Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Christmas decoration storage tip


A little early for posting a tip on putting Christmas decoration away, but I figure most parents are a little too crazed after the holidays to be looking up tips. Just read this one and file it away in memory for when the time comes.

A couple years ago we bought one of those inflatable outdoor Christmas decorations. Setting up the decoration was easy and the kids loved it. What I didn’t like was untangling the tied down strings the following year! I tried wrapping them up when I put them away the year before, but they still got tangle and it took forever to get the mess straightened out. When I put them away that year I came up with this idea for preventing a repeat of that birds nest and it worked perfectly.

dscf5690.jpg I cut the flaps off of two boxes (had plenty of these lying around after Christmas) and cut 4 notches on each side.
dscf5693.jpg Next I put one end of the string through one of the notches to hold it securely.
dscf5694.jpg Now wrap the string around the cardboard and secure the other end in the notch on the opposite side.
dscf5689.jpg Repeat for the rest of your strings. That’s it! A cheap and easy way to store these buggers.

My last piece of advice…don’t bother trying to fit these decorations back in their original box. Buy a big rubbermaid, I prefer clear, and throw them all in there along with the extension cords and timers.

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3 Responses to “Christmas decoration storage tip”
  1. kelli says:

    that is a great idea. i can see this being a great idea with lights too. i don’t have any inflatables, but i could see your wheels turning trying to think of a solution……and a great one!

  2. BlackKat07 says:

    great idea – I actually do the same thing with my tinsel – it stops all sorts of mess, and I can keep the lengths of tinsel I use to decorate each room together ;-)


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