Sprinkler and water balloons

May 27, 2010 by  
Filed under Family Activities

The weather was HOT and humid the last 2 days. Yesterday I kept the boys home from school because I thought we could use a day off and it was a great day. Today we were back to school and it was Jamie’s last day of preschool for the year. After we picked up the boys from school we stayed at the playground like we normally do but there were hardly any other kids because it was too hot. I held out as long as I could and then brought them home to do the sprinkler and water balloons. It was crazy fun and educational too -Jillian worked on her colors. I tried to keep Jillian’s wheelbarrow stocked with one of each color and she said the names with me as I filled all the balloons. My fingers got pruney from all the filling. Its been my side mission lately to get all 4 kids in pictures together and I was able to get some goofy ones. Good afternoon but I didn’t make dinner yet and I’m on the computer now instead feeding Jillian. Oh well, John hasn’t left work yet anyway! Maybe I succeeded in tiring them out enough that I can give them a fast dinner and early bedtime?

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