Sunday, April 20th, 2014

Spider Cookies (not 100% homemade but still good)


dscf5513.jpgEthan made these Halloween cookies at school and wanted to make them at home so we did yesterday when we had the 2 kids I watch. I am a homemade cookie person BUT I didn’t want to roll cookie dough with 5 kids so I bought the log of pilsbury sugar cookie dough. Each kid stuck their own pretzel legs in and used some mini M&Ms to decorate them. I baked them 4 at a time because of the big legs and I let each of them make 2. It worked out nicely because while the first cookies were baking the kids made their 2nd one and then ate any leftover M&Ms. I think they came out pretty cute and were a nice way to keep the 4 kids busy for a little while (the baby just got a pile of M&Ms and pretzels to play with and eat).dscf5510.jpg

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One Response to “Spider Cookies (not 100% homemade but still good)”
  1. oh amanda says:

    How cute! I might make these tonight!

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