Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Ten gifts for a DIYer


With holiday shopping in full swing I decided to put together a gift list of my favorite tools. I avoided big ticket items and instead aimed for the smaller items that I find myself using on most DIY jobs and that I couldn’t live without. I guarantee that you’ll find something on here that even the most serious DIYer either does not have or could use another (you can never have enough clamps!). The best part is that most of these items qualify for Amazon’s 4 for 3 promotion. Buy 4 items and get the lowest price one for free. This promotion is good for books, CDs, DVDs, and home improvement tools.

1) Cat’s Paw Nail Puller
Shark Cat’s Claw Nail Puller / pry bar I had previously written about the cat’s paw, my favorite DIY remodeling tool, and it’s only fitting that I put it at the top of my list. This is a tool most people aren’t familiar with, but is a MUST for every home remodeler’s tool box. From pulling small nails, prying off molding, to lifting stubborn tile this tool does it all and will withstand whatever punishment you put it through.
Quick-Grip Clamp/Spreader
31v35ge49pl_ss500_.jpg A home handyman can never have enough clamps. My favorite are these Quick-Grip bar clamps from Irwin. They allow me to easily clamp and release items with one hand which is essential when working on projects by yourself. I use them for everything from large outdoor deck projects, small repair jobs, to simply securing a piece of wood I’m cutting. The link is for the 12″ size, but there are numerous sizes available and all are needed to handle different sized projects.
Ratcheting Wrench Set
41b63z6mm4l_ss500_.jpg I recently received a Lowes gift card and went looking for a new tool. After much browsing I decided on a ratcheting wrench set. I’d never tried them before, but was getting tired of always changing sockets on my normal ratchet set. I brought them home and immediately put them to work repairing our old tractor. Loved them!
Japanese Fine Cut Saw
71j61esy96l_ss400_gif.jpg My father was the first one to introduce me to these wonderful saws. Japanese fine cut saws are wonderful for performing flush cuts or any job were detail is important. The cuts are clean and the saw blades are flexible, cut faster, and are much easier to control.
Random Orbit Sander
416twwghvxl_ss400_.jpg A DIY gift list isn’t complete without a power tool! An orbital palm sanders is a great gift for a beginner woodworker. The sandpaper simply velcros on making changes quick and easy. Most of the dust is collected in the attached bag. Simple to use and control and produces great results.
Non-contact Voltage Tester
Non-contact voltage tester This is another item I’ve written up before. A voltage tester is a necessity for anyone planning home renovation. Even if you don’t plan on working on the electric it is always nice to know where the electric lines are located before you start taking down walls.
Mechanix Gloves
41gdu7ttfll_ss500_.jpg Several years ago I got tired of my hands getting dried out and cracking from working with drywall. Normal work gloves were too bulky so I went looking for something more form fitting. I found these Series 3 Mechanix gloves at Lowes for $25 and never regretted the purchase. They’ve held up well considering all the work I’ve done wearing them and provided me the protection I needed while still allowing me to perform the finer jobs that bulky gloves prevent you from doing. These would be a great treat for a DIYer who may not buy it for themself.
Digital Tire Gauge
31p6qhx567l_ss500_.jpg I don’t do much in auto DIY, but I make sure I always have a good tire pressure gauge. With the high cost of gas, keeping your tires at the right pressure is an easy way to ensure you’re getting top mileage from your car.
12-Inch Speed Square
4146539s94l_ss500_.jpg A good speed square is a must for every DIY toolbox. Used for almost every construction project.
Magnetic Drive Guide Set
51pekb0lhel_ss500_.jpg Another must for anyone with an electric drill is a good drive guide and extra bits. Took me awhile to get one of these and when I finally bought one I wished I had bought it years earlier. The drive guide prevent wobble while driving your screws. I also recommend grabbing a DeWalt DW2002B25 #2 Phillips Bit Tip, 25 Pack. Using a fresh bit will keep your screws from stripping and make a job much easier.

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