversary season!

We have never been to Sesame Place with the kids (and I’m sure its very different from the one time I went as a little kid) so it was a big adventure for us. The weather was hot and the kids were happy to alternate between the fun water rides and the dry rides and attractions. We hit the roller coaster first (3 times in a row) and the 3 bigger kids LOVED it (even 3 1/2 year old Jamie which surprised me). From there just went where the kids lead us and really didn’t do any planning with the map. I’m not sure that we saw the entire park, we never made it to any of the shows and we only saw a small part of the parade but I have no regrets since the kids didn’t know we missed anything. It was very nice that our Mom Bloggers lunch was the only planned thing on our agenda. We had a great lunch break under a pavilion with fans where we rehydrated and recharged for more fun. The kids really had fun until the last minute at 8pm when Oscar told us to go home! We were there over 9 hours straight and by the time we hit the road to drive home the kids were ready to get some rest. Oh its  hard to sum up the trip in one post so I’m just going to end with tips for people who are planning a trip.

Our Sesame Place tips:

  • bring the kids dressed in their bathing suits and swim shirts, swim shorts like Jamie’s for girls are much better than regular girls bottoms (we packed the kids extra bathing suits in case they wanted to be dry but they ended up wearing the same ones all day)
  • bring your own stroller for kids 6 and under, they get tired and you want to have them use their energy on the fun stuff not having to keep up with mom and dad (and its great for storing the things)
  • water shoes or crocs (flip flops fall off too easily and you want something that can get WET)
  • SUNSCREEN multiple times (little face stick is handy and the spray kind for everywhere else so you can get it over quick and get back to the fun stuff)
  • your kids will get cranky when they are tired, be patient and ignore some things you wouldn’t normally put up with (can’t stand those parents that take the kids somewhere to have fun and scream at them the whole time!)
  • if  a ride has a wait come back to it later, there were always good things open with short lines and by later in the afternoon some of the ones that were busy earlier were practically empty
  • plan to stay the whole day, it was long but so worth it and by the time we made our 3 1/2 hour drive home the kids were happy to be in the car sleeping!
  • try to go to the Counts Splash Castle during the hottest part of the day, it was the best thing for cooling off the whole family (except in our case we discovered 1 1/2 year old Jillian currently has a fear of water!)
  • John and I split up several times and it was nice to have our cell phones to text each other so we could easily find each other, we should have brought some zip lock bags to put his phone in for the wet rids though (I lost him a little while when I was keeping his phone safe when he took the boys on a wet ride)
  • if possible I think going during the week would be good so it is not as crowded but considering it was packed on opening day we really didn’t have trouble with that many long lines
  • HAVE FUN, we definitely did!

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